Hidden In Plain Sight

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    The streets were silent for the most part, except for the footsteps of Callan Enzo as he quietly walked through them, he seemed to be looking around for something. However he posessed little to no gadgets to help him, after all this was something he was doing out of mere curiousity. Usually at times like this he would be wandering the streets looking for something to do, but just recently, he'd caught word of some sort of secret laboratory around here, but the question is where he would find it. There were rumors about strange and interesting things that have happened in it, some sort of genetic splicing with humans and animals or something, perhaps even almost mythical seeming creatures wandering around inside. He couldn't hear much from his eavesdropping except the relative area where the lab was supposed to be hidden in, but since he lacked something better to do, he figured it was worth his time to investigate...
  2. The whole place seemed to be abandoned. Exept for one red headed girl and what rest remains of her family. She would walk the streets alone, everyday. Why? Because tourist come here to look for the secret lab that kidnapped herself, her brother, and a couple of other innocent souls now turned to heartless monsters. She and the others had killed the last owners of the lab, and now, there were new owners. They would soon meet their fate.
    "Hey, you there." She called from behind him. She knew he could feel her gaze. She looked like a normal girl, like the ones you see everyday out in public. "Where are you heading to?" She asked curiously, trying to strike up a conversation. She ended her sentence with a smile.
  3. Hearing the voice of another in the seemingly quiet street Callan turned towards the voice, jumping a little, as he caught sight of who had talked, he was surprised to see a normal looking girl, she looked to be just a little older than him. "O-Oh... Uh, hi." He said greeting her a little, she seemed a little out of place here, but despite being nervous, he was secretly glad that he had a little company, though he avoided eye contact as she talked some more, asking where he was heading to. "Just... Walking I guess." Callan said in response, figuring it was better that she didn't know about what he was planning to do, after all, most people would think he was crazy if he just flat out said he was looking for a secret lab or something like that. His eyes darted around as he waited for a response, looking for anything that might resemble the entrance of a lab, but instead, he caught sight of others who seemed like the girl's family, perhaps he just didn't notice them or somehting at first...
  4. "Hm. Of course." She walked towards him a little, staring him down. "That's what they all say though. Your really here to find some lab, aren't you sir?" She crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. "It's not safe, your just begging for trouble aren't you?" She glared at him. "And quite rude at that. Look at someone when they are talking to you."
    The family looked at him curiously before walking away. There were about three of them. One, a tall skinny blonde male in a business suit, others looked like friends of some sort.
  5. Callan found himself getting a little nervous, he looked a little conflicted when it came to answering her question "N-... Well, maybe." he said, stuttering a little, as she brought his lack of eye contact to his attention, he felt himself blushing a little. It was a strange quirk of his, he'd never been able to make proper eye contact with someone, far less the opposite gender, something about it made him really nervous. Though since the girl was pretty clearly offended by it, he forced himself to make eye contact rather slowly, the nervousness in his eyes was quite clear when he did.
  6. She sighed. "Not asking for any trouble. But, those lab owners? They are going to die. Tonight." She softly whispered. "Just saying. Ever heard curiosity killed the cat? Hm? Well if you go to the lab, they'll frame you for murder." A twisted smirk tugged at her lips. "So, I suggest not going there. Ever." She blinked and smiled. "Understood?"
  7. Hearing the girls words Callan just nodded quietly, he wasn't so sure what was going on, but he needed to do something about this... Somehow, though being stubborn probably wouldn't help anyone in this situation right now, so perhaps it was best if he observed a little and didn't do anything just yet.
  8. "Just trust me. It isn't worth it." She played with the knife handle sticking out of her pocket. "My brother and I will make sure no one goes in there, and no one ever comes out. We aren't afraid of a little blood you know. So you better watch it."
  9. All Callan could do was nod again with a rather disappointed sigh, but at the same time when he heard about blood being spilt, it worried him. Something just wasn't right about what she was saying, or more accurately what she seemed to be planning on doing...