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High Fantasy?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by harakiri for the sky, Feb 23, 2014.

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  1. Hey Everybody.
    So, I'm a huge Dungeons and Dragons player, and I was shopping for stuff online for my group. I was thinking: Why don't I try a roleplay like Dungeons and dragons? Why not team up with everybody and come up with races and classes? We could do different plots, each plot has a different dungeon master, and they could come up with quests and monsters! Feedback?
  2. That may work XD Perhaps we can have different themed ones, like perhaps a serious one, a comedic one, or just blend everything together somehow o-o
  3. I guess. I was just posting an idea. Thanks for your feedback.
  4. I have never played D&D but i have always wanted to. I would love to help come up with some of the details. :3
  5. XD my only D&D experience came from watching that one yogscast series o-o But it doesn't hurt to try XP
  7. XD It's been a while since I've watched yogsquest... But I still recall Dave, perhaps not from the same series O-o
  8. It's in the YoGPoD. Not enough people listen to that.
  9. XD I kinda wanna o-o but youtube has me hands full X_X (Strangely enough I typed that a little like a pirate would)
  10. I need to start watching the Youtubes again. Sips Him playing Skyrim is AMAZEBALLS! (Bit of a Sips stalker)
  11. XD oh dear, best moment I recall was that Fus Roh Dah on a vase :P
  12. The best for me is when he though Uthgerd was dead and it went into this montague and she was actually behind him. xD
  13. XDD I can't believe I forgot that one! X_X
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  14. Just to say there are sites online where you can play D&D. Asmodeus has hosted D&D several times using roll20.net

    Otherwise it sounds fun.
  15. Sorry I haven't been on in a bit! So I have interest?
  16. What Edition are you planning on using?
  17. Well the thing is, its supposed to be our own thing. Not exactly dungeons and dragons, but a thing like it. Each week, a new DM will be chosen and s/he will come up with monsters, events, places, NPCs, and the works.
  18. Okay, so will the use of dice rolling be involved or just normal rp posts?
  19. I think I might try that out, a way for combat would be cool. keep people from God Moding.
  20. Do you have any reference books to help you out?
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