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    Eight-grade syndrome, more commonly known in Japan as Chuunibyou, often terrorize those in their adolescent years. Some say it's a phase teenagers go through, others say teenagers develop it by being exposed to certain media. But a better way to describe it, is that Chuunibyou can be called a disease, albeit one that cannot be shaken off by mere medicine. Sometimes adorable, but often dreadful, its symptoms are associated with an overactive imagination and a peculiar behavior resulting from a new-found self-awareness. Like the guy who's only been reading light novels up until yesterday, then suddenly starts writing his own novels and living his own fantasy to find 'inspiration', or someone who has never played any instrument before, but still tries to play the guitar as if he's a famous rock star.
    And then there are those who believe they posses special powers, being chosen by the gods to uphold their duties to rid the world of evil.
    Really, there are different types of this disease. Most of the time, it subsides during the first year of Senior High. Sometimes, it follows through until one graduates High School. But in rare cases, teenagers only develop it during Senior High.
    The story follows a group of young adults as they go through the everyday delusions created by such a disease. Will it pose a threat as they try to function in society, or will they completely reject the social norms of High School as a result of Chronic Eight-grade syndrome?

    1. This RP is loosely based off 'Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai'. If you have seen it, good for you! You know just how wacky and crazy things are gonna get. If you haven't seen it yet, what are you waiting for?! You're missing out on a lot! An adventure awaits!
    2. But really, you don't need to watch it if you want to join this RP. As long as you know how to write a realistic character and a fantasy character and somehow put them together, or make a socially awkward character, you've pretty much met the requirements.
    3. As with the anime, there are going to be delusion battles. Y'know, the ones where the Chuunibyou patient believes he or she is fighting an epic battle between a Dark Priestess sent to bring him or her back to the castle to lock him or her up, but in reality they're just fighting with an umbrella and a ladle because the Chuunibyou patient is just too stubborn to go back home. Anything can happen within the planes of Fantasy, but make sure it's parallel to what's happening in the plane of Reality!
      I'll allow godmodding to an extent within the planes of Fantasy, but please, don't abuse it.
    4. Your character doesn't necessarily have to have the same chuunibyou as anyone. You can make characters like Kumin-senpai, who seems to take napping seriously for some reason. Anything can go, make your imagination run wild! But not beyond the plane of Reality. That's forbidden territory.
    5. Two characters max, but one character is recommended. Family members are often treated as NPC, so they shouldn't be too significant to the plot (unless they also have chuunibyou, which is highly unlikely with older siblings). You can also make NPC students on the spot, but make sure they don't have chuunibyou either.
    6. The contract that binds to together for an eternity? Yes, relationships. The characters shouldn't be too familiar with romance. After all, they're isolated from the normal ones. But that fuzzy feeling you get when you're with someone you like couldn't be avoided. Should Chuunibyou patients start going out with each other, a lot of awkward moments shall ensue.
    7. As this is supposed to be Japan, we should follow their standards. First of all, there are only three years of high school. Second, School starts at April and not at around fall. Third, students go to school by train, and not by bus. There are lots more to add here, but give me some time to research.
    Character Sheet Format (open)
    Name: (Should be Japanese)
    Age: (Should range between 15-18, since they're in Senior High)
    Grade: (1st to 3rd year)
    Chuunibyou Type: (Mostly involves the Fantasy Roleplayer type, but you can practically put anything here as long as it makes your character socially awkward)

    Appearance: (Pics recommended. You can put one pic for the normal appearance and another for Chuunibyou appearance. But if you can't find any pic to suit your tastes, good ol' fashioned wall of text it is.)



    (This applies to Fantasy Roleplayer Chuunibyou. There can be Warriors, Mages, Archers, Clerics, Technicians, Ninjas, Pirates... actually, I'll leave it up to you to decide, since there are too many to count. Yes, there can be hybrids, but it's limited to two. Wouldn't want to over-complicate things would we?

    Skills: (Separated into two categories.)
    Chuunibyou Skills: (If it applies, this is where the skills and abilities of your character in the planes of Fantasy go. Remember that they are in Japan, so try your best to make embarrassing English skill names that don't really make sense!)
    Real Life Skills: (Skills your character actually has in real life. Your character doesn't necessarily have to be good at it. Just as long as he or she does it more often than not.)

    Trivia: (Things that do not belong to the sections above)
    Akira Arasaki (open)
    Name: Akira Arasaki
    Age: 16
    Grade: 2nd Year
    Chuunibyou Type: Fantasy Roleplayer, believes to have Dissociative Identity Disorder, or Split Personalities when in reality, he only uses it as an excuse to act the way he really wants to act.

    Akira has a decent height and a a decent build for a normal Japanese boy, standing at a height of 5'5'' and weighing around 112 pounds. He has a habit of dyeing his hair white and wearing royal blue eye contacts, despite "not knowing how this habit started". During school, he usally wears his trademark blue hoodie over his uniform.

    The Demon Assassin, Damien Abendroth, meaning "The Devil in the Red Evening", is depicted as a young man with intense blue eyes, hair like white flames, and a soft yet sinister face. His color scheme is in contrast with his surname Abendroth, since royal blue clashes with the Red Evening, and he would prefer his victims to see him clearly before their inevitable demise. He wears a dark cloak sturdy enough to be called bulletproof, and he is never seen without his Demon Eater, the sword that eats the evil resting within demons to use it for his own.

    Akira has Dissociative Identity Disorder... or at least, he claims to have been diagnosed with it. When he is Akira Arasaki, he tends to be nice and courteous and he often watches his manners around those he is not too familiar with. But once he gets comfortable with someone, he starts to act mischievous and impish around them. This "Mischief" ranges from cracking bad or inappropriate jokes, to pulling harmless pranks. But overall, he is still someone you can trust your life with. Well, maybe life is a bit of an exaggeration, but he'd never screw a friend over just for the kicks and giggles.

    But once his other personality kicks in, things practically fall apart.

    Damien is depicted as a brutal and cold-blooded assassin who doesn't hesitate to kill his adversaries. One must act with utmost respect around him. Doing so and he shall spare your worthless life. Get on his bad side though, and you've basically brought the apocalypse upon yourself. Though, the worst you're probably gonna get from him is a smack to the face with a cosplay sword.

    He often acts as if he's the normal one in the ensuing group of Chuunibyous in his school. He'll call all the other Chuunibyous as "childish" and that "they should act their own age". But once everyone's starting to have fun without him, he'll somehow "pass out" and "reawaken" as The Demon Assassin, Damien Abendroth. Once it's all over, he "passes out" again and wakes up as Akira Arasaki once more, having no idea what happened when he was Damien.

    Akira is one of the many unfortunate students afflicted by the dreaded Eight-grade Syndrome. During eight grade, he had a sudden fascination with demons. Satan, Beelzebub, Abaddon, Baal, Belphegor, Lilim, Succubus, Lilith, Pazuzu, Lucifer... Well, actually this fascination started when he first got all the Persona in the Devil Arcana in Persona 3 Portable. But anyways, he started researching about demons online. He did not worship them, no, he despised them. It is that time when Damien Abendroth was conceived. He created his own character to battle the evil that the Demons have caused... and harness them for his own. He believes that if he gathers all the evil energy exuded by the Demons, he can somehow use it for his own to rule the world. But in order to have this ability, he needs to take a sword and bathe it in Demon's blood. He had no idea where to get Demon's blood as of yet, so he went for the next best thing: Blood from his older brother. A personality that can be compared to Hitler's and terrorist tendencies that can be compared to bin Laden's, Akira's brother is the prime example of a Demon. And the only way to make him bleed from his nose is by giving him a porn mag, and a very good one at that.

    Once he has his Demon Eater, he called it, Damien Abendroth was born.

    When he's at school, he tried to act how Damien should act: Cold-blooded, ruthless, and an overall douche. But the reactions he recieved from his schoolmates were far from what he expected. His friends made fun of him in a friendly way, but the others, especially his crush, started avoiding him. The next day, he just suddenly stopped doing it. Some say it was the quickest case of Chuunibyou they have ever seen, but they did not realize that his Chuunibyou was never cured in the first place.

    Thus, Damien Abendroth was buried, not in history, but merely as a secondary personality of Akira Arasaki.

    Class: Demon Assassin

    Chuunibyou Skills:
    • Demon Eater: He uses a sword that absorbs the evil in demons and the life energy of his foes, using it to amplify his strength. Basically, he uses a meter stick to bash people with.
    • Osseus Matter: Once he has gained enough evil power, he can summon bones in any shape and size, to any part of his body, giving him the ability to attack at long range. In other words, he starts throwing a bunch of school supplies hidden in his pockets and sleeves.
    • Osseus Overflow: When evil power is enough, he can bring forth a fury of Osseus Matter to topple his foes' defenses, depicted as a typhoon of sharpened bones that inflict a number of wounds that could not be withstanded by any normal being. In short, he starts throwing a fury of writing utensils that come from his bag. But really, it hurts more than it should.
    Real Life Skills:
    • Despite not being as good in drawing as Rika is, he's still pretty good at drawing houses and buildings. All he needs is a pencil and a ruler... possibly a protractor. And set squares. And T-squares.
    • Ya gotta admit, he's pretty good at faking his DID.

    • The only Shin Megami Tensei game he has ever played in his life is Persona 3 Portable. This is based on the fact that Nenshou has also never played any other SMT game besides P3P.
    • He always brings a plethora of school and office supplies, and one can always see a meter stick sticking out of his bag. He said it's because he wants to be an architect.
    Headers (To be used in the IC) (open)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    1st Year

    2nd Year

    3rd Year

    The School
    Inayama Kōtōgakkō / Inayama Senior High

    Inayama Senior High is a school like any other. Though it may not stand out as much as other big schools, it takes great pride on its bright, colorful and imaginative students. Clubs are often active and give the students a chance to show off their talents. They also compete with other schools just to prove how passionate and devoted they are when it comes to club activities. The Student Council always makes it a point that the students enjoy their stay in the school while they can. The Cultural Festival is the most lively part of the school year, and the ones running it always have something up their sleeves to impress the students.

    But the very reason why the students in Inayama High are considered "colorful" and "imaginative" is because the school is plagued by Chuunibyou. There are at least a small group of them in each class. But really, is that such a bad thing? They bring color and diversity to the school, so Chuunibyou isn't all bad a disease to have. Though most of the students tend to feel that Chuunibyou is a touchy subject, a select few embrace it with all their hearts.


    The Teachers

    1st Year Homeroom Teacher Class 1-A
    Minami Miyoshima
    As the homeroom teacher of Class 1-A, Miyoshima-sensei sees to it that the new students of Inayama High be accustomed to the traditions of the school. To some, she is seen as a dedicated and hard-working teacher who cares deeply for her students, but to most... she's just seen as the cutest little sensei of Inayama High.
    Students who are familiar with her like the second and third years call her Mimi-sensei, no matter how much she tells them to call her Miyoshima-sensei. The first years? Well, most of them just call her Chibi-sensei, or mistake her for a lost elementary student in some cases. She often gets angry at them but even that looks cute.
    Her height of 4'6'' is quite abnormal for a 24-year-old Japanese woman. But don't take her lightly, she takes her teaching very seriously. Her English is top-notch, and even her accent is formidable considering that she's Japanese. If you look past the cute and innocent exterior, you can see that she'll be willing to do anything as long as her students learn something in her class.

    2nd Year Homeroom Teacher Class 2-B
    Akashi Daishima
    Inayama High's heartthrob, Daishima-sensei is the only reason girls from Inayama High are proud of having a crush on a teacher. Despite the way he looks, Daishima-sensei tries his best to act like a normal teacher, not flaunting any of his good looks or giving special treatment to his female students. Strict as he is with teaching, he is a kind and caring outside of class. The way he takes his work seriously and still happens to be kind to everyone makes most of the girls of Inayama High squeal at the mention of his name.
    But, like half of the chuunibyou population in the school, he is only doing this in order to hide his past. To those who knew him way back then, they call him the "Chuunibyou Veteran". He used to call himself the First Demon Assassin, Haedus Diederich, when he was in eight grade. He passed down his teachings and the ownership of the Demon Eater to multiple other soon-to-be Demon Assassins, and by "passed down", I mean he posted it on the internet. Most of it was erased when he entered senior high, but there were still remnants of it scattered in the internet. This is where Akira got all his ideas from.
    Suffice to say, he has all of that behind him and he is working towards a better life, and what better way than to be known as the heartthrob of a certain school?
    Daishima-sensei teaches Algebra, and although he doesn't have as much passion for teaching as Miyoshima-sensei does, he gets the work done and he helps the students understand what they don't. It's half the reason for the girls in Inayama High to love math. The other half? Well, is sexiness not enough of a reason to love math?

    3rd Year Homeroom Teacher Class 3-C
    Ritsuko Kiriyama
    Kiriyama-sensei is one of the few teachers who doesn't take her work seriously. She often runs late for her classes, but when she's actually on time for once in a while, she appears to be hung over or still tipsy. Really, it's a miracle she even kept her job. But it probably has something to do with the fact that the principal is an old coot going senile.
    Most of the time, all she talks about is the new boyfriend she met the other day, and in some cases, she starts complaining about how all boys are total jerks and they deserve to die a slow and painful death. Then the very next day, she finds a new boyfriend and everything's all good and dandy again. It's a vicious and cruel cycle, and who knows how long her students can put up with it?
    She teaches Science, but most of the time she only teaches from the textbooks, half of which she doesn't have a single clue about.
    It goes without saying, but she hates it when the students calls her old.
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  2. Name: Yuki Inaho
    Age: 16
    Grade: 2nd year
    Type: Problems talking to others, always unable to bring out a full sentence and always stutters.

    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler

    Personality Normal:
    Shy, calm, silent

    Personality Chuunibyou:
    Blunt, short tempered, brutal

    Yuki always was taught patience by her parents, maybe the overdid it in her case, because she is too patient, never approaching anyone and always just watches others. Yuki had her case of the so called 'eighth grader syndrome' and it was not like she was embarrassed from it, but she decided to find new friends and was sure this would not be a useful thing to show, she used to call herself the Archer of eternal darkness and she still tends to fall back to that whenever she stops thinking about what she does, that is if she starts talking to anyone in the first place.

    Class: Yuki is a magical girl, though probably more against the cute part of it and calls herself the "Archer of Eternal Darkness"


    As in Harukas post like every Magical girl she has her transformation scene! Oh and just so I complete steal the idea from her (I'm sorry too good ><) whenever she is finished transforming she will hold her bow in front of herself and shout "Darkness will devour you!"

    Darkness of Destruction: A rather big, but not as big in her ultimate skill arrow that is filled with darkness and will explode once it hits the target, or the ground and suck in the surrounding light.

    Rain of Darkness: Yuki speeds up and shoots thousands possibly millions of smaller arrows with her bow, the arrows are all filled with the energy of darkness.

    Arrow of the Darkening Sun: This is like her ultimate skill, her bow turns into a huge ballista and an arrow filled with the energy of darkness that will suck every bit of light into the center of the arrow.

    She has not much to present but that she is a great cook.

    I hope this is okay, I'm up to change it if it's not okay or has mistakes in it.
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  3. ((*actually has Chuunibyou* xD))

    Name: Rika Minamoto
    Age: 16
    Grade: 2nd year
    Chuunibyou Type: Crushes over anime characters and somewhat uses them as inspiration for herself


    Chuunibyou (open)


    Personality: Rika is generally kind and gentle.She is quite popular,especially to the opposite gender,pretty much because of her appearance and kindness.She is pretty helpful and likes to try and include everyone when they seem left out.These characteristics of hers actually hides her eighth grade syndrome very well—just like how she wants it.Sometimes though she talks to herself and acts like her Magical Girl chuunibyou when she's alone.Catch her doing so and you'll see a cute yet weird sight...oh,and leave her all flustered trying to explain herself.

    Bio: Rika has always been a closet otaku since she was in 7th grade.She found out about how wonderful anime and manga is after she overheard some students talking about it on their way home.At the same time,she has a wonderful social life and was pretty popular as well.She was about to tell her friends about how she likes anime when her friends suddenly said how annoying the "otakus" are.Since then,she kept it to herself and ended up being a famous cosplayer(or at least famous in the field of cosplaying).

    Class: Rika's Chuunibyou is a Magical Girl,specifically a "Defender of Love"

    Chuunibyou Skills:

    • Being a magical girl,of course she has a cutesy transformation scene.To transform,she makes a heart with her thumb and index fingers,then the other fingers spread out like angel wings(basically,she makes a winged heart)
    • Her after transformation cry is "Let my Love Reach you!",and she points straight ahead and winks
    • Attacks: ((still coming up of names...so prolly just add on as the RP progresses xD))

    Real Life Skills: Rika is good at drawing,though she doesn't really like showing her drawings to other people.She also has a pretty nice singing voice she uses in making song covers of songs from different anime she sees.

    • Rika is a closet Otaku and a cosplayer.In the cosplaying society,she is known as "Bella"
    • Her chuunibyou is an unnamed OC she made,and she has cosplayed as her a lot of times already.

    ((random fact: I based some parts of Rika's character to how I actually am... .///.))
  4. Name: Yukio Gensai
    Age: 17 (early birthday)
    Grade: 2nd year
    Chuunibyou Type: Has his own separate "universe" in his head... He tends to use the person he is in that "universe" as an "role model" for him as he's the person that he strives to be. He tends to get nervous around most people, he doesn't fit in. He has problems sometimes with putting his thoughts into proper words.

    normal (open)


    Personality:Nice, caring, rather shy, awkward at times, he chooses to avoid most people, but he talks when he's talked to, he tends to have a slightly greater chance of approaching other chuunibyous, he has a bad case of social anxiety to top it all off, he likes to help people and make them happy, especially other Chuunibyous

    Bio: Despite being an rather attractive boy he tends to hide his face under his hood, he gets nervous when too many people approach him too fast, he lives with his parents whom are very distant from him, but nice nonetheless. He's always been into video games along with anime, manga, visual novels. There's alot of things out there that he takes inspiration for his chuunibyou self, which carries on to inspire what he does.

    Class: Mage/Ninja hybrid

    Chuunibyou Skills:

    • Remarkable strength and speed, reflexes and intelligence is what his true strength lies in
    • Tōmei fōmu - An "cloak" that allows him to become invisible for periods of time (ranging from 5-50 minutes depending on what he's doing and how much MP he has)
    • Saidai zōka - Increases strength and speed at the cost of MP (it can be used on himself or others)
    • Sai jūden - Recharges MP at the cost of speed and strength (it can be used on himself or others)
    • Kuikku iyasu - A healing ability that requires a little time, and costs MP depending on how much healing is done/needs to be done (it can be used on himself or others)
    Real Life Skills: Able to fix problems and damage with alot of things like basic electronics toys etc, he's usually capable of helping others with mental problems, he tends to have a habit of making other people especially chuunibyous (or significant others ;) happy), he's a quick learner if given the right circumstances but he's not keen on showing off his skills

    • His Chuunibyou is the character he is in the "alternate universe" he has "constructed" in his head
    • He has moments where he thinks he's his character in his "universe" while still being in the real world

    (Note; This is based a little off of my childhood self, as I was absorbed in my "own little world" sometimes, but I knew it didn't really exist XS It constantly evolved and changes, AKA being "edited". Much like my characters "world" does xcept I grew out of it :P he didn't.. Or at least now yet o-o)
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  5. So some of us here made a character that's actually based on themselves... xD
    I might've written my Personality and Bio sections too long... Please bear with it ;A;
  6. XD it's fine o-o tbh I was gonna write a lengthy one but I ran out of "thinking juice" :P
  7. Great, now I feel bad for keeping it so short ._.
  8. XS personally it's fine either way o-o *now feels bad... It's contagious!*
  9. Oh god...no don't feel bad because I feel bad!
    It's okay!
  10. Aww c'mon! This is exactly what I was afraid of! ;A;
    But really, it's fine. Short character sheets are straight to the point, and long ones just keep on dragging >w<
  11. XD I feel so awkward when I get caught in the "feeling bad" wave o-o
  12. gah... I shouldnt... But im joining.
  13. XD welcome to the "party" ;)
  14. YESSS...
  15. Name: Aya Koromisu
    Age: 17
    Grade: 3rd Year
    Type: Slacker. Everyone expects great things from her because she is brilliant. Everyone always tells her to do this if you want to end up here. No one has yet to ask what she really wants. So she just started to slack. Now she day dreams of everyone listening to her and doing what she says.

    Aya Koromisu (open)

    Chuunibyou (open)

    Lazy, playful, Sarcastic

    "Yumi! Stop playing that game and get to studying! You have too good a mind to be wasting it on theings that that!"
    Oh that sentence. Yumi knew it too well. Too good a mind... Yeah right. Who cares if she had the right mind! She didn't ask for one. Even so, it was very clear. No games until summer. If she didn't abide by the rules, then there would be hell to pay. Even then, it was severely limited. All through out middle school, this was her life. Study and student council.

    "You are a great leader Yumi! You should run for president!"

    Like she wanted too. It was too much of a hassle. Eventually she got fed up with it. Her Freshman year of highschool, she just let loose. Her grades slipped, she was sleeping in class, she resigned from her position in student council. All of her teachers, and her parents gave her a hard time. However she just shut them out. There was nothing they could do to stop her from doing what she wanted.

    One day in class she had a dream. She was the Princess of a very powerful country, and she was arranged to marry in the next two days. However she never wanted that. She escaped and joined an arena, risking her life for money, fame, and most of all, the thrill of a fight. Hence her alter ego, 'Queen of the Pit' emerged from the sea of her soul. Now she was a full fledged Chuunibyou. It was bound to happen. All her parents did was postpone the inevitable.

    • Earth Breaker: Yumi's years of experience in the arena has enhanced her strength significantly, as evident by her massive sword that she swings around effectively. With said massive sword, she can actually create a small earthquake with said sword using it as a catalyst for her magic. This allows her to break her enemies defenses effectively.
    • Rock Barrier: Yumi's experience in Geomancy is more defensive than offensive. She uses her magic to protect her, then uses her massive sword to counter.
    • Grand Impact: Yumi's "finisher". She grabs her opponent, and flings them into the air. With her Geologic powers, she then pursues them in the air, followed by one final slash that sends them hurtling into the ground.
    Reality Skills
    • Actually very intelligent. If she didn't slack so much she would be the top of her class.
    • She acts like she is great at kendo, but she never really does it. No one knows the truth about this statement.
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  16. Ok, so now that we have quite a few characters here, here are some things I should discuss before we start the IC:

    • Since none of us here are 1st years, everyone should already know each other to an extent. Though the characters still shouldn't be too close to each other yet. Everyone will be in the same class.
    • If any of the characters have family members you want to involve in the RP, please tell me in advance. And for that, Akira's demon brother will make his appearance from time to time.
    • I was thinking of switching between first person and third person POV. First person captures a character's emotion more, and third person is more descriptive, which would help in delusion battles. It also helps indicate when someone is in a delusion battle or not. What do you guys think?
  17. Seems reasonable o-o Sorry if I'm not the best conversationalist atm XL *is re-watching Clannad*
  18. cooh. Btw Aya may or may not have a younger sibiling who has taken her spot as the "golden child"
  19. i see your post York and raise you my tears saved in a jar from the first time I watched it
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