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  1. Griffin Green
    Personality: Griffin comes across gruff. He is very loyal to those who he's close to. He can be very aggressive when angry.
    Bio: Griffin grew up on the rough side of town. His father was a low level criminal. He volunteered for a program to make soldiers stronger. The military had helped stabilize him so he wanted to help in anyway he could.
  2. Name: Jennifer (Jen) Milan
    Age: 24
    Personality: Jennifer is very loving and kind. She loves to help others and wants to make the world a better place for everyone.
    Background: Jennifer was born into a rich family. Her father is the head of science team in her cities town, her city being the root of all science for the entire world. She found her fathers work very interesting at a young age and took it upon herself to take over the lab when her father retired.
  3. Griffin paced his cage. No one had been down to check on him in over a week. Normally this didn't bother him. He had never been a people person. But he was getting worried. He could survive awhile without food or water but not forever. As much as he hated it he could eat the wild life but that still left the problem of water. Although the program he had been a part of had been shut down because of the unpredictable results, the scientist in charge still saw to his needs. He usually came once a week to bring Griffin food, water, and other supplies. It was rare for the scientist not to come by. So he hadn't rationed out his supplies. Now he was hurting for water. What would he do if no one came down here again?
  4. Jennifer had just started working at her dad's lab. She had wanted to do this for a while. Her father had just now given her the opportunity. "Hey Jen I need you to take these files down to the file room on the 5th level." Jennifer smiled at her father. "Of curse, you know how I just love to file stuff." Jennifer chuckled and her father smirked at her. "Someone has to do it, hun." Jennifer took the files from her father and walked into the elevator. Jen flipped through the files and without looking at the buttons, she pressed one and the elevator closed to take her down. Little did she know she had hit the wrong button. She hit the basement button. No one, except the head staff and lab leaders were allowed in the basement, Jennifer didn't even know what was in the basement. As the elevator dinged and the doors opened Jen stepped out, looking up all she could see was a long dark hallway with a single light in front of a cell at the end. Jennifer tilted her head to the side and looked curiously at it. "Uhm...Hello?"Jenifer looked around and slowly made her way down the hall towards the cell.
  5. Griffin was surprised by the female voice. He hadn't seen a woman in... years. He realized. Since he volunteered for an experiment that was suppose to make him stronger. Which it did. But it also turned him into something not human. He was tempted to hide so he wouldn't scare her. But the reality was that there was no where for him to hide. So he might as well just answer her. "Down here."
  6. Jennifer was surprised when she heard a voice. It was a deep gruff voice. She continued to walk down the hall. When she got to the cell she looked in, not thinking anything dangerous would be inside. when she saw the dark outline of whatever was inside she spoke up again. "I..I can't see you, can you step forwards please?" Jennifer had never even heard about this place. The light from in front of the cell shined down on her, illuminating her face and body.
  7. Griffin stared at the woman. The his only light did her no favors but it didn't take away from her beauty. She had to be the most beautiful woman he had seen. He hesitated. He didn't wish to scare her. It was an odd thought for him. He usually didn't care what people thought. But for some reason her opinion mattered. He slowly moved towards her. He watched her reaction carefully. He was taller then she was by several inches. He wear nothing but a pair of ragged pants.
  8. Jennifer stared in amazement. Her mouth slowly moving up to her hand. "Oh my-" Jennifer took a step closer. "How...Who...What are you?" Jennifer was slightly startled but she thought he was beautiful, he was so tall and mighty looking, she wanted to reach out and touch him, but she didn't know if he was evil or dangerous. "How long have you been down here?" Jennifer looked him over, she could tell her hadn't eaten in a while. She was so intrigued by him yet part of her wanted to be scared.
  9. Griffin chuckled. His laugh was rough from lack of use. He admired her bravery. Not many could look at a six feet lizard and be calm. He stood where she could see him but far enough that he hoped that she wouldn't feel threatened. He had joined the military to help people not terrorize them. "I don't know how long I've been down here. Its hard to keep track. I know its been a few years." He answered her last question first. "My name is Griffin. What is yours?"
  10. Jennifer just started for a moment. "My name is Jennifer...are...are you hungry?" Jennifer remembered she had a sandwich her lab coat pocket. It was a ham sandwich so she wasn't sure if he would eat it or not but she wanted to be kind and offer it to him. She pulled it out of her pocket and held it out to him, her hand barley slipping through the bars. "A few years? Where you...Genetically mutated here?" Jennifer started to think if he was a creation of her father or if he was born this way.
  11. "Thank you Jennifer. My supplies have run out." He told her. He moved towards her slowly. She was braver than she looked. He knew most people would run at the sight of him. In fact that was how he had ended up in this cage. Shortly after the mutation he had lost control. Animal instincts had taken over. He hadn't hurt anyone fortunately but he had scared enough lab assistants to get locked up. He carefully took the sandwich. "Yes I was generically mutated."
  12. Jennifer let him tae the sandwich and stepped back. "By who?" Jennifer wanted to help him. She wanted to make sure he was okay. She had a medical degree so its not like she didn't know what she was doing, but he was a lizard. "Why a lizard...did they want you to be like Godzilla or something?" Jennifer chuckled and listened to him talk. Then realized she had been down here awhile. "hey uhm..." She looked around a little at the walls and hallway. "I actually am not supposed to be down here, so I should go, but I will back later if I can, do you want me to bring you anything?" Jennifer knew she would get in trouble for this and possibly fired but she was drawn to Griffin, for some reason, she was so drawn to him, he was like a magnet.
  13. Griffin shrugged. "By the government. I volunteered." He explained. He laughed at her suggestion that he was a Lizard because they wanted to look like Godzilla. "I chose lizard. I never thought of the Godzilla angle. Maybe I should invade Tokyo." He joked. His eyes darkened with sadness. He knew that what she said was true. Still he didn't want to be alone again. "I could use more water if you can."
  14. Jennifer smiled at him and grasped on of the bars and put her face close to the bars. "Of course. It will have to be after everyone else leaves so it will be a little while, but I promise I will be back." Jennifer turned to leave, her back heels clicking and echoing on the hard concrete floor. Once in the elevator she made sure she hot the right button and went to quickly file the papers. Going back upstairs and finding her dad. "hey dad, Can I uh...can I uh talk to you for a moment?" Her dad nodded and they left and went to a private room. "What's up hun?" Her dad was looking over a lab report as he spoke to her. "what's in the basement?" Her dad looked up at her and looked back down at the papers. "Just storage." Jennifer knew her dad was lying and just went with it. "So why can't anyone go down there except for the head scientists?" Her dad shrugged. "No reason for anyone else to go down." Jennifer nodded. "Alright..." Jennifer couldn't believe that her dad was lying right to her face. she just walked out and left and continued with her work.
  15. Griffin watched her leave. He sighed. He was used to being alone. But Jennifer's visit had been like a bresgh of fresh air in is silent empty world. He hoped they she would come back but he had his doubts. There wsd no reason for her to come back. Except maybe curiosity. How long could curiosity last? He roamed his cell for hours. He wondered who Jennifer was and how she was connected to the lab. It didn't seem like she knew much about the project. Which wasn't surprising considering that it had been shut down for years. He wanted to know more about her.
  16. Jennifer did a minimum amount of work for the rest of the day and when she wasn't working she was trying to find information on Griffin. She couldn't find any. It all was restricted or couldn't be found. It was like he didn't exsist. As workers started to go home Jennifer stayed low. At around 8 she told her dad she was heading home. She waved goodbye and went to the elevator, going down to the cafeteria she got food and water for herself and Griffin. Heading back down to the basement. She walked down to the end of the hall. Smiling at Griffin. Handing him a water and offering him a hot sandwhich. "I figured you would want something hot." Jennifer sat down against the wall next to his cage and looked at him as she pulled out food for herself. "Do you know that they won't even talk about you up there. They don't even know you exsist...or at least they act like it. Even my dad. He has been head of this company since I was a little girl and when j asked him what was down here...do you know what he said? He said junk. Old boxes and files. Like really? What a liar?" Jennifer was upset and she didn't mean to cent to Griffin but it just came out.
  17. "Thank you." He said as he took the sandwich. He could barely remember what hot food tasted like. He had been living on nonperishables for years. "I can't say that I am surprised. I was being to think I might have been forgotten. Many of the people that work here probably know nothing about the program I was in. It was top secret back then." He shook his head sadly. He wasn't surprised that the head of the company would deny his existence. "I am an embarrassment to them Jennifer. A failed experiment that the want to fade into the past."
  18. Jennifer looked up at him and smiled. "A mistake is something, you definitely are not. You are art, a scientific master piece....You're beautiful." Jennifer said in a lower tone, putting her head down. She couldn't understand how he could just be forgotten, and left here like her was. She had this pull towards him. She wanted to know him, who he was. She didn't know why but she did. "So...do you ever wish you could leave this cage and go into the real world?" Jennifer knew she could never get him out and so maybe that question was giving him false hope, but she wondered if he had gotten used to the years or solitude and confinement.
  19. Griffin looked at her surprised. "I guess I haven't thought about that in years. I dont think that I could handle it. I was never a very social person before the experience but after years of being alone... I dont think it would be overwhelming. Beside that I wouldn't exactly blend in." He told her honestly. He could just imagine the reaction he would get if people saw him. No it was better to not have to deal with it.
  20. Jennifer nodded her head slowly. "I can understand that." Jennifer looked up at him. "Do you miss anything? or anyone? Like family...or a girlfriend or something?" Jennifer could only imagine what he had to give up to be here and do what he did. "I understand if you don't want to talk about it." Jennifer didn't know what to say to him, she had no idea what she was even doing down here with him in the first place, I mean, did her presence even matter to him. Was she just being a pain and annoying him?
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