Hidden Meadows: A Rehab Center for Teenagers with Outlandish Addictions

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  1. Deep in the country, like the deep deep country with farms and cows and what not, there stands a huge building that might have been a few barns at one point, but turned into a facility of sorts over time.

    This facility is called Hidden Meadows and it was created and is ran by Miss Mallory Adams, a young woman who has a family history of relatives being afflicted with strange addictions. All of her relatives either perished or withdrew from society due to their addictions, and so Mallory has made it her mission to rehabilitate teenagers who develop odd addictions.

    Along with Mallory, a team of understanding and lovely people work at Hidden Meadows, one of them being, James O'Connor, a man who used to have an addiction to purple pixie stix. Mr. O'Connor serves as The Scout. Meaning he goes out and finds teenagers that are suffering from Outlandish Addictions and invites them to stay at Hidden Meadows.

    When the patients arrive at Hidden Meadows, they are placed with a roommate who won't trigger their addiction. And then they are given a schedule. The schedule consists of support group sessions that they must attend to rid themselves of their ailment.

    Hidden Meadows also has a level system, the lowest being one and the highest being six. As you ascend, you are given special privileges like for example, at level four you get a basic cellphone to make long personal calls. Or at level six you have the option of visiting the nearest city for a day of fun. (Of course you will be chaperoned).

    Overall Hidden Meadows is a lovely place. But one day James O'Connor brings in a woman named Lily de la Lune, an actress addicted to peculiar people. You would think that bringing such a woman to a rehab center would be a bad thing, but Lily was not interested in the patients and their odd addictions, no not at all. Her sharp gaze was always focused on Mallory Adams.

    And then one day, all of the lights in the center go out and when they come back on Miss Mallory Adams disappears along with Lily de la Lune. The staff is devastated, what will they do without their strong leader? Of course they must push on and keep helping the patients but how can they do that and save their dear director?

    While they're focusing on that, a particular group of patients who adore Mallory just as much as the staff, are formulating a plan. They can't let that vile Lily de la Lune just swoop in and take Mallory!

    So the group makes a plan to break out of the rehab center and save Miss Mallory Adams.

    And that's where the rp ends.

    You see I wish to cut this rp in halfsies.
    One part is the teenagers settling in, getting to know each other, making friends, overcoming their addictions and meeting Lily de la Lune. And the second part is when they go after Lily. (And that's when things get magical).

    Now then onto the details!~

    Hidden Meadows Levels
    (All levels last a year. If you show progress at the end of a year you go back. If no progress you stay in current level. If rules are broken, you go down a level)
    Level One
    • No privileges.
    • Watched by security 24/7.
    • Five minute showers.
    • Hair care is done by staff.
    Level Two
    • Limited privileges.
    • Watched by security during the day only (7 AM to 12 PM).
    • Ten minute showers.
    • Hair care is done by staff.
    Level Three
    • Checked on by security five times a day.
    • Ten minute showers.
    • Combs and brushes are issued.
    Level Four
    • Checked on by staff four times a day.
    • Ten minute showers.
    • Basic cellphone issued (only make calls during breaks).
    • Combs, brushes, hair products are issued.
    Level Five
    • Checked on by staff three times a day.
    • Fifteen minute showers.
    • 20 minute baths.
    • Basic cellphone issued (only make calls during breaks and for ten minutes before lights out).
    • Combs, brushes, hair products are issued.
    • Go home on weekends.
    Level Six
    • Checked on by staff two times a day.
    • Fifteen minute showers.
    • 20 minute baths.
    • Basic cellphone issued (only make calls during breaks and for ten minutes before lights out).
    • Combs, brushes, hair products are issued.
    • Go home on weekends.
    • Chaperoned field trips to the city for 1 day of fun.

    - No run of the mill addictions. (Like drugs, cutting, purging etc)
    - I reserve the right to kick you out if you break rules.
    - All patients are ages 13 - 19
    - If you read the rules put at the end of your CS 'Toy Boats'.
    - Mallory Adams and James O'Connor are played by me; As is Lily de la Lune.
    - Security guards and other staff may be rped, just don't abuse them.
    - One paragraph (5-8) sentences per post)
    - No Godmodding/Mary Sues/Gary Stus/Special Snowflakes/Debbie Downers/Donnie Downers.
    - No hyper sad/abuse backgrounds.
    - When your character enters the Hidden Meadows facility they are thoroughly searched, no items.

    Character Sheet
    Description or Picture [Real. No Anime or Drawings]
    Level: [If you just came you are level one]
    How long have you been here? [For non newbies]
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  2. Level 1
    Adelaide Caulfield - Lorchenne
    Benny Neil - Tazelwurm
    [NEW] Aubrey Thompson - york

    Level 2
    Amena "Ama" Eloise Puehr - Tempe Tantrum

    Level 3
    Hippolit "Hippo" Bajor - Tazelwurm

    Level 4
    Scarletta "Letta" Obsidian - ~x~Fýlakas ángelos~x~
    Dorian Emiliano Grey - Requiem

    Level 5

    Level 6
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  3. Reserved for Rp Info
  4. Hmm... Seems like an interesting concept... I volunteer! *raises hand awkwardly*
  5. This is right up my ally!
  6. Hi, I'm your stalker so here I am! :D (@Lorchenne taggin ya!) Red, tell me if my Bio's all wrong. :D
    Character Sheet


    Name: Amena "Ama" Eloise Puehr
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Gentle, kind and the typical nice girl image, until you "touch" precious and then she turns feral.
    Level: Level 2
    How long have you been here? Four Years, for three years she stayed in Level 1
    Addiction: Tea.
    Bio: Amena was often teased because of her last name and it didn't help that it ran in the family that everyone loved tea. Any tea, of all kinds. Milk, dark, cold, sweet, bitter: EVERY TYPE of TEA there is. And due to this, she had turned into an aggressive monster person whenever her precious tea is badmouthed, mad fun of or simply a passing mention of it not being to their taste. She cannot stay calm in a day without at least drinking 3 types of tea a day. She'll have a great fit without it. Her best friend; Ada, who also has her own weird addiction and tea were the only consolation she had growing up in an a Posh Academy her parent's sent her to. When she was 13, she and her best friend were to Hidden Meadows.

    Toy Boats were made to be SUNK. #morbid​
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  7. I've never joined a real roleplay forum but I find this one interesting.

    I hope I did this righttttt?

    NAME: Avaline (Ava) Bleu

    AGE: 15

    Gender: Female

    APPEARANCE: Her head is adorned with thick, dark ringlets that just touch her slender shoulders. Ava is petite yet not to be mistaken for weak. Light hazel eyes shine with mischief upon her round face, and her skin is a rich golden hue. Full lips form a permanent scowl.

    PERSONALITY: Ava is undoubtably hardheaded, with a quick and untamed wit that gets her in trouble more often than not. She is standoffish to most but is amiable if given the chance. Not to leave unmentioned, she has a fondness for peanut butter

    Level: 1

    Addiction: Dolls (ironically since she is generally regarded as a tom boy)

    SKILL: Her wit and combat hand on hand. She is a wild fighter though, but her disregard for personal safety makes her willing to endure most anything

    Back Story: Ava was raised in orphanages the majority of her life; her mother dying in childbirth and her father being, in short, a dead-beat. This is from which her obsession with dolls grew. They represent her vulnerability, despite her hard outer shell. She was moved to Hidden Meadows when her doll collection had overflown the boundaries of her room in the orphanage...
  8. @york
    AH BELIEVE WE HAVE A VOLUNTEER! Come on up. Come on, dear.


    @Temper Tantrum

    You are accepted!

    And noo! Not my toy boats! My babies...T.T
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  9. YESSSSSSSSSSSH! Sorry Red. But Everytime I see one on water, I have this urge to slap it around silly and watch it drown. :D


  10. [​IMG]
    Name: Adelaide Caulfield
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Personality: chipper and adorkable, surprisingly sharp tongued and quite devious
    Level: stuck at one for four years
    Addiction: Pencils
    To be behaved is very important to her busy cartoonist father and professor mother so she spent most of her childhood indoors, seeing the outside through her father's stories and her best friend Amena. When he died, Adelaide took a strong obsession for his pencil and pencils in general. It was the last thing his father held and something she always saw him with.
    Also, she's been stuck on Level One for years because every time she has to be evaluated, she snaps. But she's well behaved most of the time specially with Amena. She's being checked for a second obsession, I suppose.

    Toy planes beat toy boats. :D
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  11. OH MY GOSH! Now I know why I always confuse you guys' avatars!


    @Temper Tantrum
    And why does everyone hate toy boats. >:
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  12. [​IMG]
    Name: Benny Neil
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Neurotic and friendly. Unless you muck up her things that she keeps in a precise order. Aside from the fact that Benny keeps her things in a strict organization system, she can be pretty amicable. She's usually great at reasoning and will do her best to help others out if asked.
    Level: 1
    How long have you been here? She was admitted to the rehabilitation center when she turned 13, and has stayed in level 1 because of her addiction.
    Addiction: Watches and Clocks
    Bio: It used to just be being on time. Benny hated to be late and it was crazy because her parents had no problem with being late. They didn't make it their mission to be tardy but they were pretty lax with scheduling. Benny however, was pretty anal when it came to getting things just right and being on time. At first she just checked her phone every once in awhile, but when she was enrolled in a school with a strict 'no cellphone' policy, her mom bought her a watch. And because her mom didn't want Benny having a 'run of the mill' watch, she got her a pretty customized one. A shiny thing with rainbow rhinestones and wavy hands. Benny was thrilled when she saw the watch and she wore it all the time.
    But like all things, the watch eventually broke and Benny went shopping with her parents for a new one. She saw many watches and found that she wanted each and every one of them. At first her parents were a little worried but they soon gave in and bought her whatever watches she wanted. Benny was eight at the time, so they figured nothing terrible could come of the watch fetish.
    But something terrible did come out of it. Benny started buying catalogs that catered to watch lovers, and it was in one of those catalogs that she found beautiful and unque clocks. So her watch fetish became a watch and clock fetish. The young girl uses all of her allowance to buy an abundance of watches and clocks, and soon you couldn't even enter her room without knowing the time. Her parents were forced to wear earplugs to bed because they couldn't stand the loud TICK TOCK TICK TOCK emitting from their daughter's bed room.
    Finally, her parents couldn't take it anymore and just when they were about to waste their money sending her to multiple psychologists and therapists, James O'Connor knocked on their door.

    Name: Hipolit 'Hippo' Bajor
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Level: 3
    How long have you been here? Since he was 14. He's spent two years in level 1.
    Addiction: Bad Odors
    Bio: You'd think that a guy this hot would smell like old spice, be totally neat and sexy on the inside and outside right?
    Well you'd be wrong. Very very wrong.
    Hippo is a slob. A complete and utter pig. He likes to save things that should be thrown away within an hour of acquiring it. And he rarely ever washes his clothes. But that's because Hippo loves foul odors. From the day he first encountered a dead and half rotted squirrel under the back porch, he has been enamored with terrible smells. He makes it his mission in life to acquire the most gross, grimy and putrid things, so that he can achieve the most disgusting puke inducing aroma in the world.
    His parents and siblings could barely stand living in the same house as him and so they tended to stay away. His parents went on numerous 'business trips' leaving him with a babysitter who really REALLY needed money, and his sisters slept over their friends' houses. The smell of rotted food, and dirty clothing that Hippo acquired was so bad that, the neighborhood association voted for the Bajor family to vacate the area and find a new home. The association then proceeded to burn down the Bajor's old house because no amount of extreme makeovers could destroy that odor.
    Hippo's parents were devastated and enraged that their son had gotten them kicked out of their lovely neighborhood and now they had to live in the hood! (I wasn't really the hood, but there were a lot of 7/11s and the Bajors considered that a franchise that catered to the lower class).
    The Bajors were at their wits end and where about to send Hippo to Poland for some one on one time with his mother's strict grandfather who believe in capital punishment, when they got a call from James O'Connor. (He couldn't even enter the area because it smelled so terrible)

    Toy Boats are AWESOME and completely MISUNDERSTOOD.
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  13. Whoops! Sorry about not responding, but I shall post soon! :L
  14. [​IMG]
    Name: Aubrey Thompson
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Personality: An partial introvert sometimes differing from his "normal" behavior , he's considered an eccentric person despite his average upbringing with his family perhaps as a result of his addiction... He prefers to live in his own "Virtual World" though every now and then (usually when the situation forced him to) he will interact with other people though fairly briefly...
    Level: 1
    Status: New arrival
    Addiction: Virtual Reality
    Bio: Aubrey was your average child, looking for something to pass his time... Then the day came when he discovered the wonders of the virtual world one step at a time, it started with a simple video-game addiction, no-one thought much of it since he was able to pry himself away from his gaming long enough to complete other tasks set out for him... It slowly but surely began to get worse over the years as he preferred to spend time in a world that's much different than the one he currently lives in. The only problem he had with it was the fact that interactions in those virtual worlds he practically "lived" in during his gaming sessions were limited. Though that problem was quickly by-passed one day when he discovered what Virtual Reality really was, he began to steadily devote more and more time to purchase software and items that will "enhance" his virtual reality experience practically spending every cent he could from his allowance. It wasn't long before he stopped participating much in the real world, the only few reasons he ever did was to eat, drink, use the bathroom, and sleep (which rarely happens) though he sometimes (usually when he's absolutely required to) participates in the real world, but those moments are getting rarer... Aubrey's parents were far past frustrated with this addiction of his, they had tried everything to put an end to the addiction to no avail; cutting his allowance, which only made him burst out into fits of rage, introducing what they thought were "more interesting" things (that most definitely didn't work), sending him to multiple psychologists, counselors etc, they even tried threatening him with (and in one case actually calling) the police. Just when they were about to give up on Aubrey for good, James 'O Connor stopped by their house and after a bit of explaining, Aubrey's parents were more than willing to accept hoping that his time spent at the rehab center Jame had told them about would cure his addiction once and for all..

    (Sorry about the wall of text, but I hope I'm not breaking any of the rules! The RP terminology is kinda new territory for me o-o toy boats!)
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  15. @york
    Oh dear you seem to have forgotten something! Read the rules please ^^
    The guy's name is James not Jame. Although that might have been a typo, I just wanted to clear that up
  16. XD whoops my bad, I read that when I just woke up! Anyways fixed :S
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  17. @york

    Alrightie! Accepted! :D
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  18. I don't have your toy boats, red! :O I just never had one. :P

    And love the fact you mistake our avatars. :3 Makes me oddly happy. hahaha.
  19. @Temper Tantrum

    Is that from a particular manga by the way? O.O I wanna read it.
  20. @The Red Tazelwurm , Lory thinks it's a game. She thinks that the title/artist is called "MOCCHIRI OYAJI". :P
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