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    "Greetings, Students! I am Headmaster Marken, and this is Ezekiel University of Uncommon Arts, or EUUA. For those of you who are new, welcome, for those who are not, welcome back. You all received a copy of the rules upon your acceptance into the school, I expect you to abide by them. We don't want anything like what happened last year to Jimmy Algeratus to happen to anyone this year. Dorms will be assigned to you at the main office, as well as your class schedules. Unlike traditional schools, we do not separate dorms male and female, but superior and inferior. You will be given a dorm key to your room, as well, and a map of the University. For now, become aquainted with one another while I go make sure everything is sorted out in the office."

    The man speaking, Headmaster Marken, turned sharply and walked briskly to the office, somewhere within the complex.
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  2. Alessandra stood by herself in the middle of the lobby trying to gather up enough courage to say something. To anyone. She had come to the college thinking that she would make a ton of friends and maybe find a boyfriend or girlfriend or something, but now she couldn't even muster up a 'hello'. It was funny really, because she was a complete and utter chatterbox with everyone back home, but somehow in this atmosphere, she felt as though she shouldn't even breath to loudly.

    But that was nonsense. There were others who were probably as nervous as her and most likely needed a bit of encouragement.

    So Alessandra cleared her throat, coughing a few times before saying quite loud. "Um hi! I-I'm Alessandra and um, I'm a Biomechanical Resurrection and Engineering major and I couldn't figure out who to talk to first so I just figured I'd put myself out there! Haha...Yeah...In hindsight that was probably a stupid idea..So I'm just gonna...Shut up now..." Her courage abandoning her like a coward, she shuffled to the side and tried to hide herself behind a potted plant.
  3. Olivia stood in the center of the crowd, unsure of what to do with herself. Her hands fidgeted with the hem of her dress, and the tip of her left foot tapped on the ground. She flexed her fingers to keep them from betraying her unsteady nerves. Not to mention from picking the seam of her dress apart. She shifted her weight, biting her lip as she surveyed the other students.

    She wanted to speak to someone, but wasn't sure if the rules between superiors and inferiors existed when they were all together like this. She had never been much of a people person, so to speak, but this was different. Back home she chose to isolate herself be wise she was smarter than the rest of the people in her town, and had busier herself with studying and experimenting. Here, though, there were no people of dull wit, just the bright, and the brighter.

    Olivia herself was of the latter, a genius among the genius, and she imputed her social skills, or lack thereof, as the downside to brilliance. Or madness, depending on how you looked at it.

    She made her way over to a girl who standing as awkwardly as she was, hoping her long white tresses wouldn't cause problems, considering the girl she was heading towards had brown hair.
  4. Branden was leaning against a wall as he listened to the man that talked to the students. He had one earphone in his ear and seemed that he was listening to some music than to the professor that was talking to the students, he noticed two girls talking to each other and decided to introduce himself... better now then later. He wore white high-top sneakers, black baggy jeans and a funnel neck hoodie.

    He overheard students talking about superior inferior rules... he did not care much about them, rules were meant to be broken was his way of life. He noticed one of the girls just abruptly started talking and introducing herself. He chuckled a little bit before heading over to introduce himself as well. Walking over there he bumped into another student, just as he was going to apologize the student pushed him "Watch it idiot! This is worth more than your life" he looked at him with a angry face not a word he spoke before punching him and knocking him out with one large punch, as he fell to the ground he spit on him "I wonder how much your face is worth in greens... oh, whoops... nothing I guess." he paused and mumbled out a word "Mother...er" he pulled his hoodie over his head and continued walking over to the girl.
  5. Amongst the crowd was a girl no more than 18 years of age and a sophmore. She was not in the centre but not by the side, simply amongst the crowd.

    She was neither the quiet type nor the outgoing type. She was the type to act accordingly. Depending on the circumstances, the person and of course her mood.

    When a girl had awkwardly introduced herself to the crowd, she thought it was a brave move. But sometimes, brave can also mean stupid. The came another girl doing just the same.

    She found the girl in white rather lacking self-confidence though its possibly because she was an inferior. She didnt like how the school judged its student by their hair colours. And she didnt like having to introduce herself with the exception of her name, age and course.

    A boy then stumbled upon a student, a superior, and punched him. She was surprised by this. What person inferior would lay a hand on the superior? It was a silly move but she didnt see it as a wrong thing. In fact, she thought it was rather right in a way. She could use a friend like that. He woukd then introduce himself to the couple of girls.

    If she were to introduce herself, she would do so in the simplest way. Anne de Savoie, 18, majoring in Specialised Human Autospy.
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  6. "Stupid, stupid! I'm so stupid!" Alessandra muttered to herself as she leaned against the wall, avoiding the stares of anyone who had been witness to her speaking. "I should have just shut up and waited for someone else to say something." She grumbled, crossing her arms and glaring at the floor. A commotion in the crowd caught her attention and she looked up unable to identify the source but she did see a superior girl approaching her.

    "Oh crap." Alessandra groaned. "Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!" She had completely forgotten about that superior inferior mess! Why in the world had she drawn attention to herself? And now she was going to get reprimanded or beat up or something even more horrible!

    She glanced around, trying to find something to shield herself behind but only saw the potted plant. No. No way. She was not going to reduce herself to crouching behind a damn plant.

    But in the end she did it anyway.
  7. Moments later, the Headmaster returned to the group. "Alright then," everyone make your way to the office by sundown. Otherwise you will be locked out and have to sleep on the ground. No, I am not kidding." With that, he left, pressing a button on the wall that lit up a path on the floor, which would lead the new students to the office to receive their schedules and dorm keys.
  8. Just as Branden was to extend his hand over to one of the girls the headmaster walked in... Bummer... here comes captain boredom he thought to himself... after he finished he started following him towards the office. I really hope so I don't get placed with a scrubby, stupid little roommate... he thought and continued after the headmaster.
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