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The magic world is very different from the realm humans occupy. Though placed on the same Earth, their cultures and practices vary greatly. Magical Beings are hidden from plain sight in expansive forests or hidden ocean and island cities. And although some choose to live among mortals, most stay in their secluded homes. But this story wouldn't be a story with safety in secluded homes.


Long ago, humans waged wars against the Magical Beings. Fighting for senseless reasons. Among other things, a truce and treaty was decided. Magic users and Magical beasts were ordered into hiding so future Humans would not fear and fight in the way their Ancestors had too. But in return, magical beings were granted territory in the middle of oceans and forests and arctic regions, successfully dividing species and cultures from each other. Much to the Elders dismay, the Magic world is more divided than the humans' is.

In the modern world, most simple magic creatures can use a glamour and disguise themselves as part of the human world, and some do. There is a home, in New York, accustomed to housing magic beings hoping to sink themselves in with humans. But glamour is one thing, and the knowledge of a complete new society is a little more complicated. This home in the New York wilderness is devout to teaching uneducated magic users to the way humans live. It isn't a school by any means but its here to help.


Alright guys! This roleplay is about various different kinds of magic beings, meaning anything from Witches to Werewolves, learning how to live with humans peacefully. Each character has left their home for a reason, for something in the Human World. The home they live in is a 13 bedroom, 12 1/2 bathroom mansion house way outside the cities of New York. The house is never full, but is also never empty. So when you create your character, I'd prefer it be one each unless you're playing twins, then there is a possibility of an exception (no promises).

- Site rules apply as always

- No godmodding please
- I'd prefer there not be too much coupling although I will allow it, but if it gets, yknow, take it to PM's.
- The story propels of your posts so try to stay active and make intelligent, plot developing posts.
- I don't care what magical species you use but I would appreciate it if you tried to stay away from all powerful beings, or at least ones that seem unbeatable.

Character Sheet:


Age: (mostly late teens to mid twenties)

Species: (pretty much anything goes here)

Appearance: (height, weight, ect.)(I prefer a picture but you'll need to describe the characters physical status)




If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM!

My Character:

Name: Lily Lightwood

Age: 20

Species: Elemental Witch

height: 5'5" , weight: 123lbs

Personality: Naturally light hearted and kind. She is a very sweet person who really only wants to help, but everyone has a dark side. And if you manage to make her angry enough it is not pretty.

Homeland: Island Elemental Nation of Padme
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This seems suspiciously similar to something, but I can't lay my finger on exactly what... Anyway, I was hoping to play twins since the current supernatural monster I'm playing in various applicable RPs requires twins. may I? if not I'll come up with something else.
This seems suspiciously similar to something, but I can't lay my finger on exactly what... Anyway, I was hoping to play twins since the current supernatural monster I'm playing in various applicable RPs requires twins. may I? if not I'll come up with something else.
Yes. Since you are the first to ask you can play twins if you want!
Awesome, thanks! I'll get my CS up... whenever. Likely tomorrow morning.
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WIP because I fell asleep.

Name: Taiyo of the First

Age: Around 320 - 17 years since latest rebirth.

Species: Jiikami - first (Please find a description of Jiikami at the bottom.)



Around 150cm in height. Below average weight. I dont really see any reason to put an exact value for this. The image and height should be more than adequate to get a feel of what they're like. I'm definitely not using this an excuse to hide that I have no idea what average weight is and google isn't very helpful.


Homeland: Nameless village in Indonesia

Name: Tsuki of the Last

Age: Around 320 - 17 years since latest rebirth.

Species: Jiikami - last

Appearance: See Taiyo


Homeland: Nameless village in Indonesia

Jiikami - lit. Time God.
Jiikami are what their name describes - gods of time. Or rather, their ultimate form is. The concept of time is meaningless to a Jiikami, since they can defy it at will. Jiikami exist simultaneously during all time planes, and as such, all Jiikami that have existed, currently exist, and will exist in the future are all already here. They are unlike normal time travelers though, in that their existence in each major time plane has a different free will and consciousness to any other members of its same person. A Jiikami begins its path to godhood when the first meets the last - when the first ever existence of that Jiikami comes into contact with the last ever existence of that Jiikami and they figure out who one another are. When that time comes, the first and last both disappear from time and are reborn as twins to a randomly selected mother. In the case of Taiyo and Tsuki, this was 17 years ago, and it took the first and last 303 years to find each other. After the start and end of a Jiikami have been removed like this, the remaining pieces become an endless existence, and as such are immune to being killed by one who kills by preventing the beginning or accelerating the end, such as a shinigami. A reborn first/last pair then grows up normally until the age of 3, when they regain certain memories pertaining to their identity as well as an instinctive desire to find the other members of their person. Upon finding another member, that member is absorbed by the pair, and they both become stronger. When the final member has been absorbed, the first and last fuse into each other and become a single existence as a full god of time. So far, only 3 Jiikami are known to have ascended in such a manner.

Aside from this, Jiikami are also capable of manipulating time. They cannot fully walk through it until they gain a certain amount of power, but even a newly reborn pair can use certain aspects of it. Most of these aspects involve paradoxes - For example, the sole existence of two members of the same person in the same time line and with knowledge of each other is a paradox, resulting in potentially devastating effects if left unchecked. Fortunately, there are ways of nullifying these paradoxes without them damaging anything. The potential of Paradox magic is theoretically endless. Provided you could create a complex enough logic paradox, it is thought that one could even destroy the universe and rebuild it from scratch. No one has ever been known to achieve this, though. On the other hand, would anyone notice if they had done? Such an event would even erase and recreate the existence and memories of gods themselves.

Dont worry, I have no intention of Taiyo and Tsuki doing anything like this :D actually, their skills will be somewhat weak in comparison to other characters, although they will grow in power faster than the others thanks to member absorption.
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