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  1. What could one say about Kuoh that hadn't been said already? It was a beautiful town with a lot of people and a lot of scenery. From the abandoned church up on the hills to it's prosperous cities and harbor. The schools were excellent and the city was far from boring with many events happening within it's borders. Though the children may view it otherwise the adults saw the city as a town where people could raise a family comfortably. It was not the schools, or the scenery, or even the natural beauty of the urban hometown that gave Kuoh it's reputation however. it was known for it's mysterious and odd supernatural occurrences and events. Many passed it off as legend and myth or just simply stories passed around by bored school children looking to find some fun for themselves. However as many in the town could attest the city wasn't all too safe as it would first appear.

    Devils, and fallen angels were a commonality in the community though the average person wouldn't known otherwise. Devils had a good amount of people to work off of for contracts while fallen angels could find their prey. The Church of Christianity while occasionally a major player often came and went as it pleased from the city not intending to stay for fear of starting a war with one of the major Devil Families whom ruled the town's mysterious underbelly. Many deaths were chalked up to gang related violence or simply labeled as unknown causes of death. It was easy for a devil to make a living in this town...assuming they didn't step on the toes of a major house like Gremory.

    It was in this town that the House of Devils known as House Nightblood had started their path towards regaining their fame. Though they had chosen to remain by themselves until they had firmly regained their power. Their head of the household was a young man known simply as Aster Black from America. Though he had been slow to adjust to Japan he had started to understand the proper way of things around here. Beside him was his housemates two of which stood next to him in their fairly opulent house. They group had purchased a large house with a lot of space in order practice and hold all the things they needed as well as expand if need be. Though few in number, House Nightblood was able to hold themselves up financially thanks to favors being called in, use of magical spells, and devil contracts. As well as the vassalization of a few lower devil houses whom had been brought into the fold. What they lacked in numbers they made up for in the pure power of their few members.

    Aster sat on the couch as the TV scrolled by reading news headlines, it was 3:00 in the afternoon and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, as he looked across the room he saw that his friend and Rook Dagmar Holmstrom was still by his side. Dagmar wasn't ever really one to do much regardless so he suspected as much. Dagmar looked as he usually did, his messy chestnut brown hair and his side burns were only cleanly washed because Aster had insisted on it. Dag had never really enjoyed grooming himself and it had proven a rather annoying problem teaching him to do such. But Aster trusted Dag more than he did most people. Dag didn't have much in the sense of well....sense but he did have one thing: A firm and honest bluntness. Dag was the sort of person who wouldn't mince even the harsher of words never failed to come out of Dag's mouth. He was a realist in it's firmest degree and also a nihilist. It helped level things out. He wore his red scarf he had since he was found back a couple years ago. It was something he never really enjoyed not wearing even in heated weather. he had baggy jeans on and his white shirt made him look like something you'd find in a common street gang.

    Dagmar looked over at his boss with those murky dark blues eyes of his. He had been sitting in the corner of the room merely going through his own thoughts. He pale while skin had only started to slightly tan after moving making him quite ghostly in appearance. However those eyes of his...They were as they always were...blank. Aster never would bring them up they simply were that way and he knew better than to bring the fact that he always looked like a zombie up. It was...a natural thing for someone with Dagmar's personality. "Is there something wrong sir?" he asked his accent still coming through even after all these years of traveling. Aster sighed as he considered what to say on the matter. "That's a hard question to ask...you've been completing your contracts as usual Dag but I wonder how far we can go before we finally get noticed by one of the big people." Aster stated to Dagmar as he turned to look back at the TV. Apparently the cops arrested someone on a drug raid today. Annoying business the drug trade was...it never really went away. "Let them come my lord. I will break them. Ivan and I have proven that they are not a threat to us no? Do you really think so highly of some lordling with our power?" Dagmar asked his leader and Aster shook his head exasperated as usual. Dagmar was always direct and too the point...he lacked...finesse. Then again he was a rook... "It's not that simple otherwise the angels or the church would've killed them a long time ago Dag. Though I won't deny you that I am and should be grateful to have such a strong group of supporters...and what CAN I offer in return really? Nothing really worth mentioning. Just the promise of a better life once it happens. It may not even happen though I don't intend on letting it go without a fight. You know this." Aster said to his companion as Dagmar nodded without a word. "Don't worry so much my lord. With you at our helm we will overcome any challenge. I know your strength. And I have faith in this house's. No one shall stop us." the Rook replied simply as Aster smiled. Dagmar did have his moments. "Where is Mr. Ivan?" Dagmar asked Aster simply as Aster replied that Ivan had gone off to find out more info on the fallen angels heard to have infiltrated the area. The major houses didn't know just yet probably...but they would soon. Best to get ready for the fall out that would indeed ensue soon. And Ivan, his best and most loyal servant, never failed too surprise Aster with what he could find. "He's out looking for information regarding the fallen angels. There's no need for me to leave the house until then." Aster replied to Dagmar who nodded. "Don't worry I'm sure we'll get to the point soon enough my old friend."
  2. "AIKO, AIKO" called the worried father as the house went up in a blaze. Aiko Came out with a CO bottle and started battling the fire. Then another window broke. The father pushed her behind the couch. Then glass shrapnel flew everywhere piecing the father full of holes. She was about to scream but her father managed to build up enough energy to signal her to be quiet and run then he mouth I Lo-- and died. Her arm stun but it was only from a cut from the explosion. Another explosion went off outside, throwing shattered glass into the house. Aiko got to her feet and made a break for the door. Then the roof started to cave in, dropping burning debris in front of the exit. The smoke in the house was growing thick and Aiko knew she would suffocate if she stayed in any longer.
    Aiko ran to the closest window and jumped out, further cutting herself and scratching her cheek. As she hit the grass, the house exploded sending huge chunks of debris into the sky. A massive wave of heat blew over her as she watched the flaming debris rain from the sky. It was over. There was no way she could this; so she covered her eyes. An eerie chill crawled up her spine followed by a ghastly voice.
    It is not yet your time my child…

    Aiko opened her eyes and saw no one. She looked up and time appeared to stop. A sharp flaming spike was about an inch from lodging into her face. Her life flashed. When she was 4, she was nearly crushed by a TV but it missed as if someone pushed it out the way. When she was 5, she was running from a group of thugs but they just stopped and ran away after she was covered into a dark alley way. Last year when she was on the front lines, a rival gang member was going to backstab her but dropped dead with the knife in his heart. She got praised for the kill, but she did not do it. Someone interfered like always. All of a sudden, she was 4 meters away from the raining debris. Instead there was a black girl in place. She stared at Aiko as if Aiko was looking into a mirror. Aiko raised her hand and tried to shout but it was too late. The rain of fire crushed her. Tears rained from her face as she watched the fire grow, preventing her from digging out the girl.
    Cry not for shadows as they exist to guide you my child…

    There it was again. Aiko looked around but saw nothing. She wiped her face and started running only to hear the sound of a car revving its engines. She ran behind a bush to hide from the unknown vehicle.
    “We got em… Boss is gonna be please!” shouted a man as he threw a bottle with a fire on top at the home. The car drove off living behind a trail of exhaust. Aiko crawled out of the bushes and ran to the front of her burning home. She wanted to scream at the site that was before her. Her mother lied on the ground at the door completely cut up. From the looks of her clothes, one could tell that wasn’t the only thing that happened to her. Aiko ran to her trying to wake her but she was already dead. She continued to cry and ran away from the trail of exhaust.
    They served the family well but their time had come…
    Aiko scream in protest to the voice. “My parents are dead I don’t care about the family!”
    Yet the family… our true supporters cared about you.
    “Why? I am not special at all… There were plenty others who deserved their life over mine Why me?”
    Because, my child, you are Never Alone.
    Then the voice stopped responded, no matter what else Aiko said. Aiko kept crying as she walked away from the scene. She had lost everything except her life and even that she owed to this mysterious voice. She had no gang, no friends, and now no family. As of know she felt completely alone.

    She continued walking down the road. The wounds clotted up, but her heart was still sore. She stopped at a fountain in the middle of a busy shopping district. Hopefully she could use the public as protection from any further attacks. She sat down on a bench and watched as different people walked by. Suddenly, she felt a huge lost in energy as her adrenaline dropped from lack of danger. Exhausted from the all the events, she fell asleep on the bench.
    It is not safe here…
    Aiko woke up to see the place was empty and quiet. She looked but all the shops where open. Her stomach started to growl as she missed lunch and since no one was around to, she decided to grab a snack or 2. When she entered a snack shop the door bell rung. She smiled, happy to see she was not deaf. She walked to the back which had a pretzel. She picked it up and went for a bite when the bell rang again. She quickly ducked behind the soda machine. Who was that? When she peeked at the entrance, nobody was there. Then a man grabbed her shoulder, “Shouldn’t you pay for that first.”
    The man was dressed up in the stores uniform. She brushed his hand off, “I was… just let me grab my wallet.” She reached into her purse and pulled out a small knife and held it to his neck. “Do you have change for a slit neck?” The man froze in fear. Aiko grinned and went to punch him only to see the blade of her knife fly across the room, leaving only the handle in her hand. She threw the handle, pelting the man in the face and ran out the door. When she attempted to jump over the fountain, the man grabbed her collar. She started coughing as the shirt strangled her neck.
    “Why don't you look for change in the wishing well”
    He dunked her into the fountain and picked her back up. This time she managed to pull her shirt back enough to breath. She squirmed around trying to break free but his grip firm. Then she kicked off the fountain and to push them both back. When he fell, he released her giving her the chance to run away.
    It not even a few seconds later, he was in front of her and smacked her into a weapons store. As she crashed through the windows, something hit a switch and the lights went off. The man casually walked into the shop. Alice jumped out of the shadow carrying a white katana. The man parried and pushed her back. As she came crashing down. A black girl jumped out of her chest and sliced the man’s chest. Aiko watched helplessly as the black girl was overpowered and tossed into the sunlight. Then the black girl disappeared like a vampire in the light and Aiko felt a huge throb in her head.
    “So you really are Never Alone… oh what joy!”
    Aiko held her blade, pointing it at the man while holding her head. He laughed, parrying the blade to the side and picking up the girl by her collar. Then he threw her back into the light. She rolled hitting the fountain. Her entire body was in pain. She felt a sharp pain in her chest every time she breathed and did not have the energy to move. She wanted to call for help. She wanted to survive. She wanted to get revenge on the one responsible for the death of her family. The man walked up to her and pushed his blade through her stomach.
    “And now your Nevermore. Just like your parents.”
    If only she could get that vengeance… she would do anything for that power…
  3. It only took a moment and in that moment Aster felt his senses tingling someone...was calling out to him? Not him personally...but someone...anyone...the devil's sense of when he could make a bargain were strong even if Aster hated making bargains. He considered using his powers...contacting Ivan for assistance in this matter. But he didn't know where to search for him and where to make contact. His magician's telepathy could only go so far. His father should've taught him more about that before he left...that left him with two options. One of going himself...the other would be sending Dagmar. Dag looked at his boss who had suddenly clenched up and he sighed, "Dare I ask what is wrong sir?" Dagmar asked simply with exhaustion. He had been up all night the past couple days working on projects for people he had been contracted for and he didn't feel like going out now of all times. "Someone or something has called out too us Dag. A craving for power is a devil's point...but for some reason I actually feel like this may be worth our time in the long run. Though...I have been wrong before." Aster said simply as Dagmar grunted. He walked over too the corner of the room and he grabbed his brown jacket. "I will go. This person is probably not worth the time of a prince." Dagmar grunted in a non nonchalant fashion as he grabbed his war hammer from a nearby coat rack. He tied the cord around his wrist as Aster went over to him. Dag breathed in deeply as Aster gave him a piece of paper. "Come back to us alive Dag." Aster said as he activated the magical circle of teleportation. It was something that Dagmar and Aster had gotten use too. The paper was Dag's way back home without it...it'd be difficult to get back. It would be possible but Dag was not very good with directions. "Unless this is a trap then I will not be killed so easily." Dagmar grunted as he vanished whatever happened next would be up to Dag. He had confidence in his rook.


    In a swirl of bright red light a man appeared in a long brown cloak wielding a silver hammer in his hand. In a very swift but brutal fashion the hammer came around and struck the man before he even realized what had happened sending him flying back. The boy who appeared was unkempt and looked fairly unhappy to be there at the moment as he looked back at the girl whom had called upon him. "You...you were the one who called upon my master correct? Then I suppose I am here to help with your need for power. If you want power you must live. Only in darkness will you find what you looking for. Ask not god for strength for you will find none. I am a Rook of House Nightblood. Dagmar Holmstrom and I will break you enemy of this girl." The mysterious boy named Dagmar said bluntly. Whatever rhetoric he was spouting it was clear from any angle that this boy was not normal. In fact it looked as if he was only half a life. His eyes were blank and cold. His body gave no sense of vibrancy since the red circle faded around him. It was like staring at a portrait. Dagmar spit on the ground as he prepared himself for whatever came next.
  4. Aiko watched as her attacker was assaulted by a man holding a hammer. Then the man holding the hammer looked at her. she coughed up blood a few times and her vision was getting blurry. She knew she was going to die. Not even the black girl could save her now. The man spoke of power and belonging to Nightblood. She did not care for what it cost, all she needed was her vengeance. She held out her hand as she tried to grab him. "I... I must avenge them... Please... *cough*" the world was going cold but her heart kept beating. It is not your time yet my child...

    In the girls shadow, 2 black hand rose out. One was helping her hold in the blood from her stomach and the other helped with keeping her hand up as it was grasping for the man. "Help... us," Alice cried as she held on to her weapon as if clinging on to her life. She had nothing left, nothing to lose, but she was not alone. The shadow girl was still helping her, even though it seemed useless.

  5. Dagmar didn't take his eyes off his new enemies but he could tell that the girl was reaching out too him. His first gut instinct was to push her away but he knew he couldn't afford to at the moment. "Assuming you live through the night you will get revenge." Dagmar said as he studied his enemies a little further he figured now would be a good moment to use his powers but this still could be a ruse for him to actually use it. "I will save us don't worry. I have seldom failed in my duty." Dagmar took a quick second to mutter some words under his breath and he then took a quick look at Aiko as he suddenly became more aware of the situation at hand. He was stunned for a moment to find out something about the girl. "I see...so...that's what he meant...interesting." Dagmar muttered as he slowly backed up and reached out for the piece of paper in his pocket. "Hold onto me quickly now. I was planning on fighting them though I have the feeling that this suddenly became much more complicated than I can explain." Dagmar said uneasily as he looked around bracing himself for a possible rush.
  6. The man promised Aiko that she would have her revenge but that she had to survive though the night. She felt her body slowly weakening but the 2 cold hands of the black girl remain firm though still hidden in he shadows. Aiko tried to smile but more was caught up in her throat. Then the man mumbled some other words before picking her up and ordering her to hold on. The shadow hands retreated as the girls body was moved. Aiko held her body tightly against Dag chest as ordered. All she could do was trust in the black girl and the man before her.

    The assailant watched from the ground as his prize was being taken away. He got up and started at Dag who appeared to be retreating. He held out his sword which was still red from Aiko's blood.
    "Retreating are we now? Such a pity. Goes to show how weak you devils are!"

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  7. "I'd break your spine for that comment if I wasn't afraid this little girl would die in a couple seconds. Don't think I can't see what's going on here. You're wasting my time. I have the distinct feeling we will be meeting again sometime later. If you have a death wish to fight against someone with my eyes then come and find me later." Dagmar muttered in retort to the assailant as he grabbed the young woman's bloodied hand and put it against the paper and the red circle appeared once again. "Be lucky and pray that I won't see you again fool." Dagmar muttered as he and the young girl evaporated into nothing. It was a strange feeling it was if the two of them have simply faded from existence and appeared into another. It only took a moment but the next moment of Aiko's life would change her forever.


    Aster found himself startled as a young woman appeared covered in blood next to Dagmar as he teleported back into their house. "I hope you have a good reason for bringing a mortal girl here Dag. This was the one who called out for strength....her wounds are bad. We need to get her patched up...but first there's the problem of her little gift she has in her. Judging by your eyes Dag you used it didn't you?" Aster asked as Dagmar nodded. "I had little option. I had to make sure she wasn't a priestess in disguise. She isn't and she indeed does have something inside of her. What it is we will see in a moment." Dagmar stated as he ran his hands back over his eyes before Aiko could look at them further. Whatever Dagmar was talking about it was clear he didn't intend to elaborate more on. Aster helped Dag put her down on the floor as Dagmar spit into a trash can nearby. "Ekkk...this blood will probably stain my jacket...better go wash it off...' Dagmar grumbled as he went to go walk away but Aster stopped him grabbing his hand as he told him to wait a moment. Aster left shortly afterward his eyes darting back and forth. He wondered if he was risking a lot bringing another person with the sacred gear into the world of the devil's hell. This woman needed strength though and he needed more servants. Though he'd probably hear no end to it from Ivan, leaving him out of this decision, it in the end was Aster's choice in what happens next. Aster went to his room and sorted through some things eventually coming to a chess box. He ran his hands over the wooden box and sighed. He walked back to the room. Dagmar had stayed silent not answering questions or responding to Aiko however he did make sure she stayed put if she tried too move. Aster came back into the room his eyes looking over the girl. "What happened today is something that will define how you live the rest of your life. Now you stand on the precipice of a choice. One that must not be made lightly miss. I don't know your name though that may not matter in the end. I am not from your country but I am not human either...not entirely. I am a devil. More to the point a high class devil of House Nightblood. Their head and only known member. How or why I became what I am is not the point here though. It is time for a choice. I will save your life here one way or another. BUT there is a choice in the matter and as I said it will define you. The first being simple: I heal you and wipe your memory. You will believe a homeless boy saved your life today nothing more nothing less. You will wake up somewhere and what you do after is not my problem. I have completed the contract and Dagmar has grown stronger for merely acting as a wall. The second option is a darker path: Forsake the church, forsake your current life, forsake even your own dreams. You will become mine in body and soul. In exchange for surviving me until we both simply end you will become a soldier for my house and gain power no mere human has ever before accomplished. As I've sensed you also have something special in you. Something special I can unlock once you surrender yourself to me. What piece you pick I will leave up too you. On the off choice that you chose neither you will die here in this house surrounded by two strangers. So tell me miss...are you ready to make a choice?" Aster said calmly and slowly as to allow her to understand what he was saying without stressing her out. He opened the box and inside was velvet red cloth lining with a bunch of black chess pieces inside of it each ornate and very well detailed. Dagmar looked at the girl and said nothing. Aster pulled out four pieces. One knight, one bishop, one rook, and one pawn. "Reach out and grasp the piece you wish to have if you desire to be mine in exchange for the power you seek. One in particular may call out too you. Or shake your head and stay a blind mortal your life and path your own forever more. Or simply die where you lay. What happens next shall be all up too you." Aster stated as he leaned down and offered his hand with the chess pieces. Dagmar looked at the hand and considered objecting to placing the rook or knight up for grabs. But he said nothing in the end. It was his master's choice.
  8. The next few minutes, after being warped out of the square, were the longest of her life. Everything moved so slowly and the voices where barely understandable. She lied on the ground, struggling to stay awake. Her heart pounded against her chest as it struggled to push her slowly decrease blood supply. She could feel the same chilling feelings as before. It was like the Black girl was inside of her, forcing her dying body to live.

    My Child, what is it that bothers you.
    Why are you doing this... who are you.
    I am you, as you are me. We are the same and yet different.
    I...I dont understand...
    In time. One must wait for the sun to rise, before they may meet their shadow.
    Sha... dow... I feel cold... I feel alone...
    It is ok my child, We are not alone. You are the darkness as I am the light which gives birth to your existence.
    Never Alone...
    Yes my child, the shadow of Nightblood. We are Never Alone

    Aiko raised her head and turned to the man's voice. Guided by voice in her head, she reached her arm out and grasped hold of the horse figure. Upon touching the black chess piece, The hand of the black girl became visible. Alice's, which appeared to be up on its own, was on to lap of the girl. The girl was holding Alice's wrist up. Her other hand was rubbing the side of Alice's face. The black girl looked exactly like Alice but everything was some shade of black and dark grey. She grinned as she turned to the two devils. Upon further inspection, the two devils could see Alice's eyes which were completely dilated. She was a thread away from disappearing from the world when she grasped the Knight piece and with its power flowing through her, the black girl was now keeping her host alive.

    Though no sound came out as she spoke, she spoke slow enough that the two devils could read her lips, "The shadows are in your debt... our lord." Then she turned into black energy and drained into Aiko's body. Her head dropped on the ground, and her grip on the knight piece loosened. Then after a few seconds, Aiko gasped for air and held tightly to the piece. She closed her eyes and continued her heavy panting. Yet again, her life was saved by the black girl.
    my child... call me Tsukami

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  9. "That...that doesn't usually happen with sacred gear no sir?" Dagmar asked as he stood back from the girl at hand as Aster breathed in deeply and replied that he indeed did not expect that too happen. "This girl chose a knight? Is she worthy of that title?" commented Dag as Aster went in closer and pressed the chess piece down on her chest a red energy formed around the young woman and the burst of strength and life into the body became quickly apparent to Aiko as the piece melted down into her chest effectively becoming one with her body. "It doesn't matter in the end unless she becomes a blight on our house Dag. Besides I trust Ivan to pick up any slack this low class devil leaves behind. Don't forget you yourself are common devil. Not that it means much to me in the end my friend. This girl will live with us. For now though...Come too me Star." Aster said as a white wolf spirit suddenly appeared before Dag making him back off. "You know I hate when you do that mongrel!" Dag said panting in heavily as the wolf turned into a young buxom young woman with fluffy ears who glared at Dagmar with disgust. "And filthy trash like you don't deserve to be here Dagmar I recommend not making me want to bite you. Now then...what is it you need sir?" the young wolf girl asked him as she brushed her silvery hair out of her eyes and Aster pointed at the young girl. "I will get her somewhere to sit down at...in the spare bedroom down here. My lord I do hope you don't intend to take in more street trash." the young wolf girl muttered as Aster shook his head chuckling, "Too late too stop me Star. Whoever this girl is...and whatever the being who just showed herself to us is I will find out in a short time. I have the added benefit of being more talented in the magical arts than most devils my age after all. Now then...Ivan is off doing his duties when he comes back he will learn of this and he may have more info on the matter. If not...then well...at least we have one more guest...maybe she is actually talks unlike you Dag." Aster said with sarcasm to his partner in crime as Dag grunted and went off towards the washing room. "And so so very suddenly I have come across a knight for my house...I didn't expect to wake up to this, this morning." Aster said as he went to go wash off his hands. "If you can hear my girl then please don't give my familiar trouble. She can be a handful when you get on her bad side."
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  10. After the piece dissolved into her body, she felt her wounds slowly recover. Her breathing became more and more calm and her eyes slowly opened. "TSUKAMI!" She shouted as she rose up. However the black girl was nowhere to be found. Instead she saw a young girl with dog ears and the man who saved her. Her body burning with energy as she felt she could take on a mob. Slowly her memories came back. "Was I dreaming?"

    She remembered her father dieing and seeing her mothers corpse. Then the strange man by the fountain who attacked her and... killed her right? She looked at her stomach which looked free from any signs of injury. Then putting down her shirt she saw a hole and blood. It was not a dream. It all happened! She looked at the girl with the dog ears again. Was she dead? She rose to her feet. "W-who... are you? Why am I here?" Then the image of the man appeared before her. "Where is that murderer!" She made a fist and lowered her head to hid the fact that she was crying.

  11. The wolf girl groaned in annoyance as she poked the girl's forehead, "Hey that's no way to talk too your new boss knight! Especially after one of his grunts saved your life!" the wolf girl admonished Aiko as she glared down at her with annoyance. Aster sighed hoping he'd manage to get the chance to wash his hands before the girl went and started to ask questions or even woke up. "My name is Aster Black of House Nightblood. Your here because you were attacked and you called out for the strength to fight back. It wasn't a dream that was for sure. My compatriot probably saved your life from some sort of crazed church fanatic who knew about your Sacred Gear. I will explain it too you later, but the healing that you've sustained is only temporary. A friend of mine will heal you fully soon enough but for now my familiar whom you may call 'Star' is here too take care of you. The fact of the matter is any companions you may have been with may and could be dead now. In your state just moments ago you promised to serve me faithfully as a servant of my house in order to save your own life. I did indeed give you two other choices. But please..." Aster said as he walked back over to her and with his clean hand he put a hand on her shoulder and made her sit down back on the bed with him. "Please rest. A friend of mine will probably be over here to see what the commotion is all about. It's only three in the afternoon after all and the cops may already be at the site of where you were before you came here. As your new friend and master I ask that you please understand that I am not leading you on and I don't want to hurt you. If you don't believe me then so be it but you must not leave this house until I am sure that you have recovered. I will explain anything you have in a moment or two. The mere fact that you're awake right now means that you've awakened much pre-maturely than expected you still should be out like a rock." Aster said as he leaned over and patted her back reassuringly. "This is a lot too take in trust me but you're in good company. You will find out what happened soon enough or failing that eventually you will. I mean if I was out to hurt or lie too you would I be in such casual clothes and be sitting next too you. I mean I'm a literal devil, and so are you now, but I am also the man who saved your life so surely that must be worth some amount of respect." Aster said as Star spoke up to him. "Go clean up I'll bring the chess case back to it's place and take care of this one until you come back Aster." Star said to him as he nodded and got up. "I'm sorry but I do have to clean up a bit if someone asked me why there was blood on my hands I'd be in trouble...and I don't need to use my magic for such a thing at this hour of the day." Aster said as he got up and headed off towards the door hoping to get cleaned up leaving the heavy chess case near the stairs for Star to pick up on the way up. "Alright so what is it you need cry baby? I'm here to be your little pal until the bishop gets here..."
  12. New boss? Crazed church fanatic, Sacred Gear, familiar, it all made no sense.

    Promise to serve you...
    Then she remembered when that man appeared and asked if she wanted power and she remembered a Horse chess piece. Is she alive because of that? What about the black girl?

    Devil? I am a devil?

    Then the man left and it was just Aiko and Star. Aiko did not get back up. She was not in danger nor being restrained. At the very least, she could hear them out. Star said she would be her 'Friend' until the bishop gets here. Aiko looked at her, studying her ears. They were really cute and Aiko really wanted to pet them.

    She is not human my child, do not mess with her. Our lord does not want us getting hurt.
    Our lord... but Tsukamis have no Leader, she died a long time ago.
    I have failed Tsukami as your the only one left. Aster will keep you safe better then i ever could.

    Aiko busted out in tears wailing. She held Star tight not wanting to let go. "Star, I dont know what to do... I have no home... no friends... She told me they are all gone... To kill everyone... I wont forgive that man... I swear it... "

  13. Star sighed as she leaned on the wall nearby letting the little cry baby ball her eyes out; Star herself was wondering how on earth she'd explain the situation at hand. The first simple and most simple choice was simply to tell her to suck it up. But she already did that and at the moment she figured she may as well let a bit of her lord come out through her mouth as much as his life choices disgusted her. "Look kid I'm not exactly the person you should ask for life advice from but I'll give it too you straight and simple: This is your home just like it is Dagmar's or Aster's. You have a friend in Aster Nightblood. He's my master but I refuse to not acknowledge that he is too soft on you people for your own good. He will help you if you ask him for it but he will not indulge in childish fantasies. The person you're talking about is probably lying the chances of your whole family being gone and dead is unlikely. One does not simply hunt down the whole pack while leaving one stray. As for the man you claim to want to kill, to hurt, to see fall...then the choice is quite a simple one: Make yourself worthy of carrying the title of knight, make yourself stronger, and harder."

    "You will get the chance to see that man or woman hurt. Failing that you can at least take solace that you have a purpose beyond that. Do you know what happens to devils who run away from their master? They die little one. They aren't hunted by just their former lord if he or she lives but all other clans. So I'd keep that in mind. You run with a whole different pack now. One that has a haunted past and a family full of misfits and rejects. The lot of us should never have been aligned to the same side but we are. Whatever past you have you can try to go back too, try to imitate but you will find it lacking. I lack the ability too show you your the knight that is inside of you, but the piece is indeed lodged into your very soul. The mark of Marax will forever be etched in your body. Just like that scar on your belly. You said you don't know what too do? You let all of this out. All of it. And then you pick yourself up bare your fangs and proclaim you won't be that weak ever again. You don't let the enemy wolves see you weak. You snap and claw at them and prove your worth too the new pack you find yourself in. Lone wolves hardly ever live long enough to tell the tale. Does that help you in the slightest pup?" Star said unapologetically blunt and too the point refusing to acknowledge or allow weakness to cloud her judgement. He bright blue eyes and white fangs showed that she was neither devil nor human but a wolf who had pride in herself. She expected Aiko to have the same and would not accept any weakness displayed on her part.
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  14. Aiko stopped sobbing for a minute to hear the familiars speech. "She is not lying Star *sniff* and He killed me... but here I am now. *sniff*" She released the other girl and rubbed her eyes. "I wont waste my second chance. I will prove my worth of being a knight! *sniff*" she made a fist. I will be stronger. Thank you sta..." Suddenly she felt her stomach twist. All her energy seemed to disappear and she felt weak again. She fell into the bed, looking at Star. Everything slowly went black and she fell asleep.

    You are not in this alone... We both want that man to disappear...
  15. (I'm sorry I did not know this was up)

    Valerie came into the room, she was busy taking care of contracts and being a female devil made Valerie very popular but it was just business for devils and as long as she did not have to do anything degrading.

    She saw star and then saw Aiko.... [BCOLOR=#333333]"What, who are you.... where's Aster?"[/BCOLOR] she asked as she wasn't around for a while seeing someone new caught her off guard, she may have been a bishop but she wasn't the warm and loving type.
    She woke Aiko up to get some answers because she did not want to disturb lord nightblood....

    "Did I just hear you say you'll prove your worth at being a knight... are you Lord Nightbloods knight... (She turned to star) how'd she gain the title of Knight?" she asked again.


    Lamont was standing by a bridge looking out across the water, his mom and dad was fighting so he slipped out the house so as not to deal with it as he was over the edge of the bridge looking out.
    Lamont heard a woman scream... "AHHH... STOP.. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!" he heard

    Now Lamont was not one to ignore someones plea for help and not do anything... "sounds like that was coming from that nearby church.. damn it'd be a pain if she is getting killed or beaten"

    He had to go check it out, making his way to the scene he saw a man or at least what he thought was a man backing down a nun, he seemed to be part of the church as well..

    "You have sinned sister grace and you have to be cleansed of your wickedness with your blood" he said as a sword appeared in his hand and he went to stab the woman.


    Lamont rushed in and punched the man sending him flying back but he was still on his feet as he gripped his face.
    "Ok that was a cool magic trick with the sword, but whatever lovers quarrel you guys are having its no reason to kill hell your keeping me up" he said as he signaled for the woman to run which she did.... "THANKYOU GOD BLESS YOU" she said running off

    Lamont turned to the man as he looked angry...
    "You dare harm a servant of GOD... you have interfered in matters you know nothing about... you must be a devil sent to stay my hand but the lord guides my blade" he says charging at Lamont...

    Lamont was taken back as he ran, thinking that this guy was really crazy. There was a construction site nearby and he thought he'd run in there and lose him but once he made it there he looked in front of him and the crazed maniac was right in front of him.

    "That's impossible you were just behind me... how did you" he began to say....as the guy tried to stab him but he narrowly dodged the blade cutting his cheek as he countered with a powerful punch knocking the maniac on the ground. He went to life a metal beam and slam it on the guy but next thing he knew a blade pierced his heart.
    The look of shock on his face.... while the maniac smiled...
    "What a weak devil you are" he said

    Lamont smiled... "Ha... devil... me.. well at least I gave you a wicked black eye... your...." he began to say as his body dropped to the ground... "Your lucky i'm dying ... I wished I had survived this to blacken your other eye" he says blacking out

  16. "Ah FINALLY you're here. This girl wished upon herself the ability to gain power...what she didn't bargain for is that Dagmar would show up. It happened only moments ago actually so I'm surprised you didn't sense or see it. It happened in the hallway and Aster had to use a chess piece to revive her. I don't know why he would take this runt in as his own but he did. Perhaps it's because he doesn't think we're up too par yet. Still with the ability to replace lost pieces it's not like we're losing anything..unless someone more valuable would happen to show up." Star said with annoyance as she brushed off her maid outfit and started to walk out the door. "Master Aster told me to make sure you healed her. She was stabbed by somebody. Probably after her sacred gear. Aster may have felt it and that why he probably sent Dag. Worse case being Dag can hold his own against some trap. Regardless Dag not only fufilled a contract but gave Aster a new toy. So then I'll be going off unless you need me. I need to make sure that trash licker isn't breaking out washer. I swear to Lucifer if he broke it again I'll bite his throat out..." the wolf girl said grumpily but she waited to make sure the bishop was ready for her to leave. The dynamic duo of Star and Dagmar were always at odds with each other. Star hating Dag for his own personal origins and various unsavory habits he had while Dagmar has a thing for hating dogs and cats in general. It was like the two couldn't simply stomach being in the same region as each other.

    As Lamont fought off against the priest man the sounds of large foot steps rang in the hall. Then a tall and lean-built man with fair skin, green eyes, and shoulder-length dark hair that was gelled and combed back, down to the nape of his neck came waltzing in slowly. He was wearing dark trousers and a light shirt, over which was a dark jacket that had a fur-covered collar. He came down the hall with a dissatisfied look on his face as he breathed in deeply. He saw that the church was empty and with a flick of his fingers the doors behind him slammed shut. "You know I really shouldn't be doing this. It's been a long time since I been in the church of god himself. For good reason. But you see even if god himself hates me and even if my boss scolds me for what I'm about too do...well then so be it. I'm not sure if you recognize me priest, exorcist, whatever you are. But you're probably putting the pieces together right now as I speak. I'd recommend backing off now. We all leave her and no one gets hurt. Trust me I don't care who or what you are. You won't be able to stop me even in this place." the man stated as he reached inside of his jacket and pulled out a hilt with no blade on it. He held it in his hand as he went up to the boy who had stood up to the priest. "Look kid I get it you want to help the little nun don't ya? Well trust me you just put yourself in one big steaming pile. Granted by just being here I've probably lit a powder keg. I guess that good part of me still beats in my heart...even if it is black." the man said giving the boy a big smile as he chuckled to himself. "So how about it big guy? You willing to fight me and kick off something big? Or are you just going to back off?" the man stated still keeping his big calm grin on his face and held the handle of the bladeless hilt firmly in his hand.
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  17. Valerie listened to what star had to say after she was well informed she turned to Aiko....
    "I was on a job I felt something and thought it was Dag getting in some kind of trouble" she said to star. "Also such a young girl.. I'm not healing her the usual way...

    Valerie went over to Aiko and looked at her "You got yourself in something you know nothing about well good luck to you" she said as she pulled Aiko close and hugged her... seconds later waves of energy flowed into Aiko healing her.. "Don't move until your completely healed" she said

    Meanwhile with Lamont he saw a man approach them...
    His hearing was going... "Ha whatever you say I'm all for it" he said

    The exorcist turned his weapon on the man charging at him
    "One devil fell to my blade and so shall another ... Don't threaten the Exorcist Saito Jupiter" he says with his blade raised and it glowed a holy light

  18. Aiko slowly opened her drowsy eyes. Between the pain from her stomach and the mental exhaustion from absorbing that Knight Chess piece, she struggled to even speak. Lucky for her, Star explained most of the story. Unlucky for Aiko, Star left so Aiko alone with yet another stranger. The woman who woke her mentioned something about healing. Then Aiko closed her eyes. The next thing Aiko felt was the warm embraced of someone. "Mom..." she whispered as she rested her head on woman's shoulders. Tears formed in her eyes, "I'm sorry... I couldn't save you."

    The pain her her stomach slowly lesson as the waves of warm flowed into her body, but the tears still flowed down her face.
    I will always be with you my child... The shadows will always guide you. Together we are one. Like night and day, who's nonexistance without the other. I cannot bring back your parents... I cannot return the Tsukamis... I cannot restore your old life. I can only give you the guidance to make a difference. The power to protect those still alive whom you care for. I ask not for your forgiveness nor for your praise. I only ask you live for what you care for. To honor those you respect and lead those who look up to you. My child Tsukami we are no more. We now exist as Nightblood's Shadow.

    As she was fully healed, Aiko opened her eyes. As she knew it was not her mother holding her but the stranger from before. A brown hair woman. Aiko raised her head off the woman. "Thank you..."

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  19. "Alright fine...but trust me buddy. You're way out of your league." Ivan said as he suddenly rushed forward covering the distance in a moment it was almost disorienting too see. Ivan simply grinned as the empty hilt lit up and a blade appeared on the hilt. It was a two handed sized blade but Ivan held it as if it was nothing. He held the hilt of the sword with one hand and swung it in a swift stroke cutting the priest's chest before he could even react. "I told you so." Ivan said grinning as he rebounded and then went for another strike this time to throat but this time the priest would have the chance to dodge or block but only if he was quick enough to do so. Ivan simply made a statement. He was fast, deadly, and he wasn't playing around with the exorcist. "Now you're dead!"
  20. @VanceXentan


    Saito was surprised at the devils speed in the blink of an eye blood was gushing from his chest to the point that he was keeled over but he held himself with his blade in the ground..
    "Impossible I am Saito Jupiter... I have slain many devils and unworthy clergy... I AM GODS CHOSEN!!!" he screamed as he prepared his blade to go for a powerful strike as energy radiated from his body ...
    Before the two could collide a blast of energy exploded in between the two and something swooped in and grabbed Saito...


    Nexus: "Ivan.. hmmm you dare show your face, does this mean that putrid Nightblood line of devils still exists how pathetic" he says holding a passed out Saito over his shoulder.
    "As much as I would love to erase you from this plane of existence and i care nothing for this exorcist but he proves his use to eliminating those with the Sacred Gears... Knowing of your skill this is not a fight I can win with this handicap but tell your Lord Aster his days are numbered" he said

    Lamont looked up to see the black winged being holding Saito...
    "Ha you... better... run" he says laughing just slightly..... he was dying but he heard this powerful shrieking in his head, as if something was calling out to him..

    Nexus looked down at Lamont... "Hmm an unfortunate human casualty humanity knows nothing of the truth.. you live another day Nightblood Devil" he says as he disappeared in a flash of dark light.



    Valerie looked at the girl.. "Oh so you lost your mother, I am sorry for your loss but the world you have stepped into will not give you time to mourn" she said.
    Valerie got up to leave the room, "Just know the power of the knight is no laughing matter, and if you are a knight for Lord Aster then you must master your power. I am Valerie, the bishiop for the young lord and I will take my leave so rest up" she says exiting the room
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