[Hide and Seek] Come talk to me if you'd like

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  1. Good day to whoever who had stumbled upon this particular thread. I shall attempt to entertain you, hopefully I won't die in the process.

    My name is Yue, my age is a secret (well it's not only the ladies that keep their age a secret). I'm hyper active and gets bored rather easily. I'm a leisure writer with my own stories, I'm a master at mixing different stories and creating my own.

    I'm dumping the ideas I have here so if anyone of you have anything that you wanner do or wanner roleplay but with no plot, talk to me.

    I won't bite...
  2. Hallo Yue who I think is a boy! 8D Welcome to the community!
  3. Hola Diana who I think is a girl who is an administrator =3 Thank you for the welcome~
  4. Welcominino! Have a free cookie! *Shoves it forwards*
  5. Cookie? Yummy~ Thanks a lot.. Some milk would be great too, don't you agree?
  6. Yue..Me..Him..Her... -chuckles.-

    Welcome to Iwaku!
  7. Hey Juku the pirate~ Thanks for the welcome, but what's causing you to chuckle?
  8. Welcome to Iwaku Yue!
    I'm Krystal, it's a pleasure to meet you ^^
    If you have any questions just ask anyone here, we're all nice people xP
    And if you have a plot that you want to RP and need someone to take part in it, i'd love to assist you x3
    Well I hope you feel welcomed and loved here xD