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  1. [​IMG] Mizuki waved goodbye to her mother before skipping towards the forest, where she usually plays. While exploring the large mysterious forest, she came across a massive building. Curious, the girl walked over to the closest window before looking through it. "Okay, so to get the legendary crystal, we must travel to the village's beach. There, we will dig up the spot where the crystal is hidden.
    When we get the crystal we will use it's power to take control of the world!" Thinking quickly, the 7 year old ran off towards the beach where she found a weird symbol on the sand. So, she dug through it to find a crystal. [​IMG] "This must be what they were talking about." Mizuki said to herself. "Yes, it is." Spoke a voice from behind her. "So give it to us." Jumping slightly, the child shot around to be greeted by a group of dangerous looking men. Keeping hold of the crystal, the 7 year old bolted for her village. Once inside, she then hid in her room with the door locked.
    Peeping out of her bedroom window, Mizuki saw them standing outside of the village. Then she remembered. When she was listening to them, one had mentioned that they don't enter the village. Ever. Years late when Mizuki was 16, she moved to a town called Twinsbrooke. Once she had arrived there, she grabbed some string and turned the crystal into a necklace so she would know if it was taken or lost.

    Even though the teenager had moved to a different place, the group that was chasing her would find her soon enough. Until then, she should keep low, try not to get known in Twinsbrooke. [​IMG]
  2. [​IMG]
    Tonari had grown up in a family of obsessed family members. What they were obsessed with, he only knew it had something to do with a blue crystal. It was around the time he turned eight that their obsession swelled. Someone was always out..."on watch." The men of his family would come back so angry they would hit anything in their paths. Tonari feared when his father and the others would return and would hide in the small pantry they had in the kitchen. His mother never said a word. She let him hide and sometimes she would do the same. In the woods outside their back door.

    A little after Tonari turned 16, he decided not to hide anymore. His father came home, drunk this time and took a swing at Tonari. It hurt like hell, and he almost blacked out, but held onto his consciousness. He stumbled out the door and and ran as fast as his body would take him until he blacked out.

    When he awoke he decided to go to the nearest town to find some food and shelter. He came upon the town of Twinsbrooke. A sweet elderly lady took him in and he found work as a blacksmith. When he had turned 17 he had saved enough money to move out and find his own place. Shortly after that a blonde hair, blue eyed angel (he could put no other name to her) moved next door. He was eager to find out who she was, but thought he would give her some time to settle in.
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    Six was part of another family who had been obsessed with the infamous crystal, they would join another family and discuss anything that could and will them to the crystal. At the age of eight Six was taken to one of the meetings at the other familes home where they taught him about crystal and how special it was and that they need to obtain it. Both families are working together to claim it. Six also noticed another little boy would often be there but he never thought much of it.

    But over time with all the talk of the crystal, and its secrets it holds Six has become obsessed with it too, he decided to find it and claim it for himself! And at the age of 17


    He moved out of his house to begin his journey to find the crystal he had heard so much about.

    He continued his search which lead him to a town called Twinsbrooke. He decided to stay there for a while, and over his stay he noticed a girl with blonde hair and a boy with brown hair stayed next door to him in the apartment.

    He almost thought nothing of it until he noticed that the girl had a blue crystal necklace "Is that it? Is that the crystal!?"
  4. It was only after a week that he had moved in that Tonari realized someone else had also moved in. How long had he been there? The whole situation with this guy felt uneasy to Tonari for some reason he could not place.
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  5. Six knew he had to get to that crystal but he also knew that the other boy was starting to become aware that he had moved in and now Six had to rethink his plan.

    He knew exactly what to do though, he would befriend both the boy and the girl. And once they trusted him enough he would make his move!

    He grins wickedly and exits his apartment and walks down to where Tonari stays, he knocks on the door and waits.
  6. Tonari heard a knock at his door. He expected it to be Mrs. Chika to check in on him like she usually did each week. He opened the door, just enough to pop out his head. he saw a guy about his own age standing there. His face looked pretty familiar, but Tonari had no idea where from.

    "Hello. May I help you," he said. He wondered if this was his new neighbor whom he hadn't met yet since he had never seen his face in this town.
  7. "Hi, I'm your new neighbor the names Six." He said placing a fake smile on his lips as he held out his hand "Its nice to meet you."
  8. Six? Hmmm...still couldn't place it.
    "Hi, my name is Tonari. What brought you to this town?" Tonari kept the door slightly closed between the two of them. He definitely didn't trust this guy...it wasn't anything he'd done, just something he felt in his gut.
  9. "Tonari, that's a cool name. I moved here to escape my farmer boy life. I thought coming to Twinsbrooke would do me some good." He lied. He smiled and rubbed the back of his neck.
  10. "Oh yeah?" Tonari didn't know what to do, he didn't want to invite the boy in, but he wasn't sure he wanted to go out either!
  11. Six could sense the unease and he rubbed the back of his neck "So what brought you here?" He asked faking a nervous laugh.
  12. "I needed to get away from my family. Saying they're crazy is an understatement," he chuckled. He didn't want to disrespect his mother, so he added, "Well, actually, it was my father. I ran away and stumbled on this placa. Have you met Mrs. Chika? She took me in for awhile," he was glad he hadn't said anything to the old lady. He couldn't seem to stop this nervous talking. "By the way, if you need a blacksmith, I'm your guy!"
  13. "Mrs.Chika? No I haven't, I should meet her." He said, in truth he had met her, she was a sweet lady, but he needed information! He needed to know if the crystal was here, and luckily she gave him a lead as to where it could be...after he threatened her.

    "Oh, you're a blacksmith, that's awesome, I may stop by later with my sword."
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