High Adventure in Faerûn

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  1. Silverymoon, Gem of the North, was the largest city within the Silver Marches. A place of peace, learning and enlightenment, many people would come here to rest and get away from he trials of life. Though a large city in its own right, unlike other places such as Suzail and Waterdeep, Silverymoon had a much more laid back atmosphere. The streets curved gently and flowed along with the buildings, but what was likely the most impressive sight were the trees that grew up within the city itself. Where other major cities that were little more than stone and mortar and tore a place out of nature to exist, Silvermoon was more in harmony with its surroundings. Many of the trees shaded the cobblestone streets and walkways as the stone and wood buildings stretched out in a causal manner. The chatter was low and cordial and everything about the city welcomed travelers to their gates.

    One of those people was an man by the name of Kaizer Dragos, human by race he was a swordsman of enough skill to have lived by his blade for over three decades and still be around to tell the tale. Recently however that nearly came to a violent end. While coming back from an outing he had parted ways with the group who helped him loot some old ruins and en route to Silverymoon he was set upon by a group of marauding orcs. While a skilled swordsman and by no means afraid of orcs, Kaizer also wasn't stupid and trying to take on almost twenty of them by himself, with what sounded like more on the way, would have been a fool's errand. Yet the whole affair got bloody none the less. This group of orcs apparently had some firing brain cells and managed to rout him straight into an ambush despite attempts to avoid it.

    At first things seemed grim as Kaizer began to hack and slash his way through over a dozen of his attackers. Steel clashed against steel as battle cries from the fighting and screams from the wounded rose up all around. When it seemed like he might be overwhelmed the warrior was fortunate enough to make a battlefield ally in the form of an elven woman that was also besieged by the orcish warriors. Kaizer fought his way to the woman, they exchanged brief nods and went back to killing orcs. After carving their way through the growing horde they managed to make it to their horses. After a brief exchange where they agreed to meet up in Silverymoon at the Bright Blade Brandished tavern, if for no other reason than to exchange thanks, and rode off in separate directions. The idea was to make the orcs split up and lessen their numbers if they wanted to continue the pursuit.

    For a time it did continue with an arrow bouncing off the back plate of Kaizer's plate armor no less. As he closed in on the region of the Silver Marches where patrols were regular the orcs finally gave up the chase. The one thing that made Kaizer curious about the whole situation was why they were so intent on chasing him down. A group that size was likely a fairly nasty raiding party, so why would they be after a single person with such fervor, he wasn't visibly carrying anything of value aside from his weapons and armor. In truth that was about all he had as well, the last outing to loot the ruins turned out to be a bust for the most part. The group had made enough money for about a week of decent living but that was it, far less than any of them were hoping for.

    Approaching the walled gates of the city Kaizer was still in a foul mood over everything. Instead of riding straight into town he stopped looking down at one of the two gate guards. The man appeared to be young, in his early twenties, dressed in a chain mail hauberk, a blue tabard bearing the crest of Silverymoon with plain brown cloth pants, leather boots and a steel half-helm on his head. There was also a spear in hand and a short sword sheathed at his side.

    “Guardsman, I just had a rather nasty run in with a large group of orcs. You might want to let your superiors know before they cause any serious trouble,” Kaizer said.

    “An orc party you say?” the guardsman said, walking up to Kaizer's horse.

    “Aye,” Kaizer said, twisting in his saddle to point south. “About six or seven hours ride. Several dozen at a guess. I barely escaped with my skin intact.”

    “Thank you for the information sir, I'll pass it along post haste,” the guardsman said. With a nod Kaizer continued on. The roads twisted so gently that the city possessed a flowing feeling, like that of a river and with everything growing inside it seemed more like a garden to some. That was one of the reasons Kaizer was so fond of this place. The Bright Blade was a modest alehouse located in Northbank on Sunset Lane. Riding through the city Kaizer exchanged pleasant nods with a few people along the way and watched as the city went about its daily business. There were people in the market place haggling over prices, the occasional sound of a merchant calling out the values of his wares and the almost rhythmic rapping of a blacksmith's hammer somewhere in the distance.

    As the tavern drew closer Kaizer could hear the sound of people inside, the place was livelier than usual. It wasn't like the Dancing Goat that always seemed like a party in progress though, even the 'lively' days were tempered by most patron’s good manners. Riding atop a draft horse, which was built for endurance rather than speed, Kaizer brought Taeg to a stop and tied him off at the hitching post out front. After stroking his mane a few times the tavern doors were the next stop. Right now the smell of food was beckoning and the light grumble issuing from Kaizer's stomach reminded him of a breakfast not eaten.

    The tavern had a very rustic feel to it that put patrons at ease and even sported curtained booths for those that preferred their privacy. There were a number of tables and chairs set about the room, most of them occupied as light, indistinct chatter carried on. There were farmers, tradesmen, merchants and even the odd adventurer who seemed to be in no hurry to do anything. All Kaizer was interested in was a hot meal, a cold mug of ale and getting out of his armor. Walking up to the bar he unfastened a gauntlet and set three silver on the counter as the tavern keeper walked up. Middle aged with a shaved head the man was portly, with an age lined but friendly face. Dressed in plain clothing the only distinguishing thing about him was a large bushy mustache.

    “G'day to ya Kaizer, glad to have you back. Travels treatin' ya well?” the man said.

    “Glad to be back Greggory. I've had better, a room with a bath please,” Kaizer said.

    “Right away,” Greggory said. Taking the silver he walked away only to return a moment later with a brass key that had a small three stamped into it. The stairs leading up to the second floor were against the far right wall and Kaizer disappeared up there for close to an hour to enjoy a hot bath. Upon his return the armor, locked inside the room, was replaced by a pair of black leather pants with matching belt, boots and a red cloth vest with an open front. Taking a seat at one of the few empty tables he motioned to the serving girls, who disliked being called wench here, and ordered a bowl of beef stew, two pieces of bread with butter, a side of bacon, some mutton and a cold mug of ale. The food and drink were brought about fifteen minutes later and while Kaizer dug in he thought about the elven woman he'd met earlier. If she did decide to show up he wouldn't be hard to find, then again a man sporting black hair flecked with gray and a bright red vest wasn't exactly hard to pick out of a crowd.
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  2. The quirks of the fates were always a fickle thing comprehend and she long ago gave up even trying. Racking one's thoughts and concerns over the actions of what could and what was only created a intense pain behind the eyes.

    So much rolled around in her thoughts already, wasting more time dwelling on what transpired seemed fruitless. Though perhaps it wasn't. Such an odd fortune it was to stumble upon the orcs but one seemingly lost in the throng of battle and skin was even more peculiar. No words were exchanged when each other noted the comrade locked in steel but seemed to share a brief understanding. Nevaeh waited in a impatient stomp as the trove of lumbering creatures seemingly too brilliant for their own good, the call of meeting in Silverymoon struck her. She had seen many of men fight, many more die and of course assisted when it was feasible but a call to meet up in hopes to exchange a proper appreciation was well unusual. At least it was in her mind.

    And yet she rode upon the deep dun morab gelding into the timeless city, following mere words through the spectrum of buildings and body. What was it that drove her here honestly? Honor? Perhaps respect? Or was it just the simple amusement that another battle worn skilled hand had made the implication to be forward and exchange gratitude. In this day and age it seemed like a fleeting trait.

    She couldn't say much about the human race but for elves, common sense and common courtesy was near a myth. It had been quite a while since she had traversed theses roadways but none seemed to escape her memory making her way to the Bright Blade Brandished. A mouthful for the sober, impossible for the drunken to speak of.

    Metal scrapped upon metal in a syncing tune while she swung her weight away from the saddle plopping down into the stone of the ground with a hum of intrigue. She thought of even stabling her beast of burden but promptly decided against it. One could never be too certain how the stables were run in the town, lazy hands made for lazy work meaning the stalls would easily need a good mucking. Waste of time and waste of coin. It was best to follow a fashion of hitching Nevaeh up to the posted out front and make friendly with the tavern. Pulling off the worn gloves from her hands using the brunt of her shoulder to push open the door to the excited tavern, the great room seemed all a flicker with life. Never a bad thing to walk into, it beat waltzing into a crowd of drunken brawlers.

    Sharp ears moved gently to the noises of the room, eyes picking and plucking across many of all descriptions, a tip of her head to the clerk taking residence behind the tall counter, it didn't take long in her defense to spot the gent. Dressed down in common clothing with a meal prompt and ready for a night of settling in, she tucked her gloves into the small tavern throng beneath the weighty leather skirt she wore in company to the plated armor.

    "Good day;" she greeted easily, a tone velvety soft plush with rounded features that were more commonly to the upper class crust than a sword wielding warrior; freckled cheeks pulled into a gentle grin. "I apologize if I have kept you waiting."
  3. When the elven woman walked up Kaizer was eating at speed while retaining his manners. It was mostly due to hunger and missing breakfast that morning, something of a creature of habit his body was used to eating around the same time each day and became irritated when it did not. Placing his spoon on the able Kaizer did not immediately greet his guest, instead he dabbed his mouth with a napkin and stood, using proper manners.

    “Well met friend, my name is Kaizer Agamemnon Dragos. Thank you for meeting me here, please have a seat,” Kaizer said. In proper fashion he waited for Lyra to take a seat before retaking his own. Kaizer was a tall man, standing 6'4” and was possessed of a well muscled build, though for one who swung a sword for a living this wasn't uncommon. While his face and neck were devoid of visible injury his arms, dotted with numerous scars from blade, arrow, claw and tooth, told of one who had seen much battle in his life. Many of the marks were faded with age but not all, some appeared fresher than others, perhaps only a few months old.

    “To be honest I'm surprised you showed up, considering we know one another as far as the tip of a blade. However I was earnest in that I wanted to extend my thanks to you. The situation we found ourselves in was a nasty one to say the least, and it may not have turned out so well otherwise. So... thank you,” Kaizer said.

    This wasn't the first time Kaizer had met or spoken with an elf, though they were always a curiosity to him. Over the years he came to understand why they were so aloof and considered humans to be crude. It was largely the gap in their lifespans. Where elves could live for centuries, most human were grateful to even reach triple digits in age. Humans didn't have the time elves did so in many ways they had to live life faster, for there was less of it. However Kaizer learned how to adapt himself to elven society in so far as being able to look at things from a slower point of view. He never pretended to be an elf, though he knew better than most how to act around one. When the serving girl brought another mug of ale Kaizer placed a copper on her tray.

    “A drink for my friend as well, on me,” Kaizer said. One of the few things that annoyed him about elves was being unable to tell their age. Most elves, after reaching maturity, didn't show any outward signs of aging until the last few decades of their lives. For all Kaizer knew she could be two-hundred or five-hundred, though he wasn't about to ask a lady her age.
  4. Humans were always curious creatures, they varied so greatly it was difficult to ever get a proper gauge of their behaviours. Though with their quirks and twists it was a reason why they were able to adapt so much better than other races.

    This one was raised well from how he spoke, at least from what she was witnessing she obliged with sitting when he offered crossing her ankles. Looking down the slope of her nose to the gent, lips dared a smirk. "No thanks is necessary, we both made it out alive and hopefully unscathed. I'd think being up and walking is thanks enough," she tipped her head nonetheless, "I am Aelyra Bloodworth, or Lyra for those who do not have nimble tongues and want to spend the time familiarizing my name." Society could use more consideration with the arts of manners, though she was more surprised to the offer of purchasing her a drink, she promptly stopped the waitress. "No ale please, just jasmine tea." she was not a drinker, never had been. Something about the foul liquor turned her nose upwards and her attitude down.

    Bridging her fingers upon the table top, she peered up through her lashes watching him momentarily with the azure gaze; "I know it is probably senseless to ask, but did you happen to alert anyone about the orc's odd behaviour?"
  5. “Indeed I did, I alerted one of the gate guards upon my arrival who in turn said he would bring this to the attention of his superiors post haste. To be honest this kind of activity is rare but not unprecedented. When falls begins to set in as it is doing most people stock up for the coming winter. In the orc's case that often entails increased raids at the expense of others,” Kaizer said. “I'm not overly concerned for the safety of the Marches though, they've not existed this long to fall at the blade of orc rabble and their armies are trained for matters such as this.”

    Kaizer allowed himself a small smirk noting that Aelyra was sizing him up as it were which was of no surprise as he was doing the same to her. The two were having pleasant conversation though it was guarded to a degree. The man didn't feel threatened by the elf sitting across the table from him, but he always remained cautious to some degree around people with whom he wasn't familiar. More than anything he was curious though not inclined to allow himself wild speculation, he decided to ask instead.

    “If I may, might I ask the reason you were where you were when we met. It was a rather out of the way location. Also for my part in the matter I was passing through seeking a shortcut back here to Silverymoon. I'd just come back from a venture with some comrades to search old ruins for anything of value that might remain, not that anything did,” Kaizer said, casually resuming his meal. “Nothing spectacular on my part.”

    After the meal was finished Kaizer order a slice of apple pie and a glass of milk. This time the order was brought out by a young serving girl who was unusually attractive. She was possessed of long blond hair that came almost to her waist, blue eyes, and a very shapely figure. After the order was set down Kaizer watched her walk away mumbling “Hello darlin...” to himself. Attention turned back to Aelyra he paused. “Where are my manners, can I get you anything to eat?”

    One of the things that Kaizer did enjoy about the company of elves is how refined they were as a people. Crudeness was something that he detested which also made the man very peculiar about who he picked as traveling companion. While he was by no means opposed to having a good time and living it up, there were certain standards he always held himself to regardless of the situation. Manners were something he always tried to observe regardless.
  6. A tip of her chin to him address the matter of alerting the guards to a matter that might or might not be important concerning the orcs, she leaned back into her chair strumming a thoughtful finger across her chin. It still seemed strange that the orcs were in such ranks even if they were trying to raid and the fact that they were so relentless in their pursuit. If that didn't seem out of the ordinary, she didn't know what did.

    A single tapered ear flicked back to him brining her gaze with as he was inquiring to why her whereabouts were literally in the wrong place at the wrong time. A sheepish look settled upon her fair features, scratching a finger across her brow letting the seep of a softer laugh escape, Lyra shrugged. "In fairness, I was simply scouting the area for nothing more than a jaunt on my horse. It was just bad luck and terrible timing to be in that mess when I was." he mused about searching for something that could fill his wallet without any luck.

    Stopping herself from letting out a sigh; her brow dared a perk up to the keen observation the gent was making to the young barmaid with a mutter that was practically in her ear. It was amusing how often humans forgot how well elves could hear. And that crass all too famous nature of humans just popped out. Of course.

    "No it's not necessary but thank you for your offer either way Sir Kaizer," she dipped her head out of custom more than anything before she dared to slid back out of the chair offered. "If anything I should extend my gratitude in your efforts earlier and continue on my way. It has been a pleasure,"
  7. Kaizer mentally chided himself for the remark he made about the serving girl, while he always prided himself on manner if there was one weakness the man had, it was attractive women. He was interested in keeping Aelyra around for more than casual conversation, however it wasn't for physical pursuits, at least not of that nature at any rate. She appeared to be a woman of considerable skill, her abilities on the field of battle were already proven and though he couldn't be sure she appeared to possibly have some learning in the arcane arts. Having ventured out with those of the art more times than he could count in the past there was just a certain air about them that one learned to recognize.

    The one thing that Kaizer did know was that elves had an appreciation for all things magical, especially those that were old. In that regard he did as well. History was something Kaizer enjoyed immensely and he would often venture to the oldest ruins to could find, not just in search of lost treasure, but to see the place for himself. To imagine what it was like once and who might have dwelt there. Again he couldn't be sure but Aelyra seemed to be the type who might enjoy the same as well. To that end he decided to see if it would be possible to perk the woman's attention. She also appeared to possibly be an interesting person he would like the chance to get to know.

    “Leaving so soon? Such a shame... and here I was about to offer you the chance to join me on my next venture. It just so happens that I recently came into possession of a map leading to a long forgotten dwarven hall. I can only imagine what sort of treasures may still be down there. The source I got the map from said that at one time they were even possession of a small cache of elven artifacts...” Kaizer said. Still quite casual in demeanor he continued eating the apple pie.
  8. Brushing her hands off against the fabric hanging loosing from her armor, she couldn't stop the look from shifting across her shoulder to the gent. If he was trying to be nonchalant, he was failing in great strides.

    She knew baits when she heard one and this one was about as big as they came. Developing a partially un-amused look to gaze through her deep coloured eyes, Lyra tilted her chin away. "If you are looking to fish you ought to be using a fishing pole rather than your words." nodding deeply in confirmation to her statement, hands planted against the curve of her hip. "It is rather boorish to be trying to bait me with the thoughts and fancies of elven artifacts and treasures."
  9. With a small sigh Kaizer set his fork down on the table seeing that his words had not come across as they were meant to. That was one of the problems when one spoke Common, it was a fairly crude and limited language compared to some of the others that existed. It was also starting to annoy Kaizer because his native language was making him look like a boor with little intelligence. There was a fairly easy way to solve that, he would simply stop speaking Common.

    "அதை நான் கேட்டு கொண்டிருந்தேன் என்று பேராசை ஒரு உணர்வு இருந்தது. நான் மக்கள் வரலாறு மற்றும் பண்பாடு ஆகிய அபராதம் பாராட்டு எனக்கு தெரியும். இது அமைந்துள்ளது சில சிக்கல்களை நான் அவர்கள் சரியாக எங்கு உங்கள் மக்கள் அவற்றை திரும்ப வாய்ப்பு நினைக்கிறேன் இன்னும் உள்ளன என்று உண்மை என்றால் அனைத்து பிறகு, அவர்கள் உங்கள் மக்கள் கடந்த ஒரு பகுதியாக இருக்க வேண்டும். எனக்கு ஒரு கூட்டு வரலாற்றில் ஒரு பகுதியாக திரும்ப பெற முடியும் தங்க அல்லது வெள்ளி விட மதிப்பு உள்ளது," Kaizer said.
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  10. Retaining a look of composure over distain for the gent, a quirk of a brow and tip of her chin inwards listening to him, she shook her head slowly. "A human that has mastered elven tongue, surely you are filled with curious wonders."

    Striding forward crossing her arms beneath the rise of her bosom the faint hum came from her lips. "Artifacts are artifacts. If they are worth something, others come looking. If not they are left behind for another's passing lips to take interest. Reclaiming history and wallowing in the dirt are two greatly different things." she leaned forward tapping her nose, "You speak the language through your nose by the way. And next time you want to ask for some assistance, just do so Sir Kaizer." finally a softer smile pressed to her lips. "I suppose since you managed to spark my interest with your elven tongue, I'll oblige some company."

  11. “It was not my intent to insult you or play games. Because we do not know each other I asked in a round about way to gauge your reactions and see what kind of person you are. Best to know someone at least in passing before you go riding off with them. As to speaking through my nose... that is something of a habit I have yes,” Kaizer said. “Seeing as how we've had something of a time just getting here I would suggest a good night's sleep before we discuss this venture.”

    Standing up with a small nod of his head Kaizer headed back up the stairs to his room in order to get a good night's sleep. Inside the room there was little more than a bed with a dresser by the door a bathtub in the far corner and a nightstand. Right now, with a full stomach, the only thing on Kaizer's mind was good night's sleep. Disrobing to undershorts he never bothered to light the candle, instead sliding under the covers of the bed and rolling over onto one side. Though she didn't seem outright dangerous Kaizer was still wary of Aelyra, the whole getting to know someone part of things still wasn't over and until it was he would remain guarded. After a few more minutes of mental deliberation on the matter he finally drifted off to sleep.

    The Next Morning...

    It was still early when Kaizer rose, the sun had yet to rise above the horizon and from the window inside the room the only thing to be seen was a faint brightening on the distant horizon. This morning instead of dressing in casual clothing he once again donned full plate armor complete with open face helmet, two swords and a large steel shield across his back. This was such a routine for Kaizer that most of it proceeded without any conscious thought, most of that was focused on waking up and chasing the last vestiges of sleep from his mind. To that end he stretched several times, arms, legs, back and neck to get the blood flowing. Doing this in full armor was also one of the ways he kept in shape. After collecting his clothing Kaizer walked down stairs, handing the key to Greggory and walked out to where Taeg was tethered. There he placed the clothing in one of the saddlebags taking out a small package wrapped in brown cloth and tied with string.

    Upon walking back inside he looked around for Aelyra and didn't see her, so taking a seat in one of the booths with a curtain he left it open and ordered breakfast. Four eggs scrambled, two slices of toast with butter, bacon, ham, oatmeal and a tall glass of milk. Kaizer paid the serving girl when she brought the meal and set the package beside him on the table. There he quietly ate breakfast while waiting for Aelyra. Today he would find out just how interested in his little venture she really was including more insight into just what kind of traveling companion Kaizer would have.
  12. Rising with the morning a wee bit later than she wanted, a quick tidying up of her attire and herself making for a quick dash down the stairs; she grinned sheepishly fussing back the crown of gold hair from her face. It seemed the newest gent she had partnered up with was up, ready and raring to go.

    First impression for the win.

    She'd catch up with a meal later right now was more the focus of getting moving than sitting around thinking over motives and her late actions. Dressed back in his gear, she sighed heavily to herself before making her way around the sitting tables of the great room to rub a finger against her cheek in stupidity. "Good morning Sir Kaizer," Lyra did well to keep her posture from bending though she was feeling dumber than a bag of rocks to the moment, but that was not important.
  13. "Good morning," Kaizer said, inclining his head politely. "Please, have a seat." Standing up Kaizer waited for Aelyra to take a seat before sitting down before retaking his seat. It only took a few minutes for him to finish breakfast before he pushed the plates aside. The small brown bundle next to Kaizer was set in front as he began to untie the string. The cloth finally dropped away revealing a silver key and what appeared to be a round glyph stone the size of the palm of one's hand. There was also a map drawn on the inside of the cloth. Kaizer took a moment to study it some more, the moved the items off the map allowing Aelyra to look at it. "This m'lady, is the item in question that I spoke of last night."

    "The place that I had planned to go was an abandoned dwarven hold known as Thunder Hall. It's been empty for over 1,000 years and I'm fairly certain that few if any have been down there for one particular reason," Kaizer said, sliding the key and the glyph stone forward. "In order to enter the hall one requires both a key and a glyph stone. The key to open the door and the stone to deactivate the magical guards and wards on it."

    He allowed Aelyra to look everything over in detail before he continued. "The reason I know that it's unlikely for anyone to have been down there is because there were only four keys and glyph stones ever made. I found these items some time ago on the body of an adventurer who's luck didn't fare too well. Now being that I'm never the type to jump into something without doing my homework first I researched this matter in detail and found out that this is the only set to have survived to modern times. Thunder Hall was a small dwarven city known for forging some of best items of their day. What they lacked in numbers they made up for with quality. So what do you think?"
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