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  1. The Music Box~ (Dance Club)

    The music boomed around letting off a sense of euphoria that stirred all sorts of creatures of the night. They walked among humans, but humans were far too oblivious to be able to tell the difference, and to most this made them perfect cattle. Jack didn't much care for all that, He had seen the ins and the outs of this world, and had experience to spare in lessons of how cruel it could be. Jack came to this place often, if only to look over the dancing and enjoy the music. Long deep brown hair in a wild mess atop his head, and deep honey brown golden eyes. He had the perfect strip of hair to cover his chin and give him a very rough; yet presentable look about him. Today he wore a white button up shirt, and a pair of nice jean, a golden cross necklace around his neck, and a boot knife hidden under the jeans in place that he would have to reach down and lift his pants to obtain it.

    Today was no different really for the man, his eyes scanned the crowds, and picked out every single little vamp in sight, there were significantly less of his kind here, but it didn't bother him. After all Lycan didn't like to press on vamp territory generally, it was a hidden rule because some remembered the enslavement and superiority module the Vampires ran long before. Jack didn't really care, he stopped caring long ago, and after a few times of showing HIS "superiority" to the vampires, they backed off significantly. It didn't help the reverse effect of his pheromones.

    With a soft sigh, he acknowledged that he'd seen nothing interesting, and turned around to meet the gaze of the bar-tender. "just a beer will do." he said with a voice of a soft baritone, almost like a musical chord. The tender nodded one and got to work making his drink. Oddly enough he couldn't place whether he was excited over the lack of excitement, or disappointed. It didn't take long for the tender to slide the drink to him, and with a flick of his thumb he popped it open and took it down in one go. "another, I might hope to leave here a little tipsy if possible." The tender laughed and prepared another, he was used to Jacks brash attitude, and lack of enthusiasm.
  2. It seemed that there had been no contracts for months. It was ridiculous. On occassion, the young woman would take her own prey - should she run into a suitable mark, but that had not happened for a long time either. Needless to say, this had led to an almost painful boreom that had been eating away at the currently brunette girl for some time now. In truth, it was only the days spent tracking and killing enemies of humanity that filled her with a true zest for life, the rest was just filler. Unfortunately, these gaps between happy focus seemed to be getting longer, or else her mood during her lengthy bouts of downtime were getting worse.

    On one night in which the slightly delicately built girl found herself particularly full of depression, she had made her way around the city, simply wandering. Once or twice she was mistaken for a 'lady of the night' which had at least amused her for a moment, even if it might have been a little embarrassing too. It wasn't as if she was dressed that inappropriately. She wore black leather boots and jeans, a slightly cropped tanktop and the customary jacket inside which she hid her small gun. It was not enough to do any real damage, but it would see her through any minor altercations long enough for her to make her escape.

    After a time of this wandering, Senka found herself entering a random club, The Music Box. She was quite shameless, and so avoided any suspicion by flirting with the doorman, showing a bit of cleavage of course as she spoke to him in her slavic accent. Needless to say, she was inside in just minutes.

    Not long after her entry, Senka made her way to the bar, "Beer please." She wasn't without manners, at least. Although her stance was casual as she leaned on the bar, Senka remained alert to everything around her. Her dark brown eyes flitted from one body to the next, always on the lookout for danger. It was just habit now, and came to her easily. But despite this, she still deigned to make polite conversation with a nearby man. "You look bored." Well, sort of polite, and hypocritical.
  3. Appearance~ Jack in his glory.jpg

    Jack glanced over once eyeing the woman that had just taken a seat. She was dashing, especially for being a human. He didn’t stare for long; just enough to take note of the bit of cleavage that shown, and the texture of her face and eyes. She was speaking to him and he acknowledged the woman with a smile and a tip of his head. “Aye bored indeed, but that’s my own fault I would think. After all there is plenty of entertainment around, I’m actively making the choice not to partake.” He chuckled again baring fairly longer canines in his smile as he took down yet another drink. “One more if you would my good sir!” he called to the man before swinging himself so that he was face first with the woman.

    He was already feeling his heat rise, and couldn’t help but be leaning slightly in as he eyed the woman up and down for a few short moments. “You are quite the lady aren’t ya?” He questioned raising his brow as he sat back and let his arms fall back hunched as well. “I can’t assumed you are dressed like that, to be sitting here at a bar table talking with some shaggy haired punk, you almost look like you came on a mission, bad day at work perhaps?” He was making small talk, but in reality she did come in overbearing, perhaps hoping for something to happen, she had enticed his curiosity, even if only a little.
  4. Senka nodded at that. There were people all around them, all having ridiculous amounts of fun, and so there really wasn't an excuse not to be joining in. No doubt, half the people in the place were just as jaded as she was, if not more, but that didn't mean that this woman was going to go down that route today. For the time being, she simply shifted in her seat to better face this handsome (if a little on the scruffy side) man. The hunter in her was perturbed as he smiled, noticing those canines for what they could be. But Senka was just about able to control herself, with only a brief flash of suspicion reaching her eyes and leaving almost imperceptibly fast. Some people had big teeth, some people even bloody sharpened them, so it was silly to jump to conclusions.

    As this man mentioned her appearance and the potential reasons for it, Senka chuckled slightly, taking a swig from her beer. "You could say that." To her, a bad day at work was one where she didn't have anything to do, and there had been no shortage of those recently. Why that was, she had no idea, for there must have been beasts in her vicinity, they were just hiding well, and obviously the powers that be had chosen to assign others to any kills in the area. How unfair.

    "I'm Senka, by the way. And I dress like this all the time, even talking to riffraff like you." It was always difficult to tell when Senka was joking, partly thanks to her accent, but mostly because she tended to play her cards close to her chest, usually keeping her expression and tone even. But in this case she wasn't attempting to offend, even if she ended up achieving that result.
  5. "Oh riffraff huh?" he laughed aloud shaking his head slightly. The alcohol was definitely getting to him. Jack was fairly slim, not really like toothpick level. He had strong broad shoulders, and a good neck. his chest slightly puffed out but nothing overly noticable. He was in extremely good shape for his size. "So I guess that means you aren't trying to impress anyone this evening, which can only lead me to assume that you aren't meeting anyone here as well." he pointed at his head " perceptive huh?" he was laughing again at the sarcasm of the comment, but being around the woman was oddly comforting, and once in a while it was okay to feel that comfort, even if it only lasted until the club closed up. "Jack, by the way. My name is Jack" he nodded to her and placed his hand out with a mischievous grin on his face. "Its nice to meet you Senka."

    He waited with his hand extended, waiting for her to grasp his strong hand, and when she would; he would kick off his seat and twirl her once taking to feet on the floor. "I changed my mind, dancing just isn't fun by yourself." He tilted his head with a sly smile and ushered his hand outright towards the dance floor. "ladies first of course." he mused for a second waiting to see if she had any interest in taking the bait and dancing with him. His pushy ways might come off rude to some, but it was just his nature, life didn't stop time, and time didn't stop life; if he had the opportunity to enjoy a little of the time between he definitely would, especially if he could bring someone "down" with him.
  6. His logic was sound, even if it was a little irritating that he seemed to have an answer for everything. Of course, this was simply an assumption on her part, but she had a feeling that this was the case. He was the type of marmite person that was impossible to deal with at times, and at others, was the only one who could soothe whatever emotion might be eating away at their friend. Or, she could be wrong. Time would tell. Senka did not believe in first impressions being set in stone. She believed in the evolution of relationships, though it was fair to say that in her case it was usually a breakdown rather than a shift to more trust or closer friendships. It was a shame, but it was just the way her nomadic life needed to be lived.

    Pondering all this, Senka took a moment to notice the proffered hand, and in her surprise she actually took it. This was a woman who never shook hands, it was rule number one. She would never put herself in a position where another person had that much power over her. Obviously, most wouldn't even think of violence when greeting, but she wasn't the sort of person to take risks. And this blip did lead to something unexpected - and so out of the blue that it took Senka a moment to fully understand it.

    It was lucky that her reactions were so slow, since by the time she usually would have had this guy in a headlock, or else with a few bullets in his face, Senka had only just begun to reach for her gun, along with raise her leg in what was meant to be a kick to the face. Instead of completing this movement, the slightly embarrassed girl turned this almost kick into an odd sort of lurch onto the dance floor. It was hardly graceful, but the confidence with which she completely ignored it would go some way to masking the mistake. "Come on, what are you waiting for?" While she was here, she may as well enjoy herself, and so Senka treated this man to going along with his idea, making conversation all the while. "So, what's a pretty boy like you doing out here all alone?" She assumed he was here for one of two reasons, either boredom or sex - or a bit of both, she supposed.
  7. Jack was happy to see her on the same track of mind as he was. She lead them to the dance floor just as a song came on that forced them to move their bodies quite aggressively. She was good at moving her body, and he wasn't half bad himself, so it worked well and it almost made it somewhat more comfortable for conversation. "Oh, what would bring my dashingly beautiful handsome self into this dive. psh." his sarcasm shown easily through the words, and if not through that; then definitely in his smile. "well honestly I usually like to keep young sexy maidens tied up in my room and until recently that kept me preocupied. However, I pretty much exhausted that lot so, here I am scrounging around the dance floor looking for sexy young maidens to take to my dungeon and keep as trophies for another month or so without sunlight." He shook his head chuckling and it might of been hard to notice the jest in his voice, if he hadn't expressed how dark his humor was already to her.

    The night was likely to be full of splendors and silver tongue wording if he had any choice in the matter. The song had just ended and turned to more of a festive music which allowed for actual interaction with a partner. Jack turned having picked out a white rose in a girls hair, and with expert precision he picked if from the blonde crown and placed in between his teeth, this time showing off the canines outright, though unintentional. he offered his hand to her and looked up with sly wolf like eyes. "shall we?" A smile turned his cheeks again as a more spanish tango took them to moving their bodies even more so than the last song. Jack was careful with his feet, skills in parties and blending in showing through every fiber of his being. He spun and twirled, her dipped her int he perfect moments and as if she were feather weight lifted her when the dance approved it. By now the floor had mostly cleared except for an abundance of pale guardsman in black suits. "Ahh well this is about to be a pain.." He whispered in her ears before setting her back to the ground and continuing the dance. "After this dance it would likely be good of you to go over to the bar and act as if you do not know me, I say this for your own safety of course." He smiled and didn't hesitate to kiss her ont he cheek as he spun her and dipped her for the final moment.

    The DJ was quick to go to another song and the suits were moving in quickly. "Id say now or never, but i have a feeling I underestimated your escape window." He hardly had time to say what he was saying before he stood straight up and waved to the Suits. " Ahh what might I be able to help you with today gentlemen?" He watched their eyes, as they fell upon her. and the middle bald head spoke out. "This is Vargrasa territory mutt, you treat so lightly to take prey on owned sheep." Jack chuckled to himself even though it was no laughing matter in the least."ahh but good sirs, are we not beyond this quarrel, are we not all "human?" The men looked to each other and growled before returning their attention back to him. "Leave." was all they said and Jack gracefully nodded in return as he placed his arm around her waist and started to walk by them. One of them didn't care for that at all and just before Jack could say it. one of them grabbed Senka's arm "Not you, you stay here." Jack zipped his lips merely thinking what he wanted to say with a smile withheld on his face, they would understand real soon why he was thinking.

    I wouldn't do that if I were you.
  8. Senka had never been a great dancer, but she certainly wasn't bad at it. The movements of her body were not the blatantly sexual gyrations of hips that so many seemed to favour on their nights out. Instead, she chose to be more subtle in what she moved, and how she chose to move it. Of course, there were always going to be sensual undertones to this, it seems almost impossible to dance and not draw attention from the primal instincts of man, but for her it was less a bludgeoning of sexual energy and more a gentle hint of what could potentially lie ahead for the lucky suitor. As her newest acquaintance spoke, Senka smirked ever so slightly, replying without pausing for thought, "What a coincidence. I've been looking for dashing young men for exactly the same purpose." Outright lies, of course, but that understanding seemed quite easily understood between them.

    As the song changed, the young hunter watched the quick hands of Jack, somewhat amused by the ease with which he removed the lovely rose from the innocent girls hair. However, this amusement soon faded as those elongated canines were bared to her so obviously. She became immediately uneasy, though outwardly her expression and posture did not change at all. She was quite schooled in hiding her true feelings, something that was often rather important in her line of work. She was still well aware that he could have had his teeth cosmetically enhanced, but now Senka remained on her guard, even as she allowed herself to be led through this dance, at times quite vulnerable to this man as he dipped her with the music.

    It wasn't long before the tone of the atmosphere began to change, and Jack appeared to notice too. Senka replied to his words slightly indignantly, but not unkindly, "I don't know you." That was true enough. They were barely more than strangers, although it would appear that he was more than happy to kiss her on the cheek, something that happened to make her just a little uncomfortable. It didn't matter though, as the smartly dressed men soon began to move in on their position. The conversation was telling, and doubts over the race of Jack, and these suited men began to fade away. Senka was now on high alert, even moreso as she felt an arm around her waist. Her body was tense and ready to fight if necessary, even moreso as one man deigned to grab her arm. Immediately she almost snarled at the man, without thinking about it seeking to twist and break free in a maneuver designed to break her aggressors own arm. It was a well practiced move that came as instinct to her now, and unfortunately she couldn't stop the slightly foolish attempt before it was underway. At least the reaction of the man and his comrades would tell her once and for all who they were.
  9. Just as hed almost expected of the fools, they made that mistake, and well they suffered for it. His eyes gleamed over hers for a second as he watched the other man move in, if they got serious it was likely she would have a pretty big pain on her hands, and the fact this was vampiric territory; didn't boast too great either. "Oh.. what the hell.' he grumbled face palming for a second before he moved in himself and planted a firm fist right across the enclosing guards gace. The other now had a dislodged arm, but was quickly putting that back into place. The one he had just punched hit the ground like a rock, out cold nearly. Jack turned to face her and smirked. "I liked the way you dance." he said as an excuse for helping her so to speak.

    When he looked back around, however; it appeared that there welcome was worn in this place. "Welp, it might just about the right time to leave I thinks." he nodded to the enclosing guards on either side making their ascent on them. He returned his gaze back on her with a soft smile that almost didn't match with what she had just seen. "Im going to assume you have pretty much figured out enough by now, huntress; but shall we at least work our way out of this place before you start shooting at me?" he was mostly joking, and half hoping she would bite into the idea, because otherwise he would have to use, that; and he preferred avoiding it if possible, plus seeing her die right now didn't seem all that enticing right now.

    Jack took up a fighting stance as the floor cleared and ten or so suited men stood up with beat sticks. "ohoho they have weapons, ya scared yet Senka?" he chuckled as he stood next to her. It was odd he would speak with her like friends, knowing that when this was over she probably would try to kill him. Perhaps she even could pull it off; that would really bite the councils ass, wouldn't it. A whisper of a laugh formed when eh thought about it, but he honestly didn't care. Perhaps that was the feigned courage hed obtained through tragedy, or perhaps it was him being absolutely ignorant and finding now reason to actual care about living on such a pointless planet, either which way it mattered little in comparison to the three guys coming as him with whacking sticks.
  10. There was little to do but fight. Although Senka would normally think to escape from such a onesided battle - the odds of which were highly stacked against them - she found herself thinking that perhaps there was going to be no choice in the matter. So, the young Serbian allowed herself to break her own rules this once. She didn't pay too much attention to the words of her supernatural companion, though a slight smirk didgrace her lips as she heard his quite feeble excuse. But other than that, all the woman chose to say was, "I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself." Senka was rarely truly frightened by the battles she faced, mainly because death did not frighten her. Why would it? Although she was not foolhardy enough to actively seek out death through reckless pursuits, it wouldn't really trouble her if her life was cut short by some ill fated plan. It was this lack of zest for life, tempered by a generally sensible nature, that allowed the huntress to dive into battle without fear holding her back, but still with a working head on her shoulders. The best of both worlds.

    For the time being, Senka would not kill her werewolf buddy, even if she was seething at the fact that he had fooled her, even if her suspicions had been almost immediate. No hunter would take kindly to almost befriending such a creature, and this somewhat highly strung example was no exception. Even so, she growled a quick ascension to the idea, "Let's take these bastards out." The well crafted handgun was produced only a moment later, as the girl moved herself into position, placing herself back to back with what would usually be her mortal enemy. For the time being, they were at a truce, though how long this would last was up for debate.

    Senka didn't wait for any signal from Jack, instead simply opening fire on the converging men. She of course worked from the nearest, always aiming for the heart or head. There was no point wasting her bullets on limb shots. It might cause them to pause for half a second, but it just wasn't good enough if you wanted to take this many out and live to tell the tale. As the reports of the gun began to fill the room, it was inevitable that the assailants would be riled, and so Senka only hoped that Jack would support her as she worked on blowing these bastards apart.
  11. Jack was already planning ahead, he didn't have anything for weapons, but they sure as hell did, which would prove very.. unhelpful for them in the end. "God I could finish this here..." he growled under his breath, back to back with the woman, he noted that she had a very well formed read in the back of his mind, only knowing because it was pressed against his own, and then the vamp thugs charged into action. Bullets rained forward, and as if on Que, to it all bullets rained from her well placed hand gun, a beautiful masterpiece of work in itself. "always ready to go gunsablazin huh?" he chuckled glancing back at her as the first man dumb enough to get close took a swing with his weapon.

    The music had taken a much more electronic evil tone to it which only hyped the fight up even more. These bastards had no clue what they had gotten into did they? Jack's eyes flashed a brilliant gold and just as the weapon came down to attempt to strike him, his arm snaked around catching the hit in the crease at his eblow and grasping the man at his wrist only to pull him into three powerful punches, that knocked him into the air each time. The vamp dropped and Jack had a weapon now. His foot graced to the side to direct them turning and he signaled that they trade places, she could take out the ones that had stayed behind and, just as she would of been getting hit by those that had gotten past her bullets, Jack now took the lead holding the bat in hand.

    Almost in perfect sync with her shots, the blunt clash of the metal to the vamps skulls was heard. Jack hit two of them instantly over the head before the could even land close to a hit. Of course they didn't drop all that easy but the following sounds of metal on bone did enough to cripple a werewolf. "switch!' he called with a smirk as they turned again trading places and he continued his little dance, it almost seemed festive the way they just seemed to move perfectly as if they were still dancing the tango. Jack was quick to strike each of the oncoming vamps again hitting back their weapon and even this time obtaining a second which moved things a long MUCH faster now. It sounded like a chorus of machine gun shots, and some what banging on a drum in rapid succession. "They just don't stop.." he grumbled glancing back at her with a smile even though he knew this was pretty bad.

    where they had some on the ground, more just seemed to come out of the wood work and it helped greatly they were nothing special when it came to training, would these of been Agents, they might of been dead by now. "Damnit, I guess there is no choice... " he growled but then dropped the weapons with a clang tot he ground. to her it would appear like he was surrendering, but not even close and quite the contrary. "Alright, I didn't want to do this blood bags, but you're pissing me off; by chance do you even have a clue who I am?" he growled stepping forward to the middle of it all. he raised his eyes to meet eye contact and smirked right as his eyes flash moonlit gold. "R..A... I.. G... E..." he spelled it out for them on all five fingers and the look on their face told tales of fear int he highest degree,a nd like that the end of the song all of their guns dropped. "Let us leave.." he commanded and as if on reaction they all stepped aside.

    Jack turned and took her hand without any thought or question to it, leading her past them, whispers echoed the halls as they stepped over some dead bodies, and some bodies that were mangled and beaten by the berating damage of their own clubs. The whispers got louder as they neared the door and right as they passed through into the comfort of the street and the crescent moon above one whisper stuck out to her and to him, though he would ignore it for the time.

    Raige The Mind Cutter
  12. (Apologies in advance for this post, I'm stupidly tired)

    "Of course. I'd be dead by now if I wasn't." True enough. Hunting creatures of the supernatural world was not a job that you left at the office. It was more a lifestyle, one that forced the hand of those that lived it. Unfortunately, once the cause was taken up, one had to be on their guard and ready to fight to the death at a moments notice, even when pootling off to buy the weeks groceries. Thankfully, Senka embraced this wholeheartedly, often being a little more gung-ho about her duties than was strictly necessary. Luckily for her, she hadn't yet done anything too dramatic as to really offend her betters, or cause her own death.

    The talk finished rather abruptly though, as Senka wasn't a fan of working in a pair - particularly not when the second component was something she should have been hunting. Instead of speaking, the woman simply unloaded the shots as accurately as was possible, reaching for the next clip, relying on Jack for cover as she reloaded. They seemed to be working as a well oiled machine, and for a fair old while they seemed to be able to keep up the pace, though unfortunately it wasn't long until each of the two realised that there were far too many.

    As Jack let his weapon clatter to the ground, Senka turned to him, about to shout a string of quite unsavoury curses his way. However, the subsequent reaction of their aggressors stopped her in her tracks, just as the spelled out name did to them. She floundered for a moment, though in seconds her new comrade dragged her through the parting waves of enemies. Still more than a little shocked, Senka didn't get herself back under control until the cool of the night air hit her face, along with that last whisper of horror.

    Senka attempted to process this, but came up with nothhing. She maintained the pace of Jack for a few minutes, before finally pulling back on his hand and stopping dead. Her gun was raised again, understandably pointed at his head. "What the hell just happened back there?" If she was honest, she only asked this because she was curious, and it was likely that once he explained himself, she'd empty the last clip into his face.
  13. The cool air hit them int he face like a freight train in comparison to the cluttered air of the club, but Jack didn't stop so soon after. His honey gold brown eyes met hers as she tugged back on her hand and he sighed to himself. The gun was pointed directly at his head, and honestly he wasn't surprised though it was definitely unfortunate. A whisper came from his lips, calm and moderate tone. "I really wish you would have just shot instead of started asking questions, it would have been easier." his hand moved to the gun in a mer second turning so that he was facing her directly; eyes upon eyes as he started to grin even. The gun was placed right on his forehead pushing against the skin of his head and he thought about forcing her finger to pull the trigger, but just as he was about to go for that action, he stopped himself.

    He sighed to himself once more letting his hands fall away from the gun; but this time he spoke up. "Raige. that is my true name if you will, before I knew it I was Jack, but to those that matter I am Raige the Mind Cutter, former right hand to the Leader of the Council of Darkness, Lead of the Lycan pact Amber Durasai." he spoke it as if he were officially declaring his status, and everything about him." What you seen back there, was fear, every last one of those vampires are terrified of my name because they know it and they know me." he had a cold gaze in his eyes at this point almost daring her to pull the trigger to end it. "I would really rather not kill, you I actually see no reason too, though it would probably be for the better, you are in deep now, very deep much more than I think you realize huntress." he sighed again turning away from the gun, if she killed him, so be it; but he wasn't threatening her, he was warning her.
  14. It was only now that she was beginning to come down from the adrenaline surge that had swept forth back in the club, that Senka realised how tired she was. Although both of them had manage to escape uninjured, for a human, that was a workout and a half. Of course, that didn't mean she was going to start falling over, it just meant she needed to be even more cautious than usual. She had to work hard to mask her disbelief, and ever so slight fear as Jack so plainly forced her to hold the gun to his head. She'd never seen a reaction like that, and it was more than a little disconcerting.

    Even so, she made no effort to move, simply hearing what Jack, or 'Raige' had to say. "So you used to be somebody." Senka growled, though she was under no illusions about this mans true power. Although he might be disgraced, for whatever reason, he was still a force to be reckoned with. It was perhaps also sensible to assume that his strength was even more than might be expected for the second in command, seeing as he had survived this long off the radar. This was all speculation, but Senka was relatively certain that she was on the right track.

    "In deep how? I happened to run into you, apparently a very scary guy. Your kind would see me dead, and I them. I fail to see how my situation has changed." Despite her clear belligerence, and also obvious tension in her body, Senka did lower her gun. Just this once, she would let him get away. Although it was a tough decision to make, it seemed wrong to put down someone who just minutes ago had been at her back, pretty much carrying her through that fight.