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  1. Welcome to Ezekiel University of Uncommon Arts. EUUA is a college on a private island outside of the jurisdiction of international law, which opens opportunities for unique courses--and rules. In order to enter EUUA, candidates must pass a test. Candidates are issued tests based on what they plan to major in. Of course EUUA offers the usual courses, but Majors are a different story.

    List of Major courses:
    • Specialized Human Autopsy- the learning how to express one's self through post-mortem modification
    • Biomechanical Resurrection and Engineering- the resurrection of dead animals through bio-cybernetics (cyborgs)
    • Eliminatory Botany- the crossbreeding of plants to create natural poisons
    • Surgical Precision Study- the mixed study of human anatomy and trajectory to manipulate blood splatter patterns
    • And other great courses!
    Students are separated into one of two groups- Superiors or Inferiors, depending on how they scored on their application test. Color coding by hair color is necessary. Superiors are required to have a shade of blonde or white hair, while Inferiors must have brown or black. Only Staff are to have Red hair, with the exception of the Dean.

    • The school is highly segregated, Inferiors and Superiors don't even share bathrooms, much less dorms.
    • Inferiors are often made to do labor, and can be seen acting as janitors around campus upon the orders of the teachers.
    • Superiors often mistreat and bully Inferiors, and they must take it. Any fighting will be punished, any fighting involving Inferiors against Superiors or Staff will be punished severely.
    • Insubordination will be punished severely for all students.
    • Any student caught changing their hair color from Inferior to Superior or vice-versa without permission will be made example of.

    Age (18 or over):
    Year (Freshman, Sophomore...):
    Class (Inferior or Superior):
    Appearance (if pic, they must have the hair color of their Class):
    Bio (optional):

    Current Accepted:

    Olivia Reveron (@IndiePrincess )
    Branden Indigo (@N0VA™ )

    Alice White (@GorgeousNightmare )
    Desmond Burns (@Kaiser )
    Anne de Savoie (@KukkiMonsuta )
    Alessandra Miller (@The Red Tazelwurm )
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  2. Just a note for those of you who may be wondering why Superiors are blonde, the idea came from a dream I had recently and that's just what it was. This is meant to express absolutely no personal political or racial opinion of any kind.
  3. the botany part hooked me :P I'm fascinated by natural poisons

    Name: Olivia Reveron
    Year: Freshman
    Age: 18
    Class: Superior
    Major: Eliminatory Botany

    Bio: Olivia has been fascinated with poisonous plants since she was a little girl. When she was six she found jasmine berries growing in the woods behind her home and gave them to her mother to put in a pie for their new neighbors, thinking they were wild blueberries. The couple was hospitalized, and they both died a day later. Since she was just a child and didn't know, she was not held responsible, but her parents warned her not to play with unknown plants. So to get around this new rule she decided to study them, so that she could play with them, and know what they were so she didn't hurt herself. Her parents thought it a phase, but she never grew out of it, and when it came time for college applications she applied to EUUA and aced the examination test.
  4. Welcome to EUUA, Olivia.
  5. thank you :) how many people do you want before we start the actual rp?
  6. At least five, so it might be a while.
  7. Name: Alice White
    Nickname: "The Rat"
    Year: Freshman
    Age: Eighteen
    Class: Inferior
    Major: Biomechanical resurrection and engineering
  8. Welcome to EUUA, Alice. I don't want to catch you falling down any rabbit holes, now. No drug usage is permitted unless instructed to do so by Staff.
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  9. But falling down in rabbit holes is fun. . And what a shame, I wanted to have a little fun. .
  10. Name: Desmond Burns
    Age: 20
    Year: Sophomore
    Class: Inferior
    Major: Biomechanical Resurrection and Engineering
    Appearance: Average height (6'1). Medium build. Dark brown hair. Brown eyes. His skin is light tan, he is Caucasian.
    Bio: The idea of resurrecting an animal was enough for Desmond. He had loved animals since being very young. After losing his dog who had been with him since the animal's birth, it was his goal to prevent animal's death. If it meant making them mechanical so be it. Desmond is from a lower class family, and he was used to being an inferior by now. It was as it always had been.

    Two side notes:
    1.) I'd love to have had a picture instead of that mediocre description, but I cannot for the life of me find a good picture of a guy.
    2.) Thanks @GorgeousNightmare for the recommendation! Hope I can be accepted!
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  11. Anytime ^-^ Glad you joined!
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  12. Welcome to EUUA, Desmond. While your doggy may not be able to be brought back, you can bring back many other animals.
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  13. We want to try and make out students happy. . .
  14. There shall be no making out in the presence of Staff. Do it when they're not around. We're psychotic, not perverted.
  15. Oh really. . . Well, since you mentioned it. . *Makes out with some random student* I will do just that. .
  16. *smacks with ruler* All students will obey the Staff. Especially Inferior Class students, Miss White.
  17. Ouch! *snatches the ruler and snaps it in half* Well looks like you have a troublemaker already. . .
  18. *eye twitches* Do not defy me girl, I am not above making you material for the Specialized Human Autopsy class.
  19. *smirks and folds arms* Do you really want to push my buttons. . . Boy. .
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