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  1. SO!
    I've yet to begin my High School DxD RP. I have some members and I think it could shape out quite nicely, but my friend advised me that another interest check may be in order!
    And here it is. Another check for interested.

    My knowledge is fairly limited to the anime up to the end of season 2 as I have only really read a few chapters of the light novel. Still this should not matter too much being that I'm hoping to set this apart from the anime or rather the core events focused on by the anime. I mean this in the sense that I don't want it to be like a next generation thing. The canon characters will exist, but we will not know them or be in the same area. Still we may know of them, but that isn't important.

    We will still be in Japan. However, we will be in a different prefecture or area. Things maybe happening regarding Fallen Angels, or the church or other demons, but these things would be within our area. The lord in control of our area will be different, perhaps a different ruler of hell, or other noble. We can user other key religious figures or names if need be to our advantage. And perhaps even tie into the core story if possible though not greatly.

    I don't mind making connections to the canon, but this is not about the Gremory household. It should be about us. Our household, now known as the Grimmond Household. I welcome ideas and players. Also, I know it's fairly mature and riddled with fanservice. I don't want to take that away. However, I want to focus more on the action and plot points, as well as developing the relationships. Fanservice and other things are like... Secondary.

    Here is the link to the OOC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/the-life-of-a-devil-ooc.102347/

    There is also a sister RP made by my friend which focuses on another group. Same area, school, etc. However, another devil family. The two will likely crossover and such. It would be fun.
    Here is the link to that OOC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/a-hell-of-a-life-life-of-a-devil-sister-rp.104480/
  2. I hate to be the bump guy. But...

    I really think an HS DxD RP would be really fun and enjoyable.,
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