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  1. An Space Station 13 Roleplay​

    {Previous experience with SS13 is not needed; I'm really only using it as a base template. Feel free to join, though I recommend occasionally looking at the SS13 wiki.}

    Setting: Space Station No. 13, otherwise known as Research Station Primary, one of Nanotrasen's best facilities. This is where all that weird stuff people find get sent.

    Recently, Nanotrasen suffered an attack on one of their more isolated stations. Luckily, the assailant was caught and killed. It was of a species rarely seen: a Changeling. The corpse was immediately sent off for research to SS13.

    It turned out it wasn't quite completely dead.

    After being killed for real a second time with only a few survivors, the station had to be repaired. After a surprisingly short break for the (traumatized) employees of the station, they were sent back, along with new employees. Finally, they were allowed to begin their research on the Changeling corpse.

    However, the assault had not gone unnoticed by the Syndicate. They, too, would love to be the first to uncover the secret of the Changeling. When the old and new employees were sent back to SS13, four traitors were amongst them. Among them was one of the Syndicate's most adept agents : Synovial.


    Objective for all four agents: let the scientists at the Station research the corpse, then kill everyone before they report back to Central Command, steal the data, blow up the station, and escape. Keep casualties at a minimum until research is complete.

    Nanotrasen, however, has heard rumors of infiltrators on Space Station 13. Suspicion is high, and security is strict.

    The Changeling's corpse is kept under guard and surveillance, locked in the Xenobiology section of the station.

    Good luck.


    The RP will begin with everyone arriving at the station. Each one has already been informed as to their job. Everyone will continue on with their routine except for Xenobiologists and Security. Xenobiologists will study the Changeling. Security is not exactly on red alert but is still on the cautious side.

    A few liberties can be taken with things; not everything has to be exactly in accordance with the actual game.

    I will be playing as the AI, Ulysses, the Syndicate agent leader, Synovial, and the Head of Security, Ander, plus any NPCs that might be necessary. Every other role is open, even Captain or Cyborg. Antagonist roles are not allowed, though, except for the traitors. There are three open traitor spaces (currently). Minor NPCs can be used by anyone.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.