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  1. Recently, I've kind of noticed that ratings are making people (myself included) feel a little self-conscious. I know that the negative ratings have been taken out maybe because of this, but in place of that, people feel that "like"s mean that something's wrong with their post, etc etc. Maybe it would be good if you had a settings option to hide all the post ratings, so people like me who get self-conscious don't have to look at it, but other people can still rate freely.
  2. I'll admit with the removal of negative ratings it's now raised doubts to the persons intent when ratings like "You Need a Hug", "You get a Cookie" and in some cases "Useful" get used.

    Personally, I'd just keep the ratings going and let the passive aggressive people remain using such cowardly tactics.
    But I definitely get how the lack of clarity can get at some people, so I would agree with a hide option for it.
  3. I am afraid, at the moment we do not have an option or the ability to hide ratings. D:
  4. DX that's too bad. Thanks for reading, though.
  5. If you truly are concerned about the ratings of your posts, and need a solution for your own mental health, there exist plugins for Firefox and Chrome (and, surely, Safari and Opera, but I do not know for certain) which are able to manipulate the appearance of a website when shown on your screen. If you happen to have any CSS knowledge on-hand, you may be able to make use of such plugins to remove the per-post ratings altogether.

    But in case you don't, the CSS you'll want to add to your renderer is simply
    .likesSummary { display: none; } . Any ratings added to the end of a forum post should be hidden from you. If you're on Chrome, I recommend Stylish to facilitate this. On other browsers, I'm not certain what the best option is, but with Stylish's info you should at least have an idea of what you're looking for.

    You are also able to remove the alerts for such ratings in your Alert Preferences section ("Receive an alert when someone... Likes your message"). This will at least keep the ratings from making a big deal of themselves.
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