High School DxD roleplay?

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  1. Aside from my introduction thread this is my first roleplay related thread on this site. So. Here we go :3

    My knowledge is fairly limited to the anime as I've only really read one or two chapters of the light novel. Still this should not matter too much being that I'm hoping to do set this apart from the anime. I mean this in the sense that I don't want it to be like a next generation thing. The characters will exist, but we will not know them or be in the same area.​

    Yes, we will stick to Japan. But like a different prefecture or area. Things maybe happening regarding Fallen Angels, or the church or other demons, but these things would be within our area. The lord under control of our area would be different, perhaps a different ruler of hell, or other noble. We can user other key religious figures or names if need be to our advantage. And perhaps even tie into the core story if possible.

    I don't mind making connections, but this is not about the Gremory household. It should be about us. Our household, which I have yet to name. I welcome ideas and players. Also, I know it's fairly mature and riddled with fanservice. I wouldn't want to take that away, but lets focus more on the action and plot points, as well as developing the relationships.

    Well, that's about all I had to say. Hopefully someone is interested.
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  2. Hey I'm always down for something like this. Mark me as "watching this thread for potential".

    I've tried asking for a DxD RP in the past, but it never really worked out. Who knows, maybe there's more interested people then originally thought.

    But given the content, we should cut out some of the "less required" stuff to keep it a little easier on people (so we'll have no random nudie scenes outside of the Libertine section)
  3. I just think that maybe people try to focus a little too much on the fanservice. Personally, I think the fanservice when used comedic ally works, because that's generally how it turns out. The "dress break" is hilarious to me.

    However, I don't want it to be solely fanservice and romantic stuff. Libertine things may occur and I understand that, but the focus is the plot and action. That is the key point that I'm making.

    I think first enemies would be a local group of fallen angels. Or simple corrupt figures. Those'll make for something somewhat small but not boring.
  4. That's what I meant. We can keep that aspect (fan service), but lets not make it a huge part of the RP/plot otherwise we'll have to make the thread a Libertine thread xD

    But I totally agree on those ideas, you've got some good thoughts for this.
  5. Yeah I got you lol xD

    And I should hope so. I've been thinking about it for weeks xD
  6. *watching, waiting, eating popcorn*

    actually, I am hungry...
  7. Lol geez chuk xD
  8. Interested. Enjoyed the anime *cough* for the plot *cough*
  9. Nice.

    But I have a question: how many of you are wanting to play a female character? I know I'm only a male-character kind of guy, but we should make sure that we don't get to the OoC and be like "Wait... We're all dudes?"

    Just thinking out loud, feel free to say "shut up" ^^;
  10. Got it.
    *nudge nudge wink wink*

    No I get what your saying. And honestly right now it's looking like, me, you and chuk are playing males, don't know about rion and a friend of mine and chuk's will play female.

    So far one chick, I could probably shift mine to a girl too it necessary, but if you guys know any girls feel free to invite. I also have another friend who may join, and I think he would play a girl, but I cannot be 100% sure.

    Regardless I forgot to link this ooc here: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/the-life-of-a-devil-ooc.102347/
  11. i am interested
  12. Go to the ooc.
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