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    And yes, we're still accepting.
    Hidden Rule Book: HERE, written by @Lorchenne.
    Give my co-mod some love guys. :)

    Hidden was once an online game that took the world by storm. No one knew where it came from, where it began, or who made it. All everyone knew was to play the game, you need an invitation. Without it, acceptance was impossible.

    Evidences of the game being used for crime surfaced and the game was shut down before the police could get more information. All of the data was wiped clean by one who went by the title "The Maker".

    Three years was enough time for it to sink into an online urban legend because of its originally discreet nature. And when everyone began to forget, it converted the realities of a selection of individuals whose grasp on life is getting quite loose...

    And it was deadlier than ever.

    Hidden had taken a whole new level. Literally.​


    New Text Message!!
    Hidden Number—
    Topic: Would you like to play a game? :D



    Among millions of randomly generated phone numbers, you were the CHOSEN ONE!
    Please be noted that this is NOT a hoax and that your decision affects your role in the game.
    I’m sorry to inform you that whether or not you choose to participate or ignore this mail, you will still be entitled to play this game. :(

    By the way, you are part of the game whether you like it or not. Might as well have fun or you can also stay safe!

    The rarest game of the highest definition possible has returned-think about it, you're one of few who gets to play and decide your fate.







    SEEKER (open)

    Marked by a red sigil, you are an offensive player on the field. your task is to find and protect your corresponding Hidden, whose sigil is identical to yours but is in blue.

    HIDDEN (open)

    You are a defensive player, adorned with the blue sigil. Focus on surviving until the your corresponding red-marked Seeker finds you.

    • Find your corresponding partner and return to the Save Point.
    • You may kill other players.
    • Your Partner musn't die. You shall die together. You are bonded, therefore, you need each other.
    • You must pass 15 Levels with the correct partner or RESTART.

    • Time limit may vary.
    • Seekers will gain a new skill when you kill a Seeker, and a life bonus when you kill a Hidden.
    • A Hidden who kills will recieve.
    • You can select any one weapon and one inventory item from the SUPPLY but, keep in mind, there is only one SUPPLY unless THE MAKER sees fit.
    • When together, Seeker/Hidden party will receive +50% life bonus and 1 defense skill for the Hidden.
    • You cannot use weapons and skills in the SAVE POINT.
    • Anyone who isn't in the SAVE POINT on the time limit shall not have reset life points.
    • If you kill the level boss, you win instantly.


    Players, welcome to Hidden. The deadliest hide and seek game.
    -THE MAKER-​
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  2. I love it! Lol its so hard to choose from Hidden or Seeker though....I think im gonna go with Hidden
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  3. Name: Winter
    Age: 18

    (Did you want me to make a complete CS or is that all?)
  4. You can play out the rest of the character details, Scarletta. :D
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  5. Okay cool! :D
  6. Megu and I wanted to give the Hidden a mysterious role because...well...they're Hidden. :D So as for appearances and things, you can add them in later.
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  7. It's completely understandable to be confused between the two. Mie and I are too. haha
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  8. l
    Ah that's true lol okay sounds fun!
  9. :) Imma glad.
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  10. Megu maybe you should make a list of accepted players i the first post
  11. ...but there's only one player so far...
  12. You can probably advertise at the banner requests?
  13. ...should I make a banner? or would it be made for us?
  14. OTL I was looking for where to have them requested! I swear I thought it's somewhere easy to find!

    /pace, pace
  15. I think its in with the FAQ's where to have a banner requested, would you like me to look for it?
  16. No. We both found it. haha and now we're panicking over the banner. haha

    thanks for the other anyway. ;D
  17. =_= no i haven't found it. OTL
  18. XD lol im so confused....
  19. OTL. I've submitted it already. No worries people.

    And if you really want to know. simply click HOME on the button above and one of the box type thingies will say Banner Request etc etc.

    Honestly. haha But thank you for your concern, Scarletta. Lorchenne and I are talking in multiple places including pm's, text and in forums so we may mismatch information. :)

    still, we need more people before we can start. did the other's loose patience? :(
  20. No problem :) I dont think so i just dont think they've got on yet
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