Hidden Truth

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  1. Description~

    Taking place in a modern world that is all too comfortable with their ignorance, a secret world rests just under their noses. A society hidden in darkness and growing with each passing day that is older than human theory in and of itself. Vampires, Lycans, a Secret Council that has existed to keep a level of discipline upon the outrageous existence of both of these creatures. This is the tale of that world, of those creatures that secretly run our governments, that own most the properties and land of the world. This is the story of the world Humans think they rule, and the truth of just how wrong they are.


    The truth of that day still burned an eternal scar in his mind, even now 3 years after the fact. Love a concept that humans had conceived to deceive themselves int he belief they had compassion and were separate from the animals they so mocked. What was it that decided love though? What decided if it were just or if a union should be accepted. Humans would never accept unions of things that they did not understand, and he had come to realize that long ago. However, were humans the only ones so wrong in this regard? Were humans the only creatures on this wretched earth that judged others, and proclaimed themselves gods over a society manifesting power to prove their existence? it sickened him to think this but in the end even he one of those he spoke of could not deny the truth behind it all.

    Her screams etched in his mind like a record that was scratched but refused to play any other part of the song besides the crescendo. Useless screams of terror that did her no good under the hateful eyes of the only people he knew to trust. Betrayed, battered, bruised but unlike her he was spared the suffering that came with what they had believed was love. "Laorah" The name would remain the only testament he had for the truth they shared. That was all a past thought now though, he had escaped the facade of order they tried to present, he knew better of it but lacked the essentials to fight it. So what was left? What could he do but run from it all?

    It hadn't ended with just that, at first it was enough that they just kept him locked away, at first it was enough that the world had gone dark for him. Then when they thought to force his allegiance, to make him their tool; their weapon! This was when things changed even if slightly. He spent his days running, hiding away from them and often times fighting for his life. He didn't let people get near unless it was to dance on occasion at a club, or a typical pointless conversation at a bar. How could he with the life he'd given himself, Hunted, tracked, and of course constantly on the run. No one would suffer that same fate, he wouldn't allow it. As they called his name again and again he could ignore it, until they forced him to make them scream it.

    This is his life, the story of his life and the people he would meet along the way. This is the the story of the worlds most Hidden Truth.


    So that was the basis for the rp, but I left a lot out as well. Thats what this part is for I am going to describe to you the races avaiable, and the roles and all that jazz that should be played. Every role will require a character Sheet. If you are interested in being a Love interest for this roleplay I would have you PM me personally so that we may figure out a way to work that in.

    Honestly the story will be one of romance, and a LOT of action. My Character for unknown reasons is being hunted down by the Council. The Council is a Group of Both Vampires and Lycans specifically formed to be the Army that governs the rest of the race. A judging faction that demands respect through power, fear and the facade of Order. There are also rogue groups of Vampires or Lycans that absolutely hate the counsil. There are free lancers that have not been claimed by the Council and I am also open to ideas. Humans for this rp play a pretty basic role. They can be Hunters of the Dark races, or they can be oblivious and have unfortunate run ins. Honestly its pretty open.

    The Rp Is starting in Chicago for its base but as the story progresses the rp will move as well from place to place.

    Races/Roles Available~

    Humans~ Nothing special AT ALL You can have what normal every day job you like of course. You have your normal life with no powers available to you, and you are entirely oblivious to the Other races of the world. Exceptions might be someone who has no proof but believes, a fanatic of some sort. Or Shadow Hunters which are Hunters of "Creatures of Darkness" In which case you have weapons available for Slaying. If interested in this role (Limited Number) Please PM me so I can work it out with you.


    A. Full Blood~ Full blooded vampires are those that were born as such. They can only be such by being the offspring of two Vampires. These vampires has the enhanced speed, better strength, and take on the appearance of every day humans. They have a natural aura of seduction of course that woos humans. However the biggest thing that separates them from the New Bloods is that they have a single innate ability that makes no logical sense outright. IE: My character who is a Lycan has an ability that he can enter ones mind after seeing them and or by Mirror affects and then can send a wave length that literally cuts their mind up mentally and can kill them on the spot if not torture them first. Full Blooded Vampires mostly choose to feed from Humans which keeps them pure and embraces what they consider their birth given right to rule over humanity. This also increases sexual arousal and their strength and speed. Full Bloods are the only vampires that can change a human into their kind, either through the sacred rite of sharing the blood between each other, or by sexual intercourse. IE: Vampire has sex with a human, that Human will die and be reborn a vampire NO EXCEPTIONS. The other option for feeding is to drink the blood of animals and this will make you weaker, duller, and bring you as close as you possibly might come to humanity. Roles Available Include~ Council roles, Rogues, Freelancers (Unknown to the council) Suggest if you have other ideas. (Please ask if their are questions, Do NOT Assume)

    B. New Blood~ Think everything I just told you, then take away the ability, and make them greatly weaker. Often times New bloods do not make it very long without the help of the one that turned them. If they choose to drink nothing but human blood as a New Blood they will become Nosferatu, which is the most animalistic form of Vampire. No humanity remains and they are wild creatures that are commonly known for absolute slaughter. They are on par in strength with Full Bloods at this level, however Full Bloods ability usually makes the power gap quite apparent. A very interesting character type but keep in mind unlike the Full Blood; New Bloods can NOT join the councils grand order and are often times looked down upon.

    C. Weaknesses are not what is considered typical to normal vampires. They are weakened in the presence of sunlight, but will not burst into flames. A bullet can kill, a sword slash or axe cut, normal things that would kill a human will kill a Vampire. Vampires regenerate both energy, and their flesh or health and wounds from drinking blood.


    1. Full Blood Lycan are the Pride of the Omni Pack. Strong able men and women with a more wild look about them. It can be their facial hair for men, or for both it could be that they have extremely thick of fast growing/ long hair. They have odd colors to their eyes that phase with their emotions. Over all Full Blooded Lycan are known for unnatural speed and animalism in their attributes or every day activities. Common for Babies born to be found climbing things they normally wouldn’t Same as a Full Blooded Vampire Lycan can transfer the gift through sexual intercourse, and more inadvertently dangerously through a bite directly into a humans vein. Not to be mixed up with Werewolves. Lycan’s choose their transformation and with time can gain a control that is unmatched over the form. The form being that of a Humanoid Giant wolf that can stand on both its hind legs and its fours. Also same to the Vampires the innate Ability is the same please refer to the Vampire A. description for more info on this. They are incredibly pack related and have a sense of family that is unmatched, they are territorial to a fault and dangerous if that territory is tampered with, However this can also be used to manipulate them. A Lone wolf is a taboo as it is said to be a sign they have fallen out from under Mother Luna’s watchful gaze. The wolves work on a Hierarchy system but The council has taken to arranging that differently Roles Available~ Council Roles, Rogue come up with ideas I am open of course. Same as before please ask if you have questions do not Assume.

    1. New Bloods~ The way of becoming a New blood varies between either being bitten and turned which is very dangerous and mostly taboo, Or being born off of the virgin sex between a Lycan and a Human. New bloods do not have near the strength a full blood does, and have no ability outright either. They are pitiful creatures abandoned, and if not taught by one of their own of higher standing it is likely their animal instincts will kick in and they will kill on sight. Ever hear of those odd giant Dire Wolf attacks, well there is a little more than meets the eye with that. Honestly if you have read the Vampire section then this is just a repeat of that in terms of Lycans rather than the Vampires.

    1. Same as before for point C above. Lycans of all sorts are not killed by silver, however it is poisonous and allergic to them. It will burn the flesh for some odd reason. Still a bullet or knife can do very much the same. Though its definitely going to be harder to take down a Lycan in wolf form, you better have some heavy guns and get a good shot because the ability of natural regeneration within a days time is in high power when they are in their wolf form.

    Information For Both~

    Fated Partners~ For each of the race there is a fate bound destiny that there are three people out there that are meant for you. Destiny bound and a highly valued concept between all of the races. The first of these is generally when one helps to awaken one of their own kind that has not yet truly come into understanding what he/she is (Awakening is doing something to finalize the belief in another that they are what they are, one it is accepted it is called an awakening and only then will they truly be able to live their lives with the extent of their gifts. This is why it is so important that someone guides another before they get too lost.) Commonly for one to guide one of their own kind it builds a level of romance along with this is a Dominance role. (The Dominance role is a divine power and control over the one you awakened. IE: If say Sarah told Michael whom she awakened to kill for her, With the Voice of dominance he would obey without question) This is the most acceptable version of divine love for either of the races. The next is the Forbidden Partner. Somewhere out there in the world is one of the other Race. IE: You’re a Lycan, there is a Vampire woman that is perfect for you somewhere.) The secret to this is that it has never been left to stand. The Council fears the idea of the races mixing due to the Counter Harmful genetics and has forbidden the mixture of the races. The Final of the three destined partners is the odd ball, it could be a human, or another of your own kind, or even for those unlucky enough it could be another of the opposite race. The Key is that you can only have one, one the ultimate bond of Sexual romance is given with anyone of your destined partners, you will never notice the others. You are bound to that one. This is great for when one helps another Awaken they have chosen to make that bond and it is absolute the moment those two have sex neight of them will find that in any other after. The exception to this rule is humans. Some of the kinds prefer to have sex with humans so not to build that bond, unless they are unlucky and accidently poke a human that is their odd ball. Anyways I think I have covered that aspect of this.

    Counteracting Genetics~ This is considered the curse between the two. In the history the vampire and Lycan have fought for ages doing all that they can to kill or enslave the others. The Vampires have had a habit to feel much more dominate over the Lycans and it has spread to many wars indeed. No one understand why it is they hate each other so much but the one proof that has been found is this. Blood from a vampire is ultimate poison to a Lycan while it works the same vice versa. This is why the law was passed that Lycans and Vampires will never conceive a child together much less fornicating.


    I really do realize this is a lot to take in, a lot of information but it could be a very advanced role play. Because of the sexual theme I felt I had to place it here while it might have been better placed elsewhere. Please do not hesitate to ask me about anything in my free time I’m going to be working up Role descriptions to help for when people ask. I will look forward to seeing the Character sheets of course, and please read over the rules thoroughly so that this rp can be great.


    1. Please ask if you’re unsure about anything, do not just assume and do it.
    2. Please keep characters realistic and believable to an extent. In fights be reasonable and keep your motions written well
    3. This is an incredibly sexual rp so I do expect a lot of that. NOTHING between opposite races however is acceptable unless I say so. You however will be hunted, the Council finds everything out one way or the other, and if they find this out their elite forces will likely kill you.
    4. Check about posting orders and follow the character sheet to the T. It is easy to follow and thus I see no reason for issues.
    5. You must post at least twice a week or I will npc your character to keep the story moving.

    Character Sheet Layout~
    Blood Orientation~ (New Blood/Full Blood)
    Karma~(Standing member of society/Fallen creature of death)
    Appearance~ (Human/Wolf Form if Lycan)
    Skills~ (Crafting, Martial Arts, Drawing, Singing etc.)
    Ability~ (IF Full Blooded)
    Anything else you would like to add~

    Hope you enjoy thank you much for reading.

    Jack Shepard =)

    +I would like to Note one person has already expressed interest, I am looking to get at least 3 other people that wish to join, one of which wishing to be a love interest; by the 8th of March. After that date ill turn this into a one on one and just go with the first one that expressed interest and npc the rest of the story out. thanks again =)+
  2. Name~ Blaidd Lykos
    Race~ Lycan
    Occupation~ Enforcer for the Alphas (Take care of the dirty work)
    Blood Orientation~ Full
    Karma~ Barely standing
    Appearance~ tumblr_lwcuwd5azV1qitbkho1_1280.jpg Werewolf-2.jpg
    Personality~ Reserved, loyal to those he cares for, prone to anger at times.
    Weapons~ As a human he uses various small blades, as a wolf... himself.
    Skills~ Adept at hand to hand with other lycans
    Ability~ Ability to hone his claws to blade like sharpness during shifting
    Background~ Born to a long line of Lycans, his ancestors stretching back to ancient Greece, the priests of the Goddess of theriomorphs: Selene. The man offers a strong pedigree, placing him as one who is allowed close to the higher ups of Lycan society. He learned to fight his own at a young age, his parents having been killed by a lone wolf when they were sent to kill him for transgressions against the Alpha's. He learned to fight his own kind, eventually seeking out and killing the one responsible for his family's death, that action had set him apart to the Alphas and put him as one of the trusted few allowed to protect and deal out their will.
    Anything else you would like to add~ Yes, yes that is the captain from Hellsing... god I loved that character.
  3. Blaidd Lykos is

  4. Not sure how this is, but here we go. Let me know if anything needs changing.

    Name~ Senka Markov
    Race~ Human
    Occupation~ Shadow Huntress
    Karma~ Not a favourite, but still in good standing with the order.
    Appearance~ [​IMG] Inspired by that image, anyway. Hair colour changes alot, brown eyes.
    Personality~ In her capacity as a hunter, she is nothing but ruthless. Senka believes that there is good and evil, with no grey in between. As a result, her life is governed by strict rules of morality - and although by some they may be viewed as warped - there is little that could change this. She is somewhat disillusioned with the world at large, seeing as it seems that for every evil destroyed, another just pops right back up to take its place. As a result of this, Senka is obsessed with finding new and different ways to make herself feel alive and free, often taking unnecessary risks hunting, or else just getting absolutely plastered.
    Weapons~ Favours hand guns or submachine guns if necessary. If it comes to close combat, thinking knives. Speed and skill over brute force, any day of the week.
    Skills~ Former gymnast, tracker, happens to be a great cook, bilingual
    Background~ Born in Serbia, Senka moved to America when she was eight. They moved purely thanks to a vendetta. Her mother was killed, and so her father decided to chase the vampire that did it. Quite primitive stuff. Senka had been fairly innocent up until this point, but when she was uprooted from her home, she had nothing left to focus on, and so devoted herself to the order. Seeing as she focused at such a young age, her skills advanced quickly, and she soon became an asset to the order. Her gung ho attitude isn't always taken well, but so far she's not broken the rules, only bent them.
  5. Senka is

  6. We need at least two more members to really get this going. One a Love interest for my character (Not already developed of course) and we need a vampire prolly or someone on the council. something of that sort.

    So close just waiting for someone else to join up =D
  7. Worst case scenario I'll double.
  8. Sounds good to me Ill do the Same and just have my text color coded per character if it comes to that being necessary. I still hope we get two others though. Honestly don't be afraid to tell people you know about this please =)
  9. Alright, not going to lie, this did not get near the support I had hoped for it. I think i am going to focus more on the SAO rp for my Group project. Mako I know you are joining my SAO rp, and I feel horrible for asking this but would you mind opting out on this one. See the rp requires a lot more than just three people rping if its gonna be anymore than two people. Also I told Psy that if I couldn't get this to work as a Group RP then Id just do a one on one with her for the story. I apologize I thought this would of kicked off more nicely but I spose v.v

    Psy are you down to do that One on One or do you want to forget this one and try and come up with something else?

    Mako~ I owe you an rp one way or the other so is there anything specific you would like to do?
  10. It's fine, I can back out from here. No worries.
    If you wish for a one on one pm me and in sure we can work something out.
  11. Sadness.This would have been a great group one. But yeah, I'm up for one on one. :)
  12. Alrighty you can still run the character you desire Ill run my character Ill just make a 1x1 for us and we can start this. I am thinking perhaps chicago city as a dance club or something what do you think?
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