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Hidden lover (mxm)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Valic, Apr 5, 2015.

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  1. Character A works full time, he's successful at his job, he's completed school without any debt and he's got a lot out there! For the first four years of his marriage, everything had been great, he loved his wife, she was everything he wanted. But the marriage fell sour, she began to grow angry and sadly - abusive. He couldn't fight her back, he didn't want to hurt his wife, ruin his future, who would he tell? Who would believe him? No one would, they'd tell him to man up, no one took male abuse or rape serious. Character A met a man one night at a bar and it'd been a one night stand, an amazing one night stand! He and character B spoke afterwards, they chatted and character B brought up bruises on character A's body. Spousal abuse - however, he didn't want to ruin his marriage! He loved his wife, he wanted them to get better, wouldn't anyone? Knowing this, character B offered his home as a safe haven for him, he'd be the emotional and physical support character A would need.

    But, what would happen when his wife found out, when she became suspicious?

    This will include:
    ▼ BDSM
    ▼ MxM
    ▼ Abuse
    ▼ Age difference (around 5-9 years)
    ▼ Kinks (can be discussed c; )
    ▼ Hurt/comfort
    ▼ I'd prefer the two switch on who's dominant and submissive/take turns
  2. If love to do this with you! I love it!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.