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    ⇐ Hiding ⇒

    "We stay hidden from the world, we actually stay hidden in plain sight. Witches and Warlocks, we have to keep the secret from mortals or else they will do the same thing that happens every single time they found us, drownings, burning, hangings, and more."
    The voice from behind the table huddled up in rags spoke to you in a raspy voice that you could tell belonged to a woman. The crystal ball had images of witch trials coursing through the fog inside of it, blue light emitting from the ball lighting up the room.
    "Hiding isn't as bad as you think, you can still use your magic and get around things but be extremely careful with your spells. Some spells will stain your soul if they are dark arts magic or some may kill another to save another. Are you ready to hide?"

    ⇐ Magic ⇒

    "There are many different types of magic, you aren't as they show in movies where you can control only one element. Although you may be more powerful in one element you can control them all."
    The rags move a little as the women readjusts herself, the color drapes around the room move with her. Then she looks up you catch a glimpse at her face, a beautiful young women looks up at you before it fades back to an old women.
    "Elemental magic isn't the only magic we may use, we have the options to use any magic we wish to use."
    The women took a pause as she said a few words in Latin, you didn't catch any of it as suddenly a potion appears.
    "We have tons of magic especially you, there are tons of spells you can even make your own although that requires lots and lots of power only few can do that."
    The old women chanted some more in Latin as the crystal ball cracked and the fog came out of it and started to form into the shapes of humans holding hands.
    "Witches are much stronger together even the most powerless witches can take down the strongest if they have the numbers."
    The fog started acting out many witches in a circle as their mouths moved and then they disappeared.
    "We also have potions and many other things you can explore for yourself using a grimore, where you write down all your spells for your family to build off of."

    ⇐ Rules ⇒

    All Iwaku Rules apply
    No sexual interactions, if so bring it to PM's
    Real life pictures only, no anime
    The power of your witch cannot pass Ingrid.
    Do not kill anyone unless they approve
    If you use blood magic or sacrificial magic you WILL start to become evil
    If you are using a powerful spell it won't be just chants it may require potions or brewing etc
    No OOC in the IC

    ⇐ Plot ⇒

    You are living on the coast in Maine, your story hidden from everyone and you live a regular life. Although when anything happens you can usually use magic to fix it. There is a danger coming to your town and you're scared and preparing..what are you doing, are you grouping up with other witches/warlocks, are you preparing by yourself, or are you running.

    ⇐ Starting Point ⇒
    A party, celebrating the wedding of Ingrid Beauchamp. You were invited randomly, having never heard of Ingrid but for some reason you have chosen to come to the wedding. It's inside an old castle, known as fairhaven to the people of main, the owner Ingrid has kept to herself but you want to explore knowing the rumors of sacrifices, cults, and what not that use to go on in the castle. What do you find, who do you meet?

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  3. Ingrid Beauchamp and Dash Gardiner

    = The wedding between her and her handsome husband =

    Come join us, June 16th 2015.
    We're celebrating my marriage with Dash, we will be having cake and catering and everything else you could dream of.
    We have no theme other then dress appropriate please!

    I hope you to see you there!

    R.S.V.P = 123 243 3563
    Address = 8530 Fairhaven Road
    Beals, ME 66254

    The lights are dimmed inside, the vows have already been stated and now it's dinner time. You choose a table and slowly dig into your food. This invitation was out of the blue you never even knew Ingrid all you knew is that she lived in this huge house and now she had a significant other. It's a perfect place or a wedding and the white and pink floral decorations make it seem like a vacation. So find out some things about others connect and have fun!

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  4. Lauren Chase
    Lauren sat at a table surrounded by strangers. She wasn't sure why she had been invited to this wedding nor by whom. The names of the couple were obviously on the invitation card but she had never met Ingrid Beauchamp or her fiance in person. She wasn't even familiar with the family names either. Slicing through a soft, well cooked piece of beef she took a bite of the warm, delicious meat and glanced around; she saw faces that were familiar, people who would come by the bar and drink away their problems. Did everyone at this reception personally know the couple? If so, Lauren was definitely out of place and now she couldn't think of any reason as to why she would be invited. Choosing not to stress and think about why she was here Lauren was quick to finish her meal, the first at her table to be exact. Pushing her chair back and grabbing her small clutch she nodded at the unknown people she had been seated with and made her way outside the large home. Heels clicking against the floor as the woman felt uncomfortable in her short, slightly tight ensemble of clothes.

    The air outside was refreshing and with the door shut, all the voices faded slightly. Although still fairly audible to the dirty blonde's sensitive ears, it was more bearable. Approaching the stone banister of the home she leaned on it slightly, her eyes wandering over the large property the house had been built on. Some people were lucky it seemed. Clenching her jaw she sighed slightly. Opening the small purse she had brought along she pulled out a pack of cigarettes and placed one between her lips. Lighting it she walked down the large stair case and took a small walk as she had her cigarette.

    Lauren was fairly new to this town. Only just being here for a couple years. Sometimes people still wondered who she was, she could hear them occasionally ask one another. It wasn't something odd for her. When she was young she had been through a few schools before settling with one family. People's questions and curiosity never really bothered her. Sometimes if she heard someone say something ridiculous or ask an odd question she would step in and answer. Every time she did the look on peoples faces always gave her a good chuckle. Smiling to herself she finished her cigarette and put it out in a conveniently placed ashtray. With the final exhale of smoke she turned around and made her way back to the stair case.

    The moon's glow was warm on her skin, it was a nice feeling but the blonde was well aware of what it meant. Glancing up she saw the almost full figure of the moon and smirked sadly, continuing towards the staircase.
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  5. Eva Snow

    Eva sat at the table full of strangers, her blonde hair sitting on her neck and kept making her feel like someone was touching her. It was an annoying feeling as people gave her weird looks as she kept moving her hair around. Smiling nervously Eva continued to chatter with her table about who they were and what they were doing in Beals. Turns out one moved here once their grandmother had died and left them a beachfront property, his name was Chris. Eva played the thought in her head and paid no attention to the other stories as she just smiled and nodded. Then the man who moved here for his grandmother, Chris, spoke up and asked Eva what her name was and why she was here.

    "Eva, that's my name" She spoke with a small grin before moving her bangs from her eyes. "I got here, because, well you see" Eva's cherry tone started to become serious and she was in deep thought, she never actually wondered why she got here. "I have to go" Speaking quickly she got up and grabbing her red clutch that she bought just for the wedding and walked out fast.

    Becoming lost in thought her head swirled as she stumbled outside sporting the all too familiar signs of being intoxicated. She leaned on the wall as she continued to walk making her way to a railing and finding the staircase took a seat. Her head was spinning and she was dizzy and she fought her curse trying to remember where exactly she came from and why she was here. Then a headsplitting headache came into play and she failed to notice the approaching shadow as she chanted.

    "Sanare in cor traiecto" Eva raised her hands to the side of her head not touching and repeated, "Sanare in cor traiecto, sanare in cor traiecto" As pinkish light emitted from her hands [​IMG] she let out a sigh the headache was gone and she forgot about trying to remember her past. The curse was a strong one and even though she was more powerful then her mother she couldn't break it. Looking up she saw a shadow approaching and realized all too late what she had just done revealing magic to someone. She jumped up and started sitting on the railing of the staircase ready to jump off and run. Reaching down to her feet Eva started to remove her golden high heels and looked as the shadow which was approaching got larger.
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  6. Levi Merrick pulls at the bow tie at his throat. He hated dressing up, but it's not everyday you go to a wedding at a house like this. Getting bored sitting at the table, already having eaten his fill, he walks out of the dining hall and sees a pinkish glow. Suddenly, it went out and he heard a sharp intake of breath. "Hello?" He asks to the darkness. Walking into the light of a lantern, he sees a blonde woman leaning against a stairway.

  7. ~ Iris J. Dumont ~

    Iris walked with ever eased grace down the halls where few men were gathered about.. With each step she took she could feel the gazes plastered to her as she all but rolled her eyes at the knowing. All these people men and woman watched her as if she were a treat to be devoured.. She all but dared them to attempt such as she turned down the right corner of the hall that stretched away from the banquet. Why was she even here? She hadn't the slightest clue as to who these people were in all given honesty. Yet , here she was having attended as a guest without even knowing a single given soul attending. Whilst she remained in her thoughts she briefly nodded to those she passed with a summed up kind smile held to the red curve of her lips. Her skirts flitted behind her as the corset remained held tight against her chest with each breath that escaped her lips. She needed but a bit of fresh air to escape herself from overthinking all at play within her mind. Her emerald green eyes flickered around as she examined the area for a small balcony or somewhere to go.. She felt out of place... Not meant to be here... Why in the hell had she received that invitation in the first place? With that her eyes caught sight of a sealed double french doorway as she sighed in relief as she crossed her way down the stretch towards it.

    Once she had reached her designated choice , her hands curled around the handles as she drew both door's widely open as the crisp breeze tangled against her darkened locks. Iris stepped out onto the large stone courtyard connected to the outside. A few tables were scattered about with seating area's.. If she had been here during the day this for certain would be a place she would seek refuge away from the chaos of the world. Her heels clicked and clattered against the stone in place below her as she furthered her way further from the door. Her manicured hand crept upwards to hold against her hair as the breeze picked up again as her dress soared against the wind. She gave little care if anyone caught sight of her allowing such... She was seeking a bit of peace away from her thoughts and the added bother of complaints seemed like a nuisance.

    Iris came to stand before the stone banister that enclosed the area as her eyes glowed against the soft glow of the moonlight held above. She folded her arms against the top as she just fell into a slow comforting ease of just being away from the growing noise within...The party she truly had never attended and not to mention it felt terrible being alone at it..

    She had always lived in this town and had always had to create an elaborate story and background to remain here.. Being trapped in this curse promised that she'd never be able to just be her until death..Death? What truly was death? Was it as inviting as some made it to sound? " Like I'll ever know that feeling at this given damn rate..." Her eyes flitted downwards with a mingled mix of sadness and acceptance over such known things.. She was forced to be alone and hide whom she truly was. What a cruel world it really was.. At that Iris rested her hand against her Mother's amulet as she gazed out upon the lay of land that held in belonging to the owner's.. They were truly lucky to live away from the world and have someone to depend on in a happy life to come.. Her hand raised the flute of champagne in her right hand high within the air. A slight smirk held to her lips as she called out loud enough. " Here's to the lonely life and those that have it all." She pressed the rim against her lips as she accepted the sweet taste to mingle against her senses as she remained alone in the night as the fire within burned strong and kept her warm as her eyes all but glowed brilliant ruby red against the faint darkness.

  8. Dragomir had only been in the U.S. for a few months now. He had left Romania because he wanted better oppurtunites and a better life in America. He was so far getting everything together, he had opened up his own Tattoo Shop in Maine...which was flourishing with clients. When he got the invitation to this wedding, at first he thought it was a mistake...but then his friends told him that it was sent for him. So, here he was in one of his nicer suits, watching the wedding go on, and now eating at a table, filled with random people that he didn't have a clue who they were. Dragomir didn't know why, or how he was invited to this wedding...he didn't know this Ingrid lady, or Dash her now husband. Maybe one of his clients told them about him...maybe they wanted couple tattoos...he hoped not.

    While sitting at the table, Dragomir noticed one of the waiters was struggling to hold two plates of glasses...it would end bad, if he didn't step in. Dragomir stood up and...with his magic he moved the plates away from the ground...right before all the glasses shattered. The waiter just shook his head...no one noticed Dragomir using his powers to help the man. His curse had forbidden him from using his powers for Ill intent, but this use of magic was for good intention...so he wouldn't gain another Death Scar on his body. Death Scars, are basically the marks that remind him of what his ancestor did to a poor lovestruck witch a hundreds of years ago...now he has to suffer for it. Once he hit 1,000 Death Scars, Dragomir would die and be turned evil...forever roaming the Spirit Realm, so he tries to never use his magic for evil or for personal gain.

    Dragomir noticed an intriguing woman make her way to the open courtyard...he didn't have anything better to do, so why not make up a conversation with the beautiful lady? Excusing himself from the table, He glided to the doors...which were beautiful...the Rich sure knew how to spend their money. Once he was out there, he noticed her drinking from the glass...she seemed sad or upset, maybe something had gone wrong for her. Dragomir wasn't the most emotional guy, but he knew when a girl was upset, a true man had to comfort her. Walking over to the beautiful, mysterious lady, "I guess weddings aren't your thing either?" He smirked at her, running his fingers through his hair.

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  9. [​IMG]

    Unfortunately, Cerce was one of those friends that chose to stay in the corner, wasting her life away while other patrons were being the life of the party. People were looking, no, staring at her just isolating herself. A few males and females had the courage to ask the "weirdo" for a dance, but Cerce politely turned them down and requested for them to spend their fulfilling lives elsewhere.
    Well wasn't she just a Debby Downer.

    Cerce was wearing something a bit formal for a change. She knew her outfit was of proper occasion because some minglers stood to compliment her attire. Perhaps it was for pity. Cerce didn't really need pity. Especially not from people at a wedding.
    Why was her existence placed here, anyways? She didn't know a single person in the room and the newlyweds weren't familiar to her either. Perhaps, it was by mistake. No, that couldn't be! She had an invitation.
    A sigh escaped Cerce's lips as she scanned the room for something to entertain her as the time went by. The lights were certainly entertaining, but they didn't last long as her thoughts took her brain elsewhere.
    Cerce pondered why she was so awkward when it came to events and social interactions, but she then remembered that it was her own fault for locking herself up in a room for the majority of her life. She still wasn't sure if she had gotten over the incident, but she was too afraid to check for herself. She liked her mood just they way it was, so she decided to keep it that way before the probability of crying in public occurred.
    Her thoughts were broken by a male stranger trying to make small talk. Her eyes were widened and she looked very uncomfortable with what was happening.
    Anyone who decided to pass by the talkers would assume that Cerce was being talked into something she didn't want to do. Which wasn't the case, she was just VERY awkward.

    "What's your name?"
    "Uhm.. C-Cerce.."
    "You don't look too hot, are you alright?"
    Wait.. What was that supposed to mean? She doesn't look too hot? Was her outfit ruined? Cerce looked down at her dress in a bit of an unsusceptible panic before looking back up at the stranger.
    "Uhm.. No.. I mean, yes! Yes! I'm fine."
    ". . ."
    Both Cerce and the male were just staring at each other in silence, like they both were trying to read each other. This was entertaining to Cerce, and she didn't really know why. But she began to ease up, and that was a wondrous feeling to have. The female witch just noticed that she was holding a champagne glass in between her fingers, but she didn't drink from the cup, she merely stirred the bubbly liquid around its container as she did the impossible theory.
    Make small talk.

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  10. Justyn Parker
    Justyn was wearing his finest outfit but was still completely under-dressed for such a formal gala. His best jeans had stains at the hems; his only collared shirt in his entire wardrobe was eight years old (but somehow still fit him well); his best shoes were a pair of black runners that were in only a reasonable state of repair. For someone who hated drawing attention to himself, Justyn felt like the centre of attention at a wedding he was not involved in. He wouldn't have even attended the wedding if it hadn't been for the offer of a free feed. That, and the fact that this Ingrid somehow knew his name. Had he met an Ingrid somewhere in his travels? Not that he could recall beforehand, and after seeing the bride and groom in the ceremony it only confirmed in his mind that he had no idea who these people were, nor any of the guests either.

    Justyn turned his attention to the conversation at the table as he finished his main course. A man, Chris, was talking to a woman named Eva about his grandmother. Suddenly Eva excused herself and practically bolted for the door, which made Justyn smell his fish to make sure it hadn't turned bad. Satisfied, he took his last mouthful before standing to follow the young woman's exit, but before he made it to the door his attention was distracted by another woman who looked as out of place as he had felt all evening. He approached her cautiously but he got the feeling she hadn't even realised he was there before he almost whispered, "What's your name?"

    "Uhm.. C-Cerce.." she replied, making eye-contact with him.

    "You don't look too hot, are you alright?" he asked, trying to appear comforting but failing miserably.

    "Uhm.. No.. I mean, yes! Yes! I'm fine."

    "I'm Justyn, Justyn Parker," he introduced himself with a slight, awkward bow of his head. "Do you know the bride, or the groom?" he asked pleasantly. Justyn's gaze flickered to Cerce's right shoulder as he listened for her reply, and his left hand began to rub his other forearm in an almost subconscious gesture as his pale green eyes returned to hers.
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  11. Lauren Chase

    "Here's to the lonely life and those who have it all."

    The voice seemed distant but not too far away, but then again Lauren's senses might be fooling her; nevertheless she chuckled at the statement and shook her head. She had, at one point in her life felt like she had everything she wanted and needed, then nature decided to take it's course, it seemed like the path of loneliness was her to follow as well. The blonde was to scared to allow herself to grow close to anyone, the biggest reason being her apparently cursed blood. Clenching her jaw Her heels crunched against the gravel as she approached the stairs she had come down from. She spotted a blonde woman and a dark haired man, who seemed to be of native decent, talking to one another. Something felt slightly familiar about the man, Lauren might not have known him perse but there was something about him, possibly his scent, that intrigued her. Trying not to eaves drop on the situation she walked passed the two, as she got closer it seemed like it was less a conversation amongst friends and more of a first meeting between two strangers. It was really none of her business but the dirty blonde was curious. She ran a few thoughts through her mind before deciding not to force herself into a conversation that could become awkward, fast.

    Reaching the top of the stairs Lauren noticed another couple standing further down the large, elevated courtyard. A woman with dark chocolate brown hair and a long dress that flowed almost unnaturally with the slightest breeze; and a tall dark haired man. It took her a moment to realize that she had been awkwardly standing there and watching. Looking away slightly embarrassed she walked towards the doors to re-enter the large manor. The sounds from inside grew louder with each step, once the doors were pulled open Lauren almost winced as the sounds boomed through her ears. Even after eight years of knowing what she was and what she was capable of, she still occasionally forgot to pay attention to her senses and keep it all under control.

    With the loudness of the celebration eventually coming down to bearable levels for her, Lauren found herself approaching the open bar and ordering a vodka seven. With the clutch tightly under her arm she leaned against the dark wooden counter and watched as people mingled, laughed and danced. Two years and still no one to call a friend in this town. No one was at fault but her. She needed to try and let loose, allow people to approach her, make connections, relationships and friendships. The fear of hurting someone close to her was just overbearing. The only time it happened was the most painful and traumatizing event in the tall woman's life. She needed to get passed it, she had known this for years but it was just so damn hard, it was scary.

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  12. Eva Snow

    "Hey there" Eva's voice was nervous as she brought her head back up slowly, keeping her shoes off. Looking at the man who walked up she smiled and started to stumble up the stairs. "Bye" She called behind her as she walked up the stairs as fast as possible wanting to escape the man and thinking of excuses to use against him if he questioned the light. The fresh air filled her lungs as she tripped on the cement and fell onto the wall. Looking back she quickly sat on the ground and whipped out her phone from her clutch holding it tight she opened up photos to a pinkish photo and that was going to be her excuse.
    Eva got up finally and walked further towards the doors wanting to find some place to sit other then the ground. Walking towards the door he found two people standing there and quickly walked inside passing them without any acknowledgement. Opening the doors she found her way to the bar, asking for a Pina
    Colada, looking around as her back as turned to the bar happy they didn't ask her for her age. Grabbing the drink she sat down on the stool and started to sip the drink, noticing a women leaning on the bar beside her but instead paid no attention to her hoping she wouldn't realize she was too young to drink. Eva then began looking at the crowd which started to thin down, many people left as they picked up goody bags. For some reason Eva had absolutely no intentions on leaving the thought somehow never even came into her head.

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  13. Levi watched as the woman stumbled up the stairs to the second floor."ok, bye." He says after her. Not one to ask questions, he continues outside to the gardens for a walk.

  14. ~ Iris J. Dumont ~

    As her lips remained held delicately to the rim of her glass. She tipped the flute back a bit to have another sip as her eyes remained reddened.. Only did she break her lips away when she heard a deep male voice speak up to her in a slightly teasing tone." I guess wedding's aren't your thing either?" She stifled a small laugh from escaping her lips as her eyes slowly faded back into brilliant emerald green against the moonlight as she turned but a bit to allow her eyes to meet his. A sense of amusement held to them as a small smirk flickered against her lips as she spoke." Well , I'm a woman who has been to enough to last her a lifetime.. Does it show?" Her smirk remained in tack as her eyes traveled over him... Nearly examining. He was dangerously handsome and from what brief words she had heard knew how to get by with woman. Her eyes held once more to his as she spoke up." What brings you out here? Hiding from wedding or just from a terrible flirtation gone wrong.. Or you lost your date?" She stepped in closer against the railing as she folded her arms atop of it to look outwards to the greenery of the lawn with a grin still held in tact to her ruby red lips. A man like him must have had a date for such event. She found it doubtful that it was terribly hard for him to find one.. The man must have just gone about mistaking her for his date, she assumed.

    It was only than from the corner of her eye she caught sight of a rather tall but beautiful woman watching her with this man.. Did she find something here intriguing to her. As she all but looked on further to the girl she bolted off with a clatter back into the house as the noise from within echoed outside in that brief moment. The one downside to every single wedding was how truly loud they could be and such a headache they were even on a joyous day. She all but chuckled softly to herself as her hand lifted to push back her darkened locks from her face as she settled her gaze back upon the handsome intriguing man. " So , I can only assume you escaped from the man hungry woman inside from stealing you away for hours on end on the dance floor?" She all but smiled teasingly at him as her pearl white teeth showed before bringing the champagne flute to her lips for another sip as she awaited to hear his answer with growing curiosity.
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  15. [​IMG]
    "No, I don't the two newlyweds. I'm sorry. Do you?"
    Cerce was completely out of her element, but it was a change from just isolating herself in a corner. The witch saw the stranger's arm raise up and she took a step back, a bit unsure of what he was doing. But it was no use. Her back pressed up against a wall and got put into a small panic until she saw his hand reach up to touch his forearm. What was he looking at? Was her dress really messed up and she was too drunk to see? Cerce looked down once more and saw nothing. She tried to lock her gaze on him to find out what he was looking at, but she wasn't so keen on eye contact.
    Or anything in general.
    Instead, she just inhaled a deep and calming breath, exhaled and fixed her gaze on the champagne glass. Cerce was feeling a bit parched so she elegantly raised the thin glass up to her lips, taking in the fizzy liquid with a quiet sip. It's run was smooth down her throat, and the alcohol made her feel more open and social. It was enough for her to continue the conversation.
    The witch crossed her arms firmly and looked at the man named Justyn. Her stare was gentle, a gaze that you would certainly see from her almost every day other than fear and panic.
    Cerce looked him up and down before realizing that he too wasn't really comfortable being here. A small chuckle escaped her lips with no reason for it. Maybe she wasn't good at holding her alcohol. But that couldn't be the case, since she had a mere sip. Cerce didn't mind if she was a bit drunk, the night was different, the somber air, the adrenaline the wedding gave off; it was time that Cerce had a little fun for a change.
    After a few long moments of just staring at the man, she looked at him with a sickly sweet smile, extending her arm out and leaning in a bit into his personal space. This was how handshakes work, right? A bit nervous, she cleared her throat before speaking to the man once more, stuttering a bit during her line.

    "Zenovia. My surname. It's Zenovia. Nice to meet you, Justyn Parker."
    Awkward. Abort mission, ABORT MISSION. Cerce forced back her second thoughts with a great mental push. What's done is done, now all we gotta do is wait for the man to take her hand, shake it, and it's done. She looked at Justyn with a hint of doubt in her eyes before immediately looking away. She even turned her head to the side, just waiting for him to grab her hand and make a common social gesture.
  16. Justyn Parker
    "Oh, it's nice to meet you too, Cerce Zen-O-vi-a." Justyn stumbled over the woman's surname but managed to pronounce it correctly. He smiled awkwardly and hesitated before taking the delicate hand offerred in front of him, as though he wasn't used to human contact.

    "So, either you're here with someone else," he glanced quickly over his shoulder to see if anyone else was within earshot, "or you've been invited to a wedding where you know no one." His tone was not accusatory, but rather he seemed to be implying that he too did not know the couple without answering her question directly. After an awkward, lingering moment Justyn withdrew his hand and it returned to its prior resting place upon his forearm.

    Justyn's eyes darted from Cerce's shoulder and back again as though he were distracted by something unseen, but he did his best to maintain his focus on this intriguing figure before him. "Pretty fancy place, huh?" he asked her, looking up at the 30-foot ceiling above.

    A waiter carrying a tray of drinks approached nearby and Justyn reached for a tall, chilled glass of iced water. Parched, he took a long sip of the cold liquid, and he let out a small sigh of satisfaction as his eyes returned to Cerce's.

  17. Dragomir smirked at the woman, she sure knew how to charm a man. He looked at her dress, blowing in the breeze. Something about her felt...different. Like this woman had more to her than most women in Maine. Dragomir was really interested in knowing more about this mysterious beauty. "The only thing that shows, is beauty that will never fade." He smirked at her, Dragomir wasn't your typical Twenty Something Year Old Horn Dog, he had class and it showed. When she asked him what brought him outside, Dragomir had to take a minute to think up something. He couldn't possibly tell her he came out here because of her...that would just sound creepy. He walked over to her, resting his arm on the railing. "No date, unfortunately. Some of the women were eying me very closely however." He looked back at the closed doors, acting like someone would pop out and grab him up. Turning back to the woman, he adjusted his suit.

    While Dragomir was striking up a conversation with the woman, he noticed her look up, out of curiosity he looked to where her eyesight went. He saw a very tall brunette woman looking down at them. He wrinkled his forehead...what did she happen to notice? He wondered if she knew him...or the other lady. Then the tall woman walked off, he just shook his head. He heard the lady ask him another question, following up her last one. "If any woman would have asked me to dance, they would have soon regretted it. I'm not a dancer." This woman...there was something about her, but he couldn't put his finger on it just yet. "I'm Dragomir, but you can call me Drago." He smiled at her, then he looked at her Sapphire Amulet. "That is one beautiful necklace...where did you get it? If you don't mind me asking, that is."

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  18. [​IMG]

    Cerce chuckled a bit as she watched the man try to pronounce her surname. She raised a brow in disbelief before she began to wonder.
    Was her surname really that difficult? Zen. Oh. Vi. Ah. No? Or maybe it was.
    She spent a few moments contemplating life and human existence right after her surname tangent before breaking her thought and light green hues were looking back at Justyn. She felt his hand touch hers and her hearing was also now focused on the man. Cerce shook his hand, as seen from other people then pulled away quickly, placing the appendage on her arm while looking away from the social interaction. It didn't take long for her to look back at Justyn, however, as his voice broke her away from another case of daydreaming.

    "So you're either here with someone else, or you've been invited to a wedding where you know no one."
    She smiled gently before raising her hands up in the air just a bit in a sarcastic and playful manner.
    "Oh, of course I came here with someone, if I didn't, I wouldn't be standing in a corner!
    No, actually, I came alone."

    Cerce chuckled once again before looking over Justyn in another disbelieved look. Of course, she was joking, and the smile gave her intentions away.
    His eyes. Again with the eyes. Always looking at everything but her eyes. Cerce cocked her head to the side to try and figure out what he was looking at now but immediately snapped her head back up unnoticeably, making sure not to act so curious around the mysterious figure.

    "Pretty fancy place, huh?"
    "Yes. It is fancy."
    Just as the man looked up at the high ceiling, the woman just looked around at the patrons attending the unknown couple wedding. In the corner of her eyes, she spotted movement coming extremely close to her personal space. Her light green eyes turned toward the movement in an instant. Just a waiter. Cerce let off a small breath of release before turning back to Justyn and asking him another question.
    "What about you? Did you come here with someone?"
    Should she have asked that? Was that too personal? Stupidstupidstupid.
    She stared hard at the figure before her, awaiting his answer in a void of silence.
  19. Justyn Parker
    "What about you? Did you come here with someone?"

    Justyn's smile was tinged with sadness at the question as he took a moment to weigh up how to answer. It had been so long since he could trust anyone, he wasn't sure he could any more. But something about this woman standing in front of him was ... intriguing. Perhaps it was the gleam in her eye as the light caught them; perhaps it was her warm smile; or maybe he had just found a kindred spirit, one who didn't fit into such a crowd as this as he had felt all evening. Something about her fascinated him, and it was taking all of his determination to keep his eyes off her aura, which to him shone like a blazing sun on a hot summer's day. Try as he might, Justyn's eyes continued to flicker between Cerce's shoulder and back again.

    Torn, Justyn eventually answered as best he could.
    "No, I came alone. Before tonight I didn't know anyone in Maine, and definitely not anyone of such ... opulence." Justyn paused to take another sip of his water before continuing, and a puzzled look came across Justyn's face as he glanced over at the bride and groom who were saying their farewells to some guests that were leaving. "Where I come from people don't invite strangers to their weddings. The rich certainly do have some odd customs." Justyn glanced at his watch - 10:38pm. "Is it just me, or is it a little early to be leaving a wedding? I wonder how many of her guests actually knew Ingrid or her groom before tonight? I've hardly seen them talk to any of the guests all evening!"
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