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  1. I'm surprised no one has made a thread about this yet. As I'm sure everyone knows, Konami's lawyers prohibited Hideo Kojima from attending the VGAs and accepting an award for MGSV. So far, there has been outrage about this (rightfully so) and it's even gotten to the point where the hashtag #FucKonami went viral on Twitter and Facebook.

    I thought Capcom, EA, and Activision were bad but Konami has definitely reached an all-time low now. Prohibiting Kojima from accepting an award for MGSV is like Nintendo prohibiting Shigeru Miyamoto from accepting an award for a Mario or Zelda game! Ungrateful, low-down brats! I just want Konami to disappear at this point and just.......DIE!
  2. Quite frankly, Konami has, more or less successfully bitten a huge chunk out of "the hand that feeds"... In other words, they've kinda screwed themselves over. Personally, an award in itself is literally just a piece of paper, or an item... Possibly with some money attatched to it, though it's the reasons for earning said award that really gives it any "value". So, while Konami might be trying to screw over Kojima by not allowing him to claim his reward, it honestly benefits no-one (except for the egos of the ones in charge of that decision anyways). x.x
  3. The thing is, Konami doesn't care about this particular hand (the gaming one). If I recall correctly, less than 15% of all of their profits come from every single video game they've ever made. A vast majority of it comes from gambling, which is what they're refocusing all of their efforts in. Behold:


  4. x.x So I guess the silent hill slot game was just the beginning after all...
  5. ...I wasn't aware people actually watched this kind of stuff. As a principle, I think all awards shows are kind of worthless.
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  6. I really wanna know what went down. You'd think that Kojima screwed them somehow, but I'm sure if he did, Konami would be more than happy to tell us all how scummy he is. So it makes me think that Konami's in the wrong and they know it (And stunts like that tend to show that too)

    I like to think that Kojima had his heart warmed a bit when the entire stage boo'ed Konami for pulling that stunt.
  7. People still care about award shows?
  8. I don't watch or care about award shows myself.

    But of Konami really did this that still puts them into an all new low.
    Though I can't really start boycotting them since I don't tend to buy their stuff to begin with.
  9. If we made threads about every little snippet and occurrence in the gaming industry Diana would have to make a whole forum just for that. That's why.

    But fuck the corps. They're in it for the money and shareholders while the people that love to push the envelope get held back by deadlines and "what makes money the safest".
  10. Its ironic because I only buy Kojima titles from Konami.
  11. I like award shows. It's a huge pat on the back and, sometimes, circle jerky, but it allows the industry to express appreciation for art and achievement within the field. No one else is going to say, "GOOD JOB!" so why not?

    Besides, I liken them to Championship games of sports. The Academy Awards is the Superbowl of Movies. Ya ken?
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  12. I don't know why it took me so long to think about this, but what legal reason was it to why Kojima wasn't allowed? Like what part of any contract would say "Oh yeah, you're not allowed to show up to game rewards. And since we are scummy, this sentence is going to be VERY obscure and barely make sense in the eyes of the law, but make just enough sense to be legit by law"
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  13. [​IMG]

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  14. I wish that's how it went down XD
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