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  1. Aqua sighed softly as she walked home from college. It had been yet another, uneventful day there, the only interesting thing that happened was one of her feathers fell to the floor in class and she had to come up with some sort of excuse. The 18 year old blond tugged her red cap further down on her head to hide her hair. Aqua had been hiding most of her life, her much too blue eyes and almost glowing blond hair was a dead give away to angel hunters about her half inheritance from her angel mother but human father.

    Angels were no secret, they visited the earth regularly to help out where they could and some even had real jobs but it was forbidden for angels and humans to interact beyond a friendly manner. Angel hunters were those that hunted down angels, humans and 'half breeds' that went against this rule and destroyed them. Aqua was one of the lucky ones, she and her family had been attacked by the hunters but she had managed to get away. Unlike his parents that is.
  2. Zeniel ran through the crowd, using his abilities to boost his speed. He really wasn't looking where he was going, all he knew is that he had to get as far away as possible. Suddenly, he slammed into something else. "Oof!" he grunted as he toppled backwards. "Sorry miss I didn't mean to..." he trailed off when he saw the girl's hair, which she was desperately trying to stuff back into a red cap. What the heck? she definitely smells human...why does she have angel hair? He shook his head, and pushed the thought away. Not gonna think about it; have to run. He bounded back up, shoot an apologetic look at the girl, and disappeared in the mass of people.
  3. Aqua yelped in surprise as she fell to the floor, her hat falling off and her hair. The teen swore loudly and stuffed her hair back n to her hat but it was too late. The guy that had knocked in to her had some how gotten the hunters on his tail and by knocking her over he had sealed her fate. Aqua got up and ran through the crowd in the direction the guy had gone to try and get away "great! I'll have to move again" she snapped angrily
  4. Cole rubbed his eyes in frustration. Cole didn't agree with any of this angel, human bull crap. He didn't agree with any of this. If a human and angel wanted to be friends or something more they had the full right to do so...of course believing in this notion, wasn't always the easiest thing for Cole to do, considering the fact that he was the son of two of the world's best Angel hunters. They'd caught hundreds before he was born, and many more after his birth. There was a scarce amount of them now, however the numbers have been growing, and Cole's parents have been away a lot more than he'd like. Cole needed to go out and find more people who felt the same way as he did and start a movement. Even if that may lead to associating with angels and half breed. That would probably get him scolded, and if his parents found out he'd be getting hated by his them. Maybe even dis-owned. But he had to make things right. He hated the way things were in this world. All he wanted to do was change it.
  5. Aqua continued to run as fast as she could, the two hunters chasing her. They yelled out loudly at a near by boy "Cole! Get her!" they called. Aqua sore as she stumbled and failed to regain her balance, forcing her to tumble to the floor in a heap "today is NOT my day" she muttered softly
  6. Zeniel ground to a halt as he heard the shout of the hunters behind him, except now they seemed to be focused on the girl. He sighed. It had been his fault that she had been targeted after all. turning around, he darted in between people until he reached the girl. "Listen, I know a safe place to hide, you need to come with me," he whispered quietly as he hauled her to her feet.
  7. Emmy sat on a bench, carefully observing... something. To the uninitiated, the young woman with green-lensed binoculars looked as if she was bird watching with night vision goggles. But anyone experienced in Emmy's line of work would know that she wasn't looking for birds. She was hunting something else with wings.

    Ding. Emmy swiveled around to the right, and saw two teenage boys chasing a boy and... an angel! Aha! Emmy's binoculars showed blue blobs around a girl with a red hat, and those blobs meant that she was at least part angel. Three blobs... If Emmy remembered correctly, that meant the girl was half angelic. Seeing as the girl's parents must have been different races, the college student with the hat was a target - in fact, she would become the 63rd breaker of angel/human law to be eliminated by Emmaline K. Silver. What else would be expected of her, considering that she was the niece of two great angel hunters?

    For now, she would let the two amateur hunters follow the half-angel girl. They certainly wouldn't be able to kill her, but at least they could corner her, and that was to the advantage of Emmy, who didn't want to use more energy than necessary. She put her dark hair up in a bun, pocketed her binoculars, and began tailing the girl and her pursuers.
  8. Cole heard his parents loud and clear, but he refused to do too much about it. Thanks to the thick and large crowd, he was able to slip through, and avoid his parents. However he still wanted to find the half angel for his own reasons. After a quick moment of searching he noticed TWO, not one, but TWO! One was helping the other up. He was able to spot them, due to the training he'd received from his parents. He decided not to rush up to them. He didn't want to startle them before he even got a chance to talk to them. He walked up to them just like anyone else would. He tried desperately tried not to meet their eyes. Cole walked up to the two angels. He hid his weapons under his trench coat. "I know a safer place. You have no reason to trust, me but all I'm asking for is a moment of your time. If you're not satisfied with my words, then you don't have to seek me ever again. However that would be a bad idea, considering that I'm...apparently an angel hunter...yeah...and I'm not trying to kill you. I know. We need to move, before my parents find us. If that happened, I'd be pretty much forced to kill you. Frankly I don't want it to come to that. So if you would please indulge me." He said this as sternly as possible.
  9. Aqua looked in between the two lads before biting her lip and looking at the hunter "how do I know you're not going to kill us?" she asked then swore as she heard the pair of hunters calling "ok,ok." she muttered and looked at the other lad "I don't know about you but this guy doesn't seem like he wants us dead" she said and turned back to the hunter m"Show me the way. Quickly"
  10. Zeniel evaluated the youth in front of him. He eventually decided he was trustworthy. He was turning to follow the boy, when he felt something was off. "We need to hurry, there's something else watching us." His hightened senses could just make out a figure on a bench a little ways away, watching like a hawk. Damn, that one looks experienced. "Oh, and kid, if you want people to come with you, you may not want to make it seem like an ultimatum."
  11. Aqua shook her head and glared at anyone that seemed to be looking at them before rolling her eyes "right, to avoid being called kid or whatever. I'm aqua and I think we need to get the HELL out of here before we all get killed by either each other or the other three hunters surrounding us"
  12. "My name's Co-" he was cut off, by the blinding beauty of this girl. He barely noticed it when he first approached. "...Cole. My name's Cole. And yours?" he asked, realizing she'd already stated her name. "Um right. You already said that. Aqua. Okay anyway, just follow me. Keep a distance. I won't be slowing my pace." Cole looked towards the suspicious man that the other half angel seemed to have noticed. Cole then looked back in the direction he was going, and walked with a semi-fast step. He weaved through the crowd with ease. He didn't dare look back to see if the two half angels were keeping up. It would bring on suspicion, from the third hunter. He felt as if that hunter still had eyes on them. He found his way to an ally way. He then slipped into a man-hole you wouldn't see at first sight. He slipped down there quickly, hoping the two half-bloods would be coming down with him. He touched a button and bright over head lights flickered. It revealed a medium sized room. Each wall was draped in either weapons or gadgets. Made for killing and capturing angels. "Home sweet home..."
  13. Aqua struggled to keep up but some how managed to, she slipped down the man hole then froze at the sight of the the room "oh hell no" she said firmly, crossing her arms "you seriously can't expect me to go in to a room that is just filled with things created to kill and captor people like me" she motioned to the room "I mean, seriously? There's got to be somewhere else"
  14. "Hey, it can't be that bad." Zeniel shrugged. "Besides, if he tries anything, I'll take care of him. Its not like half the things in here could hurt me much anyway."
  15. Aqua gave a thankful smile to him "well you can take care of him while I run then. Oh, I never got your name" she didn't like the idea of hanging out with a hunter and another maybe half angel without knowing their names
  16. "Zeniel." He held out his hand, before snatching it back. "Actually, you may not want to make direct contact with me. I have no idea what might happen if I were to actually touch you...Its a good thing I grabbed your shirt when I helped you up before," he admitted as he rubbed the back of his head.
  17. Emmy let out an exasperated sigh. Of course, those amateur hunters lost the pair of half-angels, so it was up to her to follow them. And follow them she did - Emmy managed to track them and some person in a trench coat through an alleyway by walking along nearby streets. Along the way, she caught three words. Only three, yes, but that was something, and something was better than nothing.

    "My name's Cole."

    Emmy raised her eyebrows, then quickly brought them back for an eye roll. If her suspicions were correct, this was the Cole she thought it was. This could be her cousin, trained in angel hunting but not at all committed to the cause. "Why can't you be more like your cousin Emmaline?" was a question that was often brought up at dinner when they were younger, and Emmy took pride in that. Of course, Cole's parents had no idea exactly how anti-hunting he was.

    When the half-angels and Emmy's idiot cousin went down a manhole, the angel hunter sharply turned into the alleyway, and stood above said manhole. Kneeling down carefully so she wouldn't damage her dress, Emmy fixed a small box to the manhole and plugged some earbuds into the box's headphone jack. This was the latest listening device she had created, and she hoped it was better than the last ones. The box wasn't exactly proving its worth at the moment, since all it was picking up was small talk.
  18. Aqua raised an eyebrow "nice to meet you Zeniel but why would it matter if you touched me or not?" she asked feeling rather stupid, there was very little she knew about half angels even though she was one. Aqua had neevr met another one of her kind before so she only had to go on what she knew about herself
  19. "Well, I don't do well with angels. Of any type." He looked guiltily at the floor. "You're lucky your just a half angel; I'm something much worse." Frowning, he continued, "I might scare you if I tell you, so I'd rather leave it at that."
  20. Aqua shook her head "I saw my parents dragged away by hunters. Nothing you say will scare me, especially after you tried to help me. What could you be that would be so bad as to scare me away?"
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