Hidden Jems In The Most Likely Places

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  1. The prince sat up in his bed. It had been a long week...as the oldest he was expected to take the throne after his father so Princely Classes were also expected. Today was his birthday and his parents were all too excited to celebrate it. He however...wasn't. It was just another year closer to a heavy responsibility...and death. Caesar got to his feet and dressed...pulling back his Shaggy Blonde hair into a neat pony tail before going down to breakfast. On the table was a spread of fruits and breads. He sat down at his spot, reaching for a pear. Carefully he took it before glancing up the table at his parents and younger half brother...Leon. His mother, a thin woman with Silver eyes just like his smiled at him Happily. Then his father gave him the same look...which was unusual.

    "Caesar...today you turn twenty years old. It's time we bought you what we did for your birthday. It's time for you to seize some control over someone before it's too late."

    "You didn't...Father..."

    He knew exactly what his father was talking about...a slave. His first, very own slave.

    "Yes...we did. Don't try and reject the preasant cause we already bought it. Bring her in!" The king called out to his Advisor.

    Caesar sat there and waited for her to be brought out...taking a bite of his pear...watching the entrance to the dining hall.
  2. A girl, aged at most 18 or 19, was brought in to Caeser and his parents. She looked very nervous and looked away from them, feeling humiliated and scared for what may come. She had dark blonde hair, green eyes, and a tattered dress on which some maids had tried to fix up before presenting her to the royalty.


    She was absolutely silent and still.
  3. He watched as a girl came into the dining hall. She looked young and very nervous to be here. These days It was way too easy to just pick up a girl from off the streets that happened to be wandering too far from home and just take her. Take her back to a Castle or Manor usually a town or so away and they would spend the rest of thier lives being a servert. It was kidnapping...it was wrong but for some reason far beyond his understanding They were not arrested and jailed for a wrong doing. To him it mattered not weather a person was royalty nor commoner they were people and should be treated as equals. Such...if this girl was snatched away from her family then his parents should be arrested accordingly. Caesar got to his feet and slowly walked over to her, stopping a few feet infront of her. His silver eyes examined her closly. She had a normal look, nothing special. Dark blonde hair and something unsusal for this Kingdom...Green eyes. Usually eyes were amung commoners Brown, dull grey, or blue. Usual eyes for Royalty was Silver, Bright Amber, or on Rare occasions Emerald Green. It was the first time he had seen anyone with Green eyes so he stared into them for a moment, suprised. Then he noticed her clothing was in tatters. He frowned a bit at that sight and looked her in the eyes again. Ceasar spoke, his voice refined and smooth. A perfect Baritone voice.

    "What is your name woman....?"

    He waited for her to responed then smiled a bit.

    "It's a good name. Now come with me. I have some business to attend to."

    WIth that he beckond then woman forwards and though the dining hall door. They went into a hallway only lit by the morning light coming in though the windows. The morning sun warming him as he passed them, a slight smile tugged at the corner of his lips.

  4. The girl looked up at Caeser, back at his eyes. She had to admit he looked quite handsome for a prince in this kingdom. Then again, this was the first prince that she actually got up close to with an understanding of what "handsome" was to her. She also noticed that he was looking into her eyes a lot. Maybe he was respectful to everyone. A pleasant smile slowly formed, trying to be respectful back. Once asked about her name, she stood up and

    "M...My name is Linda, sir..."

    Linda smiled and nodded. " Thank you sir...Y-Yes sir," she responded to what Caeser said and responded going forward to Caeser. And soon, she followed him down the hallway.
  5. He waited until they were far enough down the hall and stopped, tuning on his heel to face Linda. The prince approached her and reached out, gently and non-evasivly took a strand of her hair. Ceasar looked over at her clothing again, before letting the hair slip through his fingers. He looked her in the eyes and smiled warmly.

    "I'm not as tense and serious as I look Linda. Also I do treat people the way that I would deem respectful. One cannot demand respect and not give it himself. But you don't need to be so frightned. I won't hit you for anything. I liked that pleasant smile back there. Keep that up. Also...Your clothing. I am going to send you to the seamstrss. No one deserves to be dressed in rags. Follow me."

    He turned around again and lead her up and down a couple of hallways before coming to a simple of pretty door. The prince knocked before walking away down the hall.

    "She is in there. Her name is Helan. Tell her Prince Ceasar sent you to be measured for two new dresses.Pick any material you like and let her sew two new dresses for you. She is excellent at her job...just stay with her until her job is complete then I will find you and show you two your quarters."

  6. Linda made a curious, yet soft sound when he took a bit of her hair. "..Oh?" she looked to her hand and back at him, looking up at him wondering what he was going to say or do. But when Caeser smiled to her, she couldn't help but smile back.

    "Oh?...O-Okay! Thank you, sir," Linda said with a bow and continued to listen to what he said. "O-Oh?" she followed him to where Helan was and looked to Caeser. "Okay...Thank you again, Prince Caeser,"