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  1. We are no longer accepting applicants. :(
    Read Level One HERE!
    Level Two has BEGUN.
    Group Page HERE!
    Hidden Diaries: Robert || Sophie
    Hidden Rule Book
    : HERE, written by @Lorchenne.
    Give my co-mod some love guys.

    Hidden was once an online game that took the world by storm. No one knew where it came from, where it began, or who made it. All everyone knew was to play the game, you need an invitation. Without it, acceptance was impossible.

    Evidences of the game being used for crime surfaced and the game was shut down before the police could get more information. All of the data was wiped clean by one who went by the title "The Maker".

    Three years was enough time for it to sink into an online urban legend because of its originally discreet nature. And when everyone began to forget, it converted the realities of a selection of individuals whose grasp on life is getting quite loose...

    And it was deadlier than ever.

    Hidden had taken a whole new level. Literally.​

    Text Message
    New Text Message!!
    Hidden Number—
    Topic: Would you like to play a game? :D



    Among millions of randomly generated phone numbers, you were the CHOSEN ONE!
    Please be noted that this is NOT a hoax and that your decision affects your role in the game.
    I’m sorry to inform you that whether or not you choose to participate or ignore this mail, you will still be entitled to play this game. :(

    Since you are part of the game whether you like it or not. Might as well have fun or you can also stay safe!

    The rarest game of the highest definition possible has returned-think about it, you're one of few who gets to play and decide your fate.





    SEEKER (open)

    Marked by a red sigil, you are an offensive player on the field. Your task is to find and protect your corresponding Hidden, whose sigil is identical to yours but is in blue.

    HIDDEN (open)

    You are a defensive player, adorned with the blue sigil. Focus on surviving until the your corresponding red-marked Seeker finds you.

    • Find your corresponding partner and return to the Save Point.
    • You may kill other players.
    • Your Partner musn't die. You shall die together. You are bonded, therefore, you need each other.
    • You must pass all Levels with the correct partner or RESTART.

    • Time limit may vary.
    • Seekers will gain a new skill when you kill a Seeker, and a life bonus when you kill a Hidden.
    • A Hidden who kills will recieve.
    • You can select any one weapon and one inventory item from the SUPPLY but, keep in mind, there is only one SUPPLY unless THE MAKER sees fit.
    • When together, Seeker/Hidden party will receive +50% life bonus and 1 defense skill for the Hidden.
    • You cannot use weapons and skills in the SAVE POINT.
    • Anyone who isn't in the SAVE POINT on the time limit shall not have reset life points.
    • If you kill the level boss, you win instantly.


    The Maker's Words
    Just a reminder that once you join this game,
    you shall have no utter recollection of your past aside from receiving the text message.

    When you enter, you will be entirely...


    The Maker's Words
    Players, welcome to Hidden.
    The deadliest hide and seek game.

    Current Players and respective ACCEPTED Characters:

    Temper Tantrum's characters:
    *Robert Sinclaire (20) [Cryokinesis3, Hydrokinesis2]
    *Violette Biela (15 months)
    *The Maker

    @Lorchenne's characters:
    *Anthony Rushmore (24)
    *Skye (--) [Pyrokinesis2, Aerokinesis2 Dendrokinesis1]
    *Emile van Dyke (28) [Dendrokinesis]

    @~x~Fýlakas ángelos~x~'s characters:
    *Winter (16)
    *Thanatos Heggerhorse (20) [Cryokinesis]

    @N0VA™'s character:
    *Adam Bar Thompson (29) [Pyrokinesis]

    @The Dark Guardian's Character:
    *Liam Anderson (21) [Super Strength]

    @Mr. V's Characters:
    *Alexander Krieg (23) [Aerokinesis]

    @Tanzinite's character:
    *Tayla Kent (18)

    @Potatocat's character:
    *Wolf Wolters (34)
    *Samantha Burns (22) [Pyrokenisis]

    @Lexiealea's character:
    *Amara Shadow (15)

    @Cahill's character:
    *Michael Thompson (21) [Aerokinesis]

    @Bard's character:
    *Matt Gibson (45) [Super Strength]

    @Catstatify's character:
    *Blair Dylan (23)

    @Akuma's character:
    *Isaac Hendrow (38) [Super Strength]

    @The Red Tazelwurm's character:
    *Naeimi Quinn (23) [Dendrokinesis]

    @Seth Bloodmoon 's character:
    *Kyth (23)

    @Akashi's character:
    *Dante (23)

    @Lykaon's character:
    *Alistair Leguize (21)

    *All iwaku-based rules apply. :O

    There will be disagreements, that's fine, normal really.
    But please, PLAY NICE. I cannot stress this enough.

    *Maximum of TWO CHARACTERs PER PLAYER. One Hidden, One Seeker.
    *exception for my co-mod because her chara are plot based.

    *Read the RULE book to be aware of the game setting itself.
    And please abide by them.

    *This is a plot based rp. Be plot-ful!

    *If you no longer want to play, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE alert myself or Lory so we won't be left hanging with your character.

    *If you are confused, feel free to ask here in the OOC thread, Group OOC thread, or via PM.
    I swear, we won't bite or rage fuuu at you. :)
    We even appreciate it if you do.

    *If a rule seems weird to you, APPROACH us. We'll try our best to explain.

    *If applying, we don't need any other information except those requested but we won't stop or stab you if you wish to add a picture. :)
    We just want to keep your character as MYSTERIOUS as possible.

    *HAVE FUN.

    *I'll add as needed.

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  2. This seems pretty fun, but I don't understand how you're still accepting and there are pending players. What are the pending players? And if I choose either a hidden or seeker would I have to wait for a corresponding other person?
  3. info@Maker.bot says:

    Hello @Cahill . Pending players are those that registered for the first stage but didn't make it and will be entered in this one. Not all of them are coming back so we are once again accepting players.

    We will be the one to match Hiddens and Seekers after accepting players. However, you are more than welcome to invite friends to play Hidden with you. You will not be guaranteed that you will be paired with them, though. I will inform you of your mark when the game begins and you must locate the player with the corresponding mark within the game.

    More information can be found in the rule book linked at the beginning of the post. Thank you very much!
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  4. I suppose I can post this here then. Unless you'd prefer it elsewhere?
    Also, how does the time allotment work, since it obviously can't be real time.

    Name: Michael Thompson
    Age: 21
    Skill: Aerokinesis
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  5. Yay found it lol
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  6. @Cahill
    The allotted time will be different for each stage, the Maker decides for everything. Every time Robert's post is updated, time will be deducted. It depends on the pace of the story.

    Thank you very much for joining Hidden! You will soon be updated by the bot.
  7. I'm still up for this, it was strange for me when suddenly notifications stopped coming in for it.
  8. I select "Y"

    Name: "Mad" Matt Gibson
    Age: 45
    Skill: Super Strength
  9. Thank you very much for staying with us as we prepare for the second stage.

    @Bard Thank you for selecting option "Y". Please await further notification from the bot. We look forward to beginning the game with you. Thank you!
  10. Happened to me as well lol
  11. @Tanzinite Welcome back to the Stage 2 of Hidden!
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  12. Happy to be here lol
  13. I choose 'N'.

    Name: Blair "Hoax" Dylan
    Age: 23
  14. @Catstatify Thank you for responding. Please await further notification from the Maker's bot.
  15. Yours captivates me. :D Who is that guy?
  16. Jared Leto, singer for 30 Seconds to Mars and director/award winning actor/beautiful man
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  17. Why? :D

    Also, he is the reason I named by character Bartholomew (it's the name he uses when directing his music videos)
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