INTEREST CHECK High Fantasy, anyone?

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  1. I want to do an rp with themes not unlike those seen in Game of Thrones, Skyrim, and the Lord of the Rings. There would be battles, magic, races other than human, betrayals, and many other things.

    I would love for it to be an rp where everyone is a part of a different race, that would make me extremely happy. Building upon that, perhaps the plot could be where an enormous war has broken out between the races of the realm, with each one returning to their homelands to fight. Each race would have their own reasons for fighting/wanting to be their own kingdom, but one thing is for certain: no one is left unscathed.

    The characters may be members of the warring armies, they may simply be innocents caught in the crossfire. I just really wanna do this.

    If you're interested, reply below! This can be a group or onexone, depending on how many people state their interest.
  2. Always interested in High Fantasy. <3
  3. Yay! Do you have any ideas you would like to put to the table?
  4. I think that it would be a good idea to flesh the world out, and see what opportunities present itself. How much magic do you want to have involved, for instance? Is it a true high-fantasy, where magic is relatively common -- or more like Game of Thrones, where its less prominent? What races are present? Elves, men, dwarves...? I'd likely either play a human, or some kind of undead. (if they were an option, of course.) :)
  5. Magic in the world would be sort of halfway between Game of Thrones and Skyrim. It's dying out, but it still exists in some places. People still see it as a useful, needed thing, but they understand that those who hold the most mages are the ones who will probably win a battle. Of course, some races might have more magic available than others, but I'm still deciding upon that.

    As for races, I have been thinking it would be elves, dwarves, men, orcs, dragonkin, and maybe a few others. As for undead, there is a possibility of that working! Maybe a necromancer/lich/etc. raised an army of undead and when he died/was killed, his magic still had effect, and his army was still around, or something.
  6. I like the idea of playing some kind of deposed necromancer-king, who lost power as magic died out -- sort of an exploration of how he would survive in a world that's losing magic. :)
    I think this could be really cool!
  7. Great! Hopefully we can get more people into this idea, but if not this can just be a onexone.
  8. I think it sounds cool! Just one question, if you have everyone starting off as different races going back to their own homelands, how do you expect the characters to interact?

    For clarification, were all the races united before? And how?
  9. The races were united under one kingdom, sort of like the seven kingdoms in game of thrones. However, an event (that I haven't figured out yet) occurred that caused everything to fall apart. Everyone mingled openly before that, and it was peaceful. They all had their homelands, where there were greater concentrations of that race, but they were all integrated together. There was a council made up of leaders of all the races, which met in a central point in the realm.

    As for your first question, I was thinking that our characters would all be in that central city when the war breaks out, and they are caught there during the chaos of it all as civilians try to get out as quickly as possible and knights from both sides are attacking those not of their race.
  10. I find myself rather liking the thought of a roleplay of this kind. Medieval/heroic/high fantasy has always been my forte`.

    I find the political intrigue exciting. Each race rallying their troops to fight. Perhaps some do not share the same views as their kin, yet find the other's veiws appealing. What would happen then?

    I do find that it fits well with my dear elvhen assassin.
  11. I also like the idea of a political intrigue between races - maybe a council meeting where all the races must come together and discuss?
  12. A council set out of voice the different races die in a rather mysterious way. This causes the races to suspect foul play, and without their political leaders, turn on the other races.
  13. That would be interesting! We can give this a few more days, and see if anyone else is interested, and if not, I can make a thread ^^
  14. I'd be interested in this! Though I'm not 100% sure on what kind of character I'd be playing just yet.
  15. Yay! I'll probably have an OOC up tomorrow ^^
  16. Would non humanoids be allowed?
  17. They would, if they would somehow be able to be properly integrated into the plot.
  18. So you wouldn't mind if I pitched in my idea?
    At one time one of my friends created a sentient race of chimeras that were quite unique. As you can probably guess my friend was a brony.
    Now her chimeras featured the head of ponies, paws of lions, dog tails that have mouths on the end of them and cat (various) bodies.
    They all can harness magic and thanks to their magic they hold an advanced intelligence and control their own lands under a democracy.
    Here's a picture of one....a few times. This was made by another friend and I put them all together in one picture.
  19. I am fine with that ^^ If no one else has problems with it, feel free to use that as a character.