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***GiantessKira has entered the room.
This was Kira's favorite site. Her avatar here was an idealized version of herself. Not that she could tell anyone that it was - who'd believe her anyway? The brunette avatar had perfect porcelain skin, shockingly deep hazel eyes, and not an ounce of fat on her. Today, since so many of her regular tinies liked to worship her as a goddess, she had her avatar dressed the part. A laurel in her hair, a stark white toga - fastened with an ornate golden clasp, and of course, open-toed strappy sandals.

This left all of the parts that tinies wanted to see open for viewing. The top of her feet, of which the toenails were painted with a sparkly gold nail polish, the bare legs, with the toned and powerful shins clearly visible even from a tiny's height. Kira had her avatar cross her legs and tap one foot impatiently on the floor. The room itself was similarly themed, she sat on a gilded couch with deep ivory colored pillows, and the floors were an elaborate marble. Bright white so that if any tiny blood spilled on it, the contrast would be maximized. Golden light streamed in from an alabaster curtained window, setting the mood.

***LittleChrys has entered the room.
The tiny that entered wasn't one of the regulars. Usually, most of them were male - there weren't too many females who identified as tiny rather than giantesses. This gave Kira some hope. Maybe she'd be into what Kira liked best, which was being a gentle and caring goddess. Kira's avatar paid no notice to the tiny. Not out of rudeness, many tinies wanted an 'unaware' crush, in which they were never noticed at all. Now this wasn't Kira's favorite, but it was just a chat room. It's not like she would ever do anything like that in real life. She just didn't get the concept where someone would like to be trampled, humiliated, or even swallowed whole as a means of feeling good or getting off or whatever the tinies got out of this.

Of course, Kira herself was watching the girl approach. Dressed in a simple jeans and t-shirt, which was the 'newb' set of clothes you didn't have to buy for your avatar. Only a few of the hard core members of the site had a large wardrobe (of which Kira was one), but most people got rid of the default clothes in a hurry. The girl had taken time with her avatar, however. A pleasant chestnut color to her hair, slightly mottled and barely tanned skin, very pale blue eyes, and a significant bust. This last was surprising in a tiny. People with self-esteem issues, and really why else would you want humiliation if you didn't have problems there, rarely made very attractive avatars for themselves. So, it was this attention to detail that made Kira's hopes rise. Maybe she was here for a gentle?

Chrys approached, and once she was at Kira's feet it was apparent just how small she had made herself in comparison. If the tiny stood straight, her bustline would be even with the top of Kira's ankle, and if she stretched, the little woman might be able to touch the supple curve of the giantess' shin. So, not quite a barbie doll size. Once Chrys got up to Kira, she began massaging her feet. Great, Kira thought, at least it's not an unaware.

After the usual several minutes of this, Kira had her avatar look down, then reach down, placing thumb and forefinger on the tiny's hips. Chrys looked up, smiled, and raised her arms. Kira's avatar nodded and lifted her to her face. Kira began typing, having chosen the 'sultry' voice from the web site's text-to-speech program.
"What fantasy brings you to my court, little one?"

"If my Goddess pleases, this one would like to serve you in any way She sees fit to use me."

Kira's heart leaped, but the avatar just smiled. "Other than being my foot slave, which you do well enough at, I may have you massage me elsewhere. Or maybe, peel and serve me grapes. What do you think of that?"
"Whatever Goddess desires, but once She is done with me, she'd like to offer her body as a meal for You."

A vore, great. Kira actually slammed her fist down on the desk next to her computer. Well, at least I get to play gentle to the end this time. If I refuse, she'll just log out and I won't get anything.

"That is acceptable, this time. Perhaps another time we can spend the day with you serving me and sleeping in my shoe?"

"I... prefer endings that are more in line with my lowly station, Goddess."

"But it is. At the end of the day, I'll pay no more attention to you than a discarded, used bit of clothing."

Chrys smiled at this. "Goddess teaches me. This one would like that then, for next time"

And though her avatar just smiled, in real life, Kira let out a whoop and fistpumped.

The rest of that encounter went as expected, with the tiny serving Kira for about an hour before practically begging to be swallowed whole by her. Kira always drug that part out, sucking on tiny arms and legs, then slowly slipping the body feet first into her avatar's mouth, making sure to moan a lot during the mouth play and eventual lingering swallow. She always licked her lips and rubbed her stomach in appreciation, waiting until the tiny had logged out before logging herself.

Once out of the avatar room, Kira went to browse the site a bit. Almost immediately, she got a friend request from LittleChrys, with a note, "Meet me in OOC?"

OOC meant the Out Of Character room, where most of the members only went to set up their next meeting. Which Kira had expected since they made mention of it in chat.

***GiantessKira has entered the room: OOC
Of course, Chrys was already there. There were no avatars in this room, just a text chat.

"Loved the Greek goddess thing you have going, Kira. You must have spent some good money on it."

"About twenty bucks, yeah. Your first time here, Chrys?"

"Yeah. saw a link to the site from of one of my usual haunts lol."

"So, like it so far?"

"Mhm. You mainly on evenings then, Kira? I want to play out your fantasy next time. I sorta promised IC."
"You don't have to. Almost no one I can find really likes to do gentles."

"Oh I don't mind it, but now and then I like me a good crush or vore."

"Ok, I ask this of all my tinies, Chrys. Why?"

"Honestly I didn't know til recently because I am very assertive IRL, but I think it humbles me you know? To know someone out there is just that much over me that I'm nothing to them. Sort of a reality check? I know that's not the typical answer but..."

"It's a good one. I only usually get that same response about liking humiliation and nothing else. So, same time tomorrow?"

"Sure thing Kira, nice talking to you."

***LittleChrys has left the room: OOC

"If you only knew..." Kira said aloud, shutting down the computer and sliding her chair back. Kira had something to look forward to now. The one thing that really motivated and gave her the most pleasure in life was caring for and helping others. Being a giantess, you had the tiny completely under your care. Utter dependence. But most of them wanted the opposite - to be abused and tormented. The only pleasure Kira got from this was the fact that the tiny enjoyed it. While she might be incredibly cruel to the tiny, she knew that they wanted and needed this sort of treatment. And really it was all role play. She wasn't blind to the fact that she probably had some issues of her own - wanting to be so totally in charge of someone could be mommy issues or worse, but she consoled herself in the fact that she wasn't one of those who felt totally worthless about themselves. She knew she had worth; she just wanted to show that off.

Ever since arriving in California, Kira had done all right for herself. She essentially had the same job as back home, except it paid less here. She ran a small bookstore, specializing in rare and hard to find books. Of course, even here, physical book sales were in decline, so she supplemented with online sales, and had a few tables in the front of the store, free wi-fi (with purchase), and sold little snacks like pastries and coffee, just to have the place look busy. She even had a catchy name for the place - Paige's Pages. At work she even wore a name tag that proclaimed she was Paige. More role play she supposed. But it worked and the store at least broke even most months -the stipend she got from home covered any shortages.

So, 'Paige' went through her day in anticipation of seeing Chrys again the following evening. By the end of the day, she'd even come up with a few ideas for the scenario with the tiny. Additionally, she was actually fresh from the shower and half dressed herself only in her towel to simulate the toga that her avatar wore. She was truly excited.

***GiantessKira has entered the room: GoddessFantasy
Much to her surprise, Chrys was already there. Plus she'd bought a tan peasant's blouse and matching ruffled long skirt. As a tease when Kira's avatar arrived, she stepped very close to the tiny, enough so that at the other end, Chrystal had to look closely at the screen to ensure her avatar wasn't just stomped on which would make her have to log in again. "Stomptease." Chrystal said, her laptop in front of her in bed.

Chrystal was dressed much like her avatar had been on the previous night, an old Styx t-shirt from a concert she'd attended in her 'wasted youth' as she put it. Not that she was that old, but she had just celebrated her fortieth birthday last week. Her wild youth behind her, she worked as a mechanic and general girl Friday in a small garage. Everyone there assumed she was a lesbian, but in reality she was straight as an arrow. That suited her fine, it cut way down on the bad pickup lines. It also made her role play preferences seem odd, as she would only play out the tiny fantasies with giantesses. There was a certain elegance a giant woman had that she just didn't see a man possessing.

Chrystal had her avatar follow Kira up to her ornate couch. It seemed food was the order of the day, as there was a plate with grapes, cubes of cheese and bread, and a low, wide dish with what looked like honey in it. The graphics in this room were incredible, Chrystal noted. Kira looked down at Chrystal's avatar, then lowered her hand to the floor for her to step into.

"I like your new choice of clothing, little one." That voice reverberating because all of the giantess voices were programmed to, came over Chrystal's headphones giving her a genuine thrill. The outfit was one of the cheaper ones on the site, setting her back about five dollars.

"This one does all to serve You."

Then, she was lifted up to the plate and set upon it.

"And serve me you shall. We will start with the grapes and cheese. Later, you will want to be undressed as you dip the bread in the honey and I use you to make sure none of the food is missed."

Chrystal actually squeaked when that last was said. No vore today, but mouth play is just as good. She thought.
When it was all over, the plate of food was decimated, with the only thing left on it being Chrystal herself.
"Are we to meet again, Goddess?"

Kira just nodded, but kneeled and lowered her head to get a good look at the tiny girl.
"The typical place." And then she stood and walked out of the room.

***GiantessKira has left the room: GoddessFantasy

By the time Chrystal had logged over to the OOC room, Kira was already there.
"Oh my God that was amazing, Kira. Soo sensual."

"I'm glad you liked it. So, free again soon?"

"Pretty well every day. This is my social life. All the guys at work think I'm gay."

"You're not?"

"Nope. Straight as an arrow. You?"

"Consider myself bi though only been with guys. Problem?"

"Naw, Kira. So, that crush tease today, think tomorrow we could..."

"Totally not my Favorite but sure. Mind if I load a different setting for it though? I've got a Japanese garden I've been wanting to try out."

"Ooh. With matching clothing?"


"It's a date then."

***GiantessKira has left the room: OOC
"It's a date then." Kira repeated aloud, leaning back in her chair. She realized then that she'd have to wash up a little before heading to bed - apparently she had enjoyed the encounter more than she thought. Not that this was the first time such a thing had happened, but it was rare. "Not looking forward to the crush. But compromises..."

It was a typical day at Jeff's garage. Some guy had figured he knew all about street racing after watching the latest Fast movie and had blown his clutch and most of the rest of his transmission on his 'vette, and Chrystal had been the lucky gal to give dude the bad news. He didn't even try to be indignant - he knew he'd been an ass. Chrystal was in her work overalls of course, and was grimy from diagnosing the damage, but that didn't stop Tom the (the 'vette owner's name) from trying to hit on her. "So, you know a lot about this stuff. I bet you could teach me a few things..."

"Sorry, I don't like being the dominant one in the relationship." Chrystal retorted, and a laugh was heard from one of the other mechanics in the garage, effectively shutting Tom down. She kind of felt bad, It was a serious mid life crisis for the guy - first he trashes his fancy car, then even the lady mechanic turns him down. So, to make up for it, she told him, "Don't worry, there's no man here who has a chance with me. Just ask anyone here."

"Yup, she's a dyke." Marco, one of the part timers chimed in from where he was tuning up one of those funky new hybrids the next bay over.

Somehow, that just seemed to make things worse for poor Tom, who would probably be happy if he were to pass out from sheer embarrassment. He said nothing else, just walked into the waiting room, shaking his head.

When she got home, rather than take her usual long soak in the tub, Chrystal went right to her computer, checking her friend list on the giantess website. It showed that Kira was on, so she sent a private message.

"Hey, got home early today. Ready to play anytime you are."
You have received a private message from: LittleChrys

Kira saw the notification, looking up from literally arranging flowers in the scene for that evening. "Anxious, isn't she?" she commented as she clicked into it. Kira didn't have a kimono or anything like that so she'd settled on just having sushi for dinner to get her into a Japanese mood.

"Just finishing up a few details in the garden. Room will be up in like five mins."
*** You have received a private message from: GiantessKira

This is going to be great. I feel all grungy from work and she's gonna crush me tonight. Nothing better than being all smelly and smooshed up to get my motor running. Chrystal thought. And if I think about that hard enough, it's pretty twisted. Oh well, no harm done.

When Chrystal's avatar entered the garden, she was struck by the attention to detail that Kira had put into it. Cherry trees, various bonsai bushes, terracotta walkways, and statuary. There was even light music playing in the background, that stringed instrument that Chrystal could never remember the name of. She was so enraptured by the scene that the very first crush of the evening was totally unaware, but for Chrystal! One moment she was walking along the path, and the next she was underneath Kira's geta.

It took three steps of dizzying perspective changes before her avatar had taken enough damage to be considered 'dead' and had to respawn. Chrystal laughed in real life as she logged in again, "That is not how unaware works!" She once again maneuvered her avatar down the path, this time looking for Kira so she wouldn't miss the next stomp.

Kira was sitting on a low wooden bench, intricately carved. When Chrys got up to her, Kira glanced over briefly, then, slowly, set aside a book. Finally, she looked down more than a glance. "What brings such a tiny subject to me tonight?"

"This one seeks to give You pleasure in whatever way she can. She is quite resilient, as You can see from when You stepped on her on the way here." Chrystal stared up in utter adoration at the giantess.

"So it was your body that soiled my shoe. Tiny one, first you shall clean your mess, then perhaps we shall do something you like, for I am pleased with your previous performances." Kira responded.

"This one is happy that she gave You pleasure. But she is unworthy. She deserves to be punished. Crushed beneath your powerful body." Chrys said in return.

"I do not agree, but I will comply with your desire." She looked up and across the garden. "My garden needs tending. You will help me. Find the tiny seedlings of weeds as I trim the rest. You will get quite muddy, and I will pay no attention to where you are, so you are very likely to be crushed beneath my feet. Perhaps several times. Get on my foot. You do not deserve my hand today."

This made Chrystal squeal in real life as she had her avatar scramble to mount Kira's foot. The giantess then strolled through the garden. And as promised, the next hour was full of "accidental" crushes. Near the end of the hour she picked Chrys up and brought her to her face. "I believe we need to discuss our relationship in more detail. Meet me at the usual place and we will speak further." As soon as Chrys nodded, Kira dropped Chrys to the ground in a mud puddle and ground the avatar to paste with a slow, deliberate step and series of twists, before walking out of the scene.

***LittleChrys has entered the room: OOC
"Wow. Just wow, Kira. You did that well, and still managed to be able to sound gentle. It's a special kind of exciting to be both humiliated and cared for at once."

"I just can't be totally cruel in these. Some say it ruins it, and I try to tone it down..."

"No, no. That was great! It meant to me that my Goddess was doing what she wished, and also giving me what I deserved... at the same time. Uhh, this may seem stalker-ish but... ah, nevermind."

"No. what is it, Chrys? I wanna know."

"Do you think we could meet IRL? >.>" Chrystal asked.

Kira paused a long time and just as Chrys was going to type an apology, Kira responded. "Sure, but don't expect me to wear a toga."

"Cool. Where are you in the world, we may be too far apart to worry about this."

It was determined that they were only about an hour's drive from each other, after a few questions. "Can I ask why you want to meet? I've already agreed but I want to know why."

"I've got no social life, remember? I need another RL friend."

"Fair enough, I could stand with a few more myself."