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  1. Stirring in be the girl was soon startled as her alarm blared next to her ear. An irritated groan escaped her as she propped herself up and looked at the annoyingly loud piece of technology. Turning it off she dropped back down, her face smashing into her pillow as she groaned once again. Sighing she pushed herself up and sat on the edge of her bed.

    Long black hair stuck out in random directions her hair a huge mess. If she was a guy, it probably would've been the perfect 'I woke up like this' look. Running a hand through her thick locks she matted everything down, not that it really mattered, she was going for a shower as soon as she could manage to open her eyes. Deep sigh escaped her as she tried to rub the sleep out of her eyes. Finally she managed to open them, revealing bright, yellow-ish brown irises.

    Finally pushing her self off the bed she shuffled into the small kitchen, her dorm was small, intended for a single person. Turning on the coffee machine she shuffled back towards the bedroom and eventually her dresser. Currently sporting black short shorts and a large grey team shirt, the young woman shuffled through her clothes and pulled out a clean pair of underwear, jeans and a cut up, black shirt sporting Kurt Cobain, Chris Noveselic and Dave Ghrol in one of probably the most iconic Nirvana images.

    As the coffee brewed the small room began to smell great with the aroma of fresh coffee. She smiled as she took a deep breath. The raven haired girl was convinced that without coffee, her life would be hell. Stepping into the small bathroom that consisted of a shower a sink and a toilet she shut the door behind her and began to undress. With the oversized shirt being removed it could be seen that the girl wasn't as thin as one would've guess. Her body was surprisingly well defined and built. Definitely an athlete. A tattoo could be seen on her right rib cage, it ran down her side, a series of paw prints is what it looked like. Another was revealed as she pushed her hair aside, it was placed at the top of her spine, it was a simple, yet elegant symbol of some sorts. The third and final tattoo was on her left inner forearm, just below the crease of her elbow. It was writing, something in a different language from what was seen.

    Sighing heavily the girl closed her eyes briefly as she rolled her neck, muscle's taut with the movement, the scars on her skin pulling and irritating her. Stepping into the shower the water was turned on and she slowly bathed herself. The cold water felt good on the burning scars. A series of what seemed like severely deep gashes ran around her left hip and across her stomach stopping just past her naval. There were some barely visible markings on her chest, neck and face. wounds that seemed to be long gone and practically healed.

    Stepping out of the shower the young woman wrapped a towel around her wet body and stepped out into her small kitchen. Pouring herself a cup of coffee she took the first sip and grinned at the glorious taste.
  2. The hallway stretched on for what seemed like forever. Slowly growing impatient, she looked at the dry erase boards that adorned the doors of the dorm rooms. The room numbers were supposed to be written on them, but most wrote their names or random words and doodles. Some of them even empty. Her long, dark hair swayed from side to side as she walked and turned her head searching for the room number on the piece of paper shoved in her pocket. If they had given her any sort of direction rather than a number, she might be able to find it a little easier than playing guess. Finally she approached a door with a number written on it that she thought matched the one she was assigned to. A hard, nervous sigh escaped her lips as she shrugged her messenger bag up her shoulder. She gently lifted her hand to knock, her other bag she held lightly with her other hand slipped from her fingers and fell roughly onto the hallway floor, making a loud sound, some of her belongings spilling out onto the linoleum. Quickly, the young girl dropped onto her knees and rushed to pick them up, hoping she didn't startle whoever was inside the room.
  3. The loud sound caught her attention as she was mid sip, raising an eyebrow she finished and put the mug down. Opening the door she was met with another girl on hands and knees, facing the door across the hall as she gathered her stuff. "Are you alright down there?" The raven haired girl asked, holding the towel around herself, only just realizing that she technically wasn't dressed. "Do you need some help?" Another question, as she finished her sentence the tall girl realized that maybe that wasn't the best thing to ask. Stepping out of her room she knelt down next to the other girl and started helping her.
  4. "I'm so sorry, I just-" as she looked up she noticed the girl was clothed in just a towel. Jumping up she apologized vigorously, turning away as to not seem like she was staring. "I'm New here, and I was just looking for my room, I must have read the paper wrong, I don't think this is my room" she assumed, hearing the bustling of another person from inside her room. "I didn't mean to bother you, especially for nothing.." she looked down, her cheeks warm and pink. Dropping down again, she continued cleaning her things, or rather, shoving them back in her bag. "I got it, really" she replied to the woman's offer for help, but wanting her to have to try to help whilst trying to keep her towel in place. The note, she stood up and handed the paper to the girl, Going maybe she could decipher it. "I must have read the number wrong" she repeated, "it must be one of these" she said, gesturing to the doors next door and across from hers.
  5. The taller girl smiled with a soft chuckle. Taking the note she looked at it. She nodded at the other girl and pointed across the hall. "You're right it is that one. I know Cheryl was in there but I guess she's either moving rooms or changing schools." Stepping forward the raven haired girl leaned closer to the door listening for any movement inside before she knocked loudly.

    There was a small delay but eventually she heard an irritated groan and shuffling footsteps. Pulling back she grinned as the door was opened. Across from her stood a shorter, 'girl next door' type. blonde hair, blue eyes with a thin build and frame. The smile remained on the taller girl's face as the shorter blonde looked up her eyes barely open. "What is it this time?" Cheryl's voice was a little rough.

    Peeking into the other room amber eyes studied the mess, noticing a couple of bodies sprawled across the floor, couch and bed. "Seems like you had a good night Cheryl. Umm...it's nine in the morning and well," she stepped aside to reveal the other girl. "This is the girl that will be taking over your room." Still holding the towel around herself she smiled brightly. Cheryl met her gaze and scoffed while shaking her head. Stepping back the Cheryl went to shut the door but was unable to.

    "Are you shitting me Walker?" The girl's eyes met. An extremely irritated sigh escaped Cheryl. "Okay, give me till eleven. I'm barely awake."

    "I'm happy with that." The dark haired girl smiled. Turning around, the door was slammed shut behind her as she looked at the new girl. "You can come wait in my room till she clears everything up." Opening the door she stepped in and held the door for the other. "My name is Rayne by the way. Rayne Walker. It's a pleasure." She smirked slightly.
  6. As the door slammed shut, she jumped like a startled cat and gripped her bag's strap tightly. Her pale blue eyes lowered as she felt a little awkward and unwanted until Rayne smiled and offered her inside. Fixing her waist-length hair behind her, she tilted her head to the side and opened her mouth to speak. She was going to ask if Rayne was sure that it was alright, but felt as though she had asked too many questions as it was. Instead, a shy smile spread across her pale, blush-stained face, and she nodded in thanks.

    "Rissa- er, CArissa. Carissa Moon." She emphasized the ca to show that Rissa was just a nickname, and how she had gotten used to introducing herself. She shyly offered her hand as a seal of introduction, then awkwardly took it back, not wanting to seem too forward. "Pleasure's all mine" she tried to match the friendly girl's smirk. As she followed behind the girl, she frowned and began apologizing again, "I really am sorry for all the trouble and inconvenience I've caused you this morning.." she looked back towards the door that was going to be her home for awhile, at least, as soon as that girl was done. "She doesn't seem to like me." She said softly, interrupting her own thoughts as she looked back to Rayne.
  7. Shutting the door behind her Rayne chuckled. "Don't worry about it and definitely don't worry about Cheryl. She's rude to everyone." Locking her door she stepped into her bedroom and started to dress. A loose tank top with Deftones scrawled across it and a pair of dark blue, slightly faded and torn skinny jeans. "If you want some coffee feel free, the mugs are just above the coffee machine." Rayne called out from her room as she stepped out a couple moments later after doing up her belt.

    Walking into the kitchen she grabbed her coffee and took a seat in the small living room that she had. "So is this your first year at the college or are you transferring from somewhere else?" She asked, growing curious about this Carissa Moon. An odd yet intriguing name.
  8. Curiosity pervaded her mind as she looked around, examining all the little trinkets that lay around. Not being too social or confident, she didn't want to sit down just yet, as to not offend her hostess. "Transferring" she attempted another smile which came a little awkwardly, as most things did for her, "I got transferred to this one, though this is my first time living on campus" pale green eyes continued to wander and scan as the girl spoke, "What are you here for? I don't mean that as a criminal sort of- I meant what do you-" she paused and tried to regain some form of thought process, "What is your major? What do you study and have for classes?"

    It was hard for Carissa to talk to humans. She was basically kept away from them as much as possible. Home schooled about everything the people who took care of her thought she needed to know. Very smart in books, but social skills? Definitely not something she was taught, nor gained seeing as though she was frequently ignored, teased, and shunned.

    She hoped Rayne was better with words than herself, so she resorted to questioning, hoping her friendly new neighbor would understand, and not mind. A good impression was something Carissa wanted to make, maybe this might actually work out for her. Maybe even a friend? Something she needed, and never thought she could manage.
  9. Rayne smiled with a subtle chuckle. "I'm here studying art. Digital illustration and imaging." Rayne had always loved to draw ever since she was a girl. Her goal was to be a comic book artist or a tattoo artist. She did have other interests but that was her main goal. "How about you? where are you coming from and what are you taking?" Sometimes Rayne would get overly curious, occasionally prodding a little too deep. She did try to avoid such scenarios but everyone got a little carried away. Besides, this girl seemed really interesting.
  10. Oh no, another question. She dreaded trying to speak again. "I'm a fan of art as well, and I'm actually here for it as well, not so much the digital aspects, though" she smiled, more comfortably this time, placing a hand on the back of her head. "I draw too, but I mostly paint." She scrambled around in one of her bags and pulled out a small canvas. It was painted dark, the silhouettes of a dead forest, the night sky above, a raven soaring across the bright, full moon. Looking at it only briefly, she handed it to Rayne and smiled. "I did this one in my earlier teens. My sketching is alright, I guess, I usually only do when in certain moods, or get requests." She pulled a business card from her pocket with a website on it, "I'm not very good with people in person, but I teach some art online and help people design business logos and bring some of their creations to life for the ones who have stories or characters, but aren't very artistic on paper." She suddenly grew embarrassed with how much she was talking about herself. "What are your goals from taking your art classes? What do you want to Do with your skills? I'd love to see some of your work sometime" she smiled again, warmly, and not quite so awkward as she grew more comfortable and sat on the ground near her neighbor.
  11. Taking the small canvas Rayne studied the painting. It was very well done. The brush strokes were precise and well calculated, the colours well chosen. Although not visible from a distance there was actually a large number of colours in some of the dark parts of the painting. Listening to the girl's words Rayne took the business card and looked at that briefly. "Cool. I really like your style." She smiled as she took another sip of coffee. "I uh—well, this might sound nerdy but I really like comics. I would love to work at a studio or big printing house." Rayne smiled. "That or tattoos I guess." She shrugged. Watching the girl sit on the ground Rayne raised an eyebrow. "Why are you sitting on the floor? There's more than enough space on the couch." She chuckled. "It might be a small dorm but it's not that small." Another little laugh followed.

    Looking over into the kitchen she saw the time almost ten, hopefully Cheryl would be out a bit earlier, Rayne had class at eleven.
  12. "No way!" The girl exclaimed, her awkwardness falling off after the comment about comics. "I love comics!" She quickly thrashed around in her pack once more, pulling out her camera. She pouted and scoffed after holding the power button for a minute, realizing it was dead. "Later, I suppose" She blushed lightly, realizing how over excited she had gotten, She was as close as she could possibly be to Rayne whilst still being on the floor and not quite touching her. "Oh, I didn't know if it was alright, some people get offended if you just 'make yourself at home' without being very specifically offered." Her face was already a light pink color, but it grew darker and darker in intensity as everything that she had done and said actually registered in her head. She placed a hand in the back of her head, hoping she hadn't scared off another one.

    Rissa watched as the woman's gaze floated over to the clock, She was about to apologize, assuming she was boring the poor thing or taking up her time, but realized she also had a class to attend soon. "Oh no." She shuffled around in her pockets and handed her class schedule to Rayne with panic I'm her eyes, "I have a class to be to at eleven, and I don't know where it is or anyone in it, and my stuff," She paused to take a breath. She felt so bad and rushed all of a sudden she just kept talking until she ran out of breath to explain and apologize all at the same time. "What if she's not done by then?" Her eyes moved from Rayne to the multitude of bags she had on the floor next to her, not wanting to lug all of them around all day, not thinking the professors would appreciate that too much anyways. She simply finished by placing her face in her palms, breathing into them what seemed like an attempt to rekindle her sanity. She leaned forward, her long hair falling over her shoulders and brushing the floor.