High fantasy adventure! Maybe romance! Maybe not! Intrigued?!

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  1. Elves and dwarves and magic OH MY. Wizard of Oz references aside, I have a mighty need - a NEED FOR SPEED! No, wait. A need for... high fantasy roleplay! YES. That's it!

    I don't have a lot of ideas, but I am open to pretty much anything as long as it involves an epic adventure. Or maybe not! Who knows! I just like fantasy realms (think Skyrim, Lord of the Rings, Dragon Age, etc) and I find characters in them have a lot more possibilities and are a lot of fun. My favorite kind is when two people are forced into an adventure together and then develop feelings for each other and then their lives are ruined by SADNESS and TEARS and MORE ADVENTURE. But romance~ isn't a must for me or anything.

    I have a character I'd like to use. I made her for another forum a long time ago (three years!) but wasn't really active for long.

    Here's a rundown:

    Her name is Calfuray Duris and she's in her mid to late 20s. She is a half-harpy; her mother was a full-blooded harpy and her dad was human. Calfuray looks mostly human, with a few exceptions: she's shorter than an average human, weighs less, is susceptible to broken bones (thanks bird-like bones!), has wings, and her fingernails are a weird cross between talons and human fingernails. Think matte black and pointy and hard - like stiletto nails.

    Anyway, Calfuray has always been disinterested in society because kids were mean to her when she was young. She has a distrustful nature of people in cities because of this and is much more open when someone meets with her one on one. For a living she hunts wild game and sells it. During the winter months or when the animals are hard to find, she leaves town and becomes nomadic until the weather becomes warmer again. For this reason, she's sometimes known as Calfuray the Wanderer in the towns she visits in the winter months.

    She's not one for laws, but her morals are okay-ish. Stealing from a wealthy farmer who has pigs for days? Sure! Stealing from some peasants who have one chicken? Not okay!

    I have a full bio for her at the other site if anyone is interested. I can link you to it if you'd like to know more about her. What do you guys think? If she's not your cup of tea lemme know - I can come up with something else! :)
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  2. I'm interested, I was thinking my character could be some kind of monster hunter, and because you're a wanderer, someone from a village or city you have been living in/near during the summer has placed a bounty on you, no doubt because they dislike the fact you're a half breed, or some other reason, their motivations wouldn't be an important aspect for my character. However something happens that forces us into a pairing and out on adventure, not sure though.

    Just barebones brainstorming.
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  3. Oh snap, yeah. The "eww half-breed" thing always works and I always love the racism parallels.

    Uhmm maybe we could have a neato fight to start things off with a bang and then go from there? Like maybe the person who placed the bounty has a terrible secret and Calfuray and your character discover it when they go back to the person's house. That means the bounty would have to be a "wanted alive" kind of thing so that they could both go back to the place...

    ... like maybe the person is doing terrible experiments! Or is involved in some kind of terrible, world-threatening business! Eradicating all non-perfect life, including elves and dwarves and old humans and the weak and sick... I dunno!
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  4. Hmm, perhaps our characters are entwined in some kind of prophecy together, and are in fact both targets for the man who placed the bounty on you.

    PM me :)
  5. Just in case anyone else is interested, I still need a lot more RPs! I only have one at the moment :(

    My characters:

    Calfuray Duris, mentioned above.

    Margol de Jehan, a human shapeshifter. 26. Margol is heir to a well-known blacksmith clan/business and she has the ability to shapeshift into a large white wolf. Her condition is gradually worsening, to the point that if she doesn't transform into a wolf every few days or so, she grows physically ill and comes close to death. When she's a wolf she's capable of human thought and rational thinking but when she fights as a wolf it's kind of... frenzied. Anyway, Margol is sly and likes to think she's good at manipulating everyone and is always in control. It'd be nice to see someone mess up her world ahaha!

    Dark elf/Drow named Sorndaer Frearn. Sorn for short. He and his childhood friend (Ilphril) left the Underdark where the dark elves live after he interferred when a slave was about to be murdered. Sorn is good with magic and sometimes has vague premonitions. He's nice, but meek, and tries to stay out of trouble but is torn when his morals demand that he takes action.

    Dark elf/Drow named Ilphril Torana. Ilph for short. She is Sorn's childhood friend who helped him leave the Underdark when he got into trouble. Before leaving the Underdark she was a high-ranking guard - captain of the guard, in fact. In the Underdark she wasn't very nice and was known for being ruthless and making tough decisions. She's trying to be considerably nicer now that she lives in exile on the surface (and is constantly watching out for assassins from the Underdark) but struggles sometimes and can be bossy.

    If anyone is still interested, let me know please! I'm bored and have too much free time.

    If you don't like any of these characters I can always make a new one. Let me know if you have any ideas.

    I love these scenarios:

    Beauty x Beast
    Prisoner x Guard
    Warrior x Healer from opposite factions

    Basically anything cliche and wonderful that we can twist to make dramatic and awesome, I love. :)
  6. If you want I can rp with you I was looking for something like your post there :3:bananaman::angel:
  7. Pst, are you still open to new partners?
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