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  1. Ok so I've been away from roleplaying for a while, but have been wanting to get back into it. I had this plot in mind that I thought would make for a great story and would love if someone were willing to fulfill it. Here's the plot I had in mind:

    ** Note **
    I am the female character in this plot.

    A girl begins her third semester of college under a teaching major (*subject to change). In one of her core classes, she meets a guy who tries to start casual conversation in hopes of capturing her attention. Throughout the story the girl and guy get to know each other quite well. After a while they mutually agree to start dating, but a couple of weeks into their relationship, the girl discovers that the guy has been keeping a very dark secret that could threaten to destroy their relationship. The guy must then prove his feelings are true and sincere and win the girl back or their relationship could be doomed forever.

    In this scenario, I picture the guy's secret as something having to do with him stalking her, not because of some creepy, psychotic fantasy he has but because he was hired by someone to watch her. (for good reasons or bad reasons, that will be up to you) but the guy soon finds he has fallen for the girl and is willing to do anything to prove his love for her and keep her.

    Anyways, that's the plot I'm really interested in trying out. If you are not interested in said plot, I am open to any ideas you may have. Romance roleplays to me are better when I play the girl, as reading and writing a story from my own gender's perspective makes for a more appealing story. However, my girl characters tend to turn into Mary-Sues if I'm not extra careful about it, so I tend to lean more in the direction of playing male characters because its easier for my guy characters to become their own thing rather than drifting to a stereotypical norm as my girl characters do. But whatever plots or pairings you have in mind are open to discussion, just send me a pm and we can decide on something we both like.
  2. Still looking for a partner?
  3. Yep! :D Thanks for responding! Are you interested in the plot or would you like to discuss pairings??
  4. Still looking for partners!! I'm willing to do any rp at this point. Just PM me pairings that you might be interested in and I'd be more than happy to rp with you!! ^_^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.