High School DxD - Scion of Evil - Intermediate Level


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It has been many, many years since the war between Devils, Fallen Angels, and the servants of God. In the on slaughter many precious lives on both sides were lost. The war lasted decades and had lasting repercussions for all sides. The Fallen Angels losing many of their members, The Angels losing many of their servants and among them some of their finest generals, and the Devils lost the most having been penned in from both sides between the aforementioned servants of god. The Devils follow Lucifer (House Gremory), Beelzebub (House Astaroth), Leviathan (Sitri), and Asmodeus (Glasya-Labolas) families. So many of the families and armies were lost in the conflict and thus the power balance shifted drastically allowing these families to come out on top after the wars and into modern day. The nobles have risen into a higher state then the rest of the demons and have grown in power, especially House Gremory their head being the lord of all devils. With the rise in Church power throughout the centuries, the formation of the Paladins of Saint Michael the eyes of the devil's have been focused on from recruiting to survival. Likewise the increasing amounts of stray priests/devils, and fallen angels have also caused many of the angels to look to themselves. In their absence a few minor families have recruited more pieces too their chess boards. Some even with divine gear.

However while they squabbled they have not noticed something...a particular something. A group of devils reforming in secrecy. Under the long thought dead clan of House Marax, reorganized into House Fell at the whim of their newest king. Though the blood line has been diluted over the years due to a mixture of human blood their line still remains strong due to their intermingling of Devil, and human magical bloodlines and they have garnered the assistance of a couple more of their old vassals allowing the new king to live in comfort while still maintaining his presence. Masquerading as a nobody clan Fell has now been preparing to make their presence known to their fellow devils and reclaim their spot in the hierarchy of the clans. Though the king piece calls himself 'Prince' he still believes that he himself has much work to be done before he is truly worthy of that title. He finds himself in East Kuoh (due to lack of a canon city name) Japan. The goal is to reclaim what is lost though his vassals may have other goals entirely....


1. All standard roleplay rules apply, power playing, meta gaming, and other such are all enforced.
2. No One liners. The basic post should be at least a paragraph and a half if possible. Sometimes really big posts are impossible yes but do try.
3. Characters are expected to be fairly fleshed out in the bio any secrets or what have you that you don't want to let go in the bio or character please send me a private message.
4. Please make your character fit the bill. I.E If you're a knight then please play the knight as a highly talented and skilled individual who can fight people in combat. Bishops shouldn't be able to take on the queen without some sort of advantage.
5. Divine Gear needs to be asked for and pre-approved by me.
6. Dragons are not allowed with the acception of high and low dragons.
7. Half bloods are allowed but mixed bloods of two different races other than human (I.e Angel and Fallen Angel, Devil/Fallen Angel, etc) are not allowed.
8. I am invoking my right as GM to not allow anything for any reason that I see fit. Simple as that if something does not fit into the roleplay that is my choice to make clear.

This is a reboot of a long dead roleplay that i made long ago. I will be revising some plot points, and will be asking opinions later on in this interest check depending on how this goes. I am only taking the king piece because as GM it allows me to move the roleplay along. I will not be placing my character above in priority than other characters. If I gave the king piece to someone else than we risk derailing the entire roleplay if that person leaves.

The other pieces taken by default at the start are queen, and a rook. The queen, and rook piece belong to two different npcs. If you wish to make an argument for the queen piece you may do so but that will be an integral role in the roleplay queens don't need to be female.