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  1. Kate Rasti, a young 16 year old who always sits in the back of the class and always has top grades has disappeared. Her father is a detective and has been sent to the school to find out where the mysterious messages around the school have been coming from. Most of them say things like
    "SURRENDER", or
    "she will die" or
    "HURRY we will kill SHE IS SCARED must surrender SURRENDER".
    You are the only one who has noticed the girl's disappearance.

    Kate woke up, looking around. She couldn't speak, it hurt to much. She tried to move, but she was tied, she could only move her hands. It took her quite a while to realize she was holding her phone. She quickly tried to text her father. 'Skol danger sos run sos' was all she could type before passing back out.
  2. Allen Seiei, a man of 17 years old, had always had a sense for the paranormal. Well, it can be explained thoroughly because he's the only one out of both sides of his family that has that sense. When school let out for the day, he looked around and decided to go to the library. As he got to the door, he saw a odd message on the door. 'Surrender'. Did anyone else see this? Well, that question got answered as he saw someone walk by normally.
  3. Kate pulled on the ropes, trying to scream out, but she couldn't. She pulled up her entire contact list in one click. Not many, but her parents, a few people from school, and her teachers. 'SOS danger@skol run' just as she hit 'send', the door opened. In walked a guy, his hands stained slightly with red paint. "Trying to get out?" He grabbed the cell, pulling her to her feet by a rope, and practically dragging her to a brightly lit room. She sat, head hung, and wishing someone would understand her abnormal text.
    Jack looked around. He was in front of his daughter's school, but he had no idea where the main office was. He was supposed to meet someone, he thinks it was the supervisor of the school. "Dang it, why does this always happen?" He opens the doors, almost bumping into a few students before he realizes his phone is ringing. He whips it out, quickly scanning the new message. His face went as white as a ghost. His daughter was the only one who had his number. She had gone missing only two days ago, and she just texted him. He threw the phone back in his pocket. He stood there, trying to think. He probably looked stupid, but he didn't care.
  4. Passing of the notion of reading due to the odd door message (which he wrote down exactly how it looks like), Allen just walked to the front of the school to get out of there. When he went through the doors, he saw someone standing there. 'Probably just thinking' With a shrug, he walked up to the person. "Excuse me Mister Detective, is there something you need?"
  5. Jack practically jumped. He looked at the student for a second before he came up with idea. "Umm, did you know a girl named Kate Rasti?" He pleaded in his head that he did. That might solve several things.
  6. "Not personally but I have seen her around a few times." He said while tilting his head. Now was the time to press for more information. "Is this about the missing person's report for her that was on yesterday's evening news?"
  7. Jack winced a little. "Uhh..yeah. Do..do you know if she made anyone unhappy here? Like, someone bullying her? If you've seen it, I mean."
  8. Allen saw him wince and silently smiled. Bingo. But to answer the next question truthfully. "I don't know much, but I do know that she never had problems with bullies." He relaxed his posture a bit and focused his midnight blue eyes on the man. "Let me guess, she was texting you some strange messages about her current situation? And yes, I know your probably thinking that I know way to much for a high school student."
  9. Jack was caught. "Uh, sort of. I expected her too, but not so late. She is my daughter, but still...she's got to be in a bad stitch."
  10. "Huh. The daughter of a police detective. That'll explain on most accounts why people would kidnap her but there's something else behind it." He thought out loud. Something was odd here. The message on the door, yesterday's missing persons report had stated that she went missing just after school...this wasn't adding up as a normal kidnapping or missing person case. Your probably thinking: Why would he know about that?

    Well, lets just say that this time didn't hold a candle to the last one he was involved with.
  11. Jack picked up his phone again, nothing. He scribbled something on a slip of paper and held it out to the boy. "Here. If you find anything, please, call my cell. I'm Jack, by the way. Jack Rasti." He bid the student farewell before heading out to his car, rubbing the back of his neck and thinking.
    Someone else walked in the room. "So, let's go on a walk, Miss Kate." He pulled her up and out of the room, into the fresh air. The place around seemed unfamiliar, all run-down buildings. The guy chuckled at the faint sound of the city. He took out her cell. "Trying to text your dear daddy?" He said, throwing the phone on the ground and crushing it. "Oh well."
  12. As the man, who was now identified as her father, gave Allen the number, he put the paper in his pocket. Walking away, he pulled out his cell phone and called up an important friend. ".....Yamato Sumeragi? It's me. I need some information about a current case. ... Yeah, missing person. ...Allright, Thanks. Say hi to everyone else for me." He hung up the phone afterward. Who was this 'Yamato Sumeragi' that Allen knew?
  13. Jack jumped into his car, heading home to trace the text. "Everything will be fine." He told himself as he pulled into the driveway. Walking to his office, Jack set the phone on his desk and plugged it up to his laptop, typing away.
    The man stopped as she crunched phone made an odd noise. He turned to Kate, his face full of anger. "How dare you!! A tracker?!?!?" He quickly pulled her back to the building, locking her back into her original room. "You're in for it." He slammed the door, walking away and muttering something about backup relocation. "Hurry.." She said, hoping she'd be found soon.
  14. As Allen got to his apartment, he changed from his school clothes to something completely different. He put on a simple black suit with a white tie and a trench coat. When he was changing, he had recieved the information from his friend. True to his point, he picked up a unknown badge and placed it in his suit pocket. "This is one hell of a mess." He said as he loaded up ammo for a 9mm pistol and put another one in the trench coat pocket.

    Oddly, it seemed like Allen was getting ready for war...
  15. Jack sighed as the laptop finished it's analysis. 'Transmission broken. Area of location: Downtown' Jack stood up, walking into Kate's room. There on the wall was the knife her great grandfather gave her before he died. Jack put the knife in his pocket before walking out the door and getting back in his car. He picked up his phone, calling his department at work. "Hey Cap. Yeah, I've got a lead. Downtown, meet me in the old warehouse, we'll split up there. Yes sir, and Captain, be careful. This is my daughter we're saving here." He hung up, starting out on the road towards downtown.
    Kate struggled against her bonds again as the door opened. This time, it was the person with the red hands. He smiled. "You've got a visitor. Now, this is our boss coming, so you better behave." He helped her up, leading her back into the light. she was thankful for his grip, because what she saw made her legs collapse beneath her.
    "Salve Kate. Curis, ne, dum ad sensum nihil dolere. Lorem gubernacula patriae." The figure said, walking closer to Kate. It's face was hidden by a hood, but it's eyes where clear, shining red from the darkened shadows of the hood.
    "You-you s-s-speak L-latin?" Kate stuttered. "Wh-what are you?" She asked.
    "Ego hic alienus est. Tibi mercedem ruditati nostrae genus." The thing laughed. "I speak English. I am male called Beram. Your kind will pay."
    Kate just listened as they all talked. What is going on?
  16. Allen was silently walking to the downtown block of the city. When he left, he sensed something...odd. But what was odd was the message he got to his phone on the way: 'Hurry, we will kill. She is scared. Must surrender, SURRENDER'. After nearly shouting 'What the Fuck', he increased his pace and got to the point that he somehow sensed.

    Whoever took her....might not be a regular human.
  17. Jack pulled in front of the warehouse. The Captain and his team were already there, 22 people in all. "Captain, you take 10 and go that way, I'll take 10 and go this way."
    "What makes you think.." The captain stopped when he saw Jack's face. "She'll be fine Jack. Let's go." And he left, casting a wary look at Jack before leaving. Jack looked at the 10 men waiting for orders.
    "I want all of you to find a partner, then go left, search the entire downtown area. If anything comes up suspicious, call through the radio." He sent them off before going around himself. We will find her. He told himself. He pulled out his phone. Another text? As he read it, anger and worry clouded his footsteps. He stopped, taking a deep breath. "She'll be fine." He told himself, continuing his search. "It's scare tactic."
    Kate was thrown into a chair and the man sat in a chair in front of her.
    "Kate: Numquid scis quare hic sum?"
    "I-I don't speak Latin."
    The man sighed, waving his hand. A woman behind him hurriedly took a seat. "I'm his translator. He said, 'Kate, do you know why I'm here?'"
    Kate shook her head.
    "Tu populum XX annos meos in genere off persecutus haec continentem. Nos sub uiguit, sed nos persecuti vos omnes, occidere off nos. Nos confugiens abondoned undergrounds Africae vires recepit." He paused, letting her translate.
    "You're people, 20 years ago, chased my kind off this continent. We thrived underground, but you all chased us out, killing us off. We took refuge in the abondoned undergrounds of Africa, regaining strength."
    Kate raised her head, her face clouded with confusion. "What? I don't understand, I've never heard of this."
    "At non proavum. sanguine cultrum super eo quod pater meus. Scit enim Pater vester, dabit vobis."
    "No, but your great grandfather did. that knife has my father's blood on it. Your father knows, now you will pay."
    "No! This can't be true. I don't know who you are, but you'll regret this!" Kate pulled on the bonds, suddenly realizing why she was there. The stories I was told as a child, the people that were killed in the war...no. No..NO! Kate thought to herself as she glared at the man, her nails ripping into her skin, her fists were white.
    He waved the translator away. "Tu genus fuere. Quod si non exieris, moriemini. My English no good, you will die no surrender." He laughed as he stood.

    ((Just to make sure everything makes sense, the light blue is Kate, red is the Latin speaking man, and yellow is the translator.))
  18. (Ok.)

    The entire time that it took to get to where he had sensed the feeling of dread mixed in with something off, he was silently thinking about the situation. Who was doing this, what could they gain from it, and is he gonna have to give his secret away? Then, he stopped about 50 feet in front of where he thought that Kate was....a warehouse.

    Normally, he would've just charged right in. The fact that there was 22 police officers was there made him stop. Allen hid in between two buildings as the officers split up, leaving two to guard the front. Smirking, he got a feel for the area and the people in the warehouse. Ah, the wonders of being a modern-day ninja.
  19. The man started to walk out of the room when a small siren went off outside. "Sirenarum? Quid? Invéniat now! Et accipies virginem relocate! Delere et sirenes dominis!" He turned to face Kate, his eyes shining like beacons behind his hood. "You pay Kate Rasti. I no know what you did, but you pay." He growled, walking out of the room as two men lifted her out of the chair and dragged her outside. As soon as the door was opened, she started yelling. "QUICK!OVER HERE!ANYONE!IT'S KATE! HEL-" Her voice was cut off by a hand that quickly covered her mouth, shoving her into the backseat of a car.
    Jack had just turned the corner when he heard his daughter's voice. "I'm coming Kate!" He ran towards the echo, hoping to find her. Every officer he passed he beckoned to follow him. He caught up to the car just as they started the engine. The ten officers surrounded the car as Jack called the others to his location through the radio before turning to the car. "Open the doors now." The man walked out of the building. "You surrender, or Kate die." He had an angry scowl masking his uncovered face. He was a white male, his face covered in scars, his eyes bloody red. He had sharpened teeth. He wasn't a vampire, he'd sharpened his teeth with knives. He was bald, and there was a large spot where it was obvious he'd been sevierly wounded. "Answer me!" he roared. "Compulit nos ad vestrum genus fere deletus! Tu pro tua dicere facta! Filiam tuam moriemini! Dum taedet me in vindictam: Tu pro vulnere nobis!" Jack paused.
    "You speak Latin?"
    "Vos iumentum infernale!" He pulled out a weird looking gun and pointed it at Jack. "Revenge."
  20. "I'ma go for a preemptive strike." He whispered silently and took out his loaded pistol and took 3 shots at the bald man near the police officers. Without caring if it hit, he literally vanished and appeared in front of the car that had Kate in it. He saw the wide eyes of the people in the car as they quickly got her out of the car.

    Why? Well, not but seconds later, A massive lightning bolt rained down from the heavens and destroyed the car. Moments later, Allen walked through the explosion calmly with residual amounts of electricity trailing his frame.
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