Hidden in Plain Sight.

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  1. Name: Amelia Huang
    Online Name: Poco-Chan
    Age: 19
    Height: 4'11"
    Occupation: Sales Clerk at Au Bon Pain (sp?)
    Looks Online: [​IMG]
    Looks irl: [​IMG]
    Amelia hummed softly as she mixed a coffee for one of the few customers in the early morning. Her hair was in lazy bun as she easily floated around the small kitchenette. She handed the aged woman at the counter. Money was exchanged and the woman cleared out.
    Amelia sighed leaning on the counter. It looked to be a slow day and all she wanted to do was upload the video she made last night to YouTube. She always uploaded new things every Monday Wednesday Friday and occasionally on Sundays.
  2. upload_2014-7-2_15-3-3.jpeg online
    upload_2014-7-2_15-3-46.jpeg IRL
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    Name: Jaxon Whitehall, or Jax for short.

    Age: 20

    Heigh: 5’10”

    Occupation: Currently is a college student, but works part-time at a vintage record shop.


    -Genevieve Whitehall: Sister/15/Alive

    -Alexander Whitehall: Father/ 45/Alive

    -Danika Whitehall: Mothing/43/Deceased


    Jax ran a hand through his already messy hair, a sigh pushing past his lips. He had just rolled out of bed not even ten minutes ago, he just pulled on a pair of pants and shirt and made his way out of his apartment in need of a hot coffee and a quite place to study for his upcoming exams—little could be done when his roommate snored so loud it sounded like a chainsaw cutting through everything. His clear blue eyes were bloodshot and tired, but a slight twinkle entered them when he spotted a little shop that sold food and coffee. Perfect.

    Long legs clad in a pair of worn blue jeans took him across the street and into the shop. He held open the door for the old woman as she left the shop, flashing her a bright smile to which she returned graciously. Once the woman was out of the way Jax slipped into the shop, making his way up to the counter where a woman was clearly in deep thought about something. The woman, whose nametag read Amelia, was rather short, and Jaxon easily towered over her. Looking down he gave her a bright smile, an almost desperate look in his blue eyes as he placed his order. “Could I get a black coffee, please?”
  4. "Ah!" Amelia nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard someone suddenly speak. Her brown eyes were the size of saucers as the traveled up the tall man before her. "Uh...yeah."
    Amelia hurriedly turned around and grabbed a coffee cup. Her heart beat erratically still trying to calm itself as she picked up the pot of coffee. 'Jeez where had he even come from?' Amelia sighed as she capped the drink and returned.
    "Here ya go. That will be...$2.35 plus tax...your total is $2.95." Amelia smiled doing the math her head, she would have had to type it manually anyway. This was just faster. Amelia sent her customer a kind smile actually getting a look at him. He was....wow. She felt shy suddenly and averted her eyes after a moment. Her face flushed as her shyness became overwhelming. Sometimes this job sucked, usually when attractive people came it. No every time attractive people came in!
  5. Jaxon gave the woman a smile, chuckling slightly when she jumped at his sudden appearance. “You must’ve been deep in La-La Land if you didn’t notice me come in.” He commented, leaning against the counter as she turned around and prepared his coffee. When she returned he straightened and pulled his money out of his pocket, separating out three bills from the rest and sliding it over to Amelia. “Um, keep the change. Not much I can do with a nickel, huh?” One blue eye winked at the girl as one hand reached out for his coffee, bringing it to his lips immediately. Jax tipped the cup back carelessly, taking in a large gulp of the scalding liquid. His eyes widened and his expression contorted into one of pain. “Ouch. It’s hot..” He mumbled to himself, running his thumb across his burning lips. Jaxon let out another chuckle as his eyes focused back on the girl. “You don’t mind if I take a seat in the corner to study, do you? Don’t want to disturb your peace and quiet.” He said as he adjusted the straps of his backpack, looking expectantly at the girl, a smile still lighting up his face.
  6. Amelia gave a small smile at his words. You really couldn't do much with a nickel. Her smile fell into a look of shock as the blonde drank his coffee right away. "But isn't it...hot." Amelia mumbled as he downed a huge gulp. At first she was worried until he seemed okay and made a joke. "Of course it's hot." Amelia laughed and put the cash into the cash register.
    "Oh yeah, go ahead. There's free wifi and everything. Good luck." Amelia offered up a smile as she spoke. There was a ding signaling another customer.
    Amelia's happiness visibly dissipated seeing Nichole. She was gorgeous with long legs and perfect hair but she was horribly rude, well to Amelia. She always had been since sixth grade when Amelia beat her in a spelling bee.
    "Fantastic." Amelia sighed before forcing a smile. "Hi how may I help you?"
  7. His smile grew at Amelia’s words. “Great! Thanks for the coffee.” He nodded his head in thanks before taking a seat at the booth in the corner by the window. Jaxon didn’t expect the place to have free wifi, but it was extremely fortunate that it did. Placing his coffee on the table, Jax took off his backpack and slung it gently into the booth. From inside he withdrew a laptop and a healthy stack of papers—old tests and notes he could study off of. Though it wasn’t like he could study direct answers. The exam was for his English Language and Composition class, most of what he had to study was how to analyze poems, prose, and try to memorize a list of 140 terms that he would need for the analysis. But it didn’t bother him. He honestly liked English, and it was his goal to become a high school English teacher. Just a couple more years and he could get a job doing what he loved.

    His thoughts were disrupted when the bell above the door dinged, welcoming a new customer with a shrill sound. Jaxon sat down in his booth and looked at the girl who entered. The girl was a complete stranger to him, but he could already tell he didn’t like her. A hand lifted to open the top of his laptop and turn it on as his eyes watched Amelia and the new girl interact.
  8. "Ew, it's your shift. Try not to screw up my order." Nichole sighed dramatically as she typed away on her bejeweled phone.
    Amelia nearly sighed but instead, swallowed her pride and got to work. It took less than a minute for Amelia to make Nichole's unnecessarily complicated drink and a small piece of coffee cake.
    Nichole eyed the drink warily before snatching it from Amelia and walking out.
    Amelia knitted her eyebrows together in a look of confusion before shaking her head and taking her spot back at the cash register.
  9. Jax watched with wary eyes, brows furrowed in confusion. He didn’t know who the new chick was, but he knew she was snotty and stuck up just by a first glance. His assumptions were proved correct with how rude she ordered her coffee and cake. Pink lips pursed with disgust, but he looked away to log into his computer which had several profiles because his roommate used it every so often to study. The girl left just as Jaxon brought his coffee up for another drink. Setting it down he allowed his eyes to settle on Amelia once more, but this time he fully looked at her, taking in her adorable oriental features. Something about her seemed extremely familiar, but he couldn’t place his finger on it. Having realized that he had been staring at her for a solid minute, Jax blinked his eyes and hurriedly looked down at his laptop, connecting to the wifi and opening up an internet browser. “Well she seemed really friendly,” He mused aloud, knowing full well that the girl wasn’t friendly at all.
  10. Amelia had been up in la la land again as Jax had called it. She was planning out her next song she would cover for her blog. A lot of kids wanted her to sing This Circle by Paramore. Maybe she would, it wasn't too bad, not a lot of vocal range in her opinion but she could change that.
    Amelia was knocked out of her thoughts by Jax for the second time that day. "Oh she's a doll." Amelia smiled over at the blonde. He was really nice although his looks had the stereotype of snooty upperclassmen. It was nice seeing it proven false. "How's studying?"
  11. Jax snorted at Amelia’s reply. “She sure seems like it.” He muttered, tapping away at his keyboard for a second before looking back up at her. “So what happened between you two? She was acting pretty feral towards you.” Jax didn’t expect Amelie to elaborate on their situation with one another, so he quickly moved on to the next topic. He shrugged. “Okay, I guess. I’m pretty sure I’m going to do good on the exam, so I have no worries. But I should probably wake my roommate up now…” He trailed off, grabbing his phone from his pocket and dialing his roommate, Sebastian’s, cell phone number. It rang four times before Seb picked up, and when he did Jax quickly got to the point. “Wake up, study a little bit for the exam. I’m out, do you want anything from Au Bon Pain?” Seb’s deep tired voice replied back slowly. “Coffee… and… food…” Jaxon nodded his head and quickly said his goodbye. He’ll get Seb’s order before he left so it would be warm when he got back to their apartment.

    Blue eyes settled on the small girl behind the counter. “So, I have to ask. Have we met before? You seem oddly… familiar?” It was a complete shot in the dark, because Jax was almost positive that they’ve never met before, but there was something in her voice that set off bells in his head.
  12. Amelia smiled over at Jax and leaned on the counter closest to him. "You're going to laugh your ass off." Her smile turned into a smirk. "I beat her in a spelling bee in sixth grade and she's hated me ever since." Amelia shrugged trying not to laugh. It was all so childish to her. There had to be some other reason but Amelia didn't have a clue as to what it was.
    Amelia turned to the counters and began cleaning up as Jax called his roommate. She didn't want to be creepy coffee girl who stood there and listened to his phone conversations. Amelia had nearly finished when Jax addressed her again. She nearly had a heart attack thinking he had recognized her. Letting out a sigh of relief hearing he was only vaguely familiar Amelia turned back to him and smiled. "Nah, pretty sure I would remember that." Amelia seemed calm on the outside but truthfully her heart was hammering. She didn't want anyone to recognize her. She liked her quiet, simple life. Yes she loved her fans and the videos she made but she didn't want it taking over her life either.
  13. His lips immediately tilted upwards when Amelie said he was going to laugh, and when she finally gave the reason the other girl didn’t like her, Jaxon burst out into laughter. “Are you serious?” He paused, trying to stifle his laughter now. “What word did you beat her on?” He was genuinely curious now, all thoughts about studying left his mind—it wasn’t as if he needed to study, he was the top of the class after all.

    Jaxon noticed the slight hitch in Amelia’s movements, as if she were waiting for the world to shatter right before her very eyes. His brows furrowed for a brief moment before his face relaxed into a friendly smile. He didn’t want to dwell too much on something so trivial. He shrugged. “I guess, I don’t really remember ever meeting you either, you just seem so familiar…” He trailed off, digging through his brain for any hint as to where he met her before. Right when he thought he was close, the trail vanished before he could grasp it.
  14. "Um, it was something not too difficult. I think.." Amelia lifted her pointer finger to her chin as her eyes looked up and away in thought. She hummed before perking up and snapping her fingers. "Ambidextrous! Yup, beat her with that one." Amelia laughed lightly with a smile on her face. She was glad that Jax hadn't caught on to who she was and Amelia was at ease once again. "Maybe you saw someone who looked like me?" Amelia dismissed it with a shrug hoping Jax would do the same. She didn't need him digging no matter how kind and sweet and cute and....yeah Amelia was ending that train of thought immediately.
  15. “Oh yeah, ambidextrous is like the easiest word ever to spell,” He muttered sarcastically, rolling his eyes as he chuckled. “I mean, I learned that word in the fifth grade, so you’re a little behind me,” He said with a wink, his chuckled turning into full blown laughter. He had been such a long time since he’s laughed like this, or even smiled like this. The pressure of being the best definitely weighed down on him, but he had to live up to his father’s expectations; even more important than that was what his mother wanted. Six years had passed since his mother died, and she wanted nothing more than for Jax to be happy. Teaching others made him happy, and like any other child, making his parents proud made him happy too. Sometimes the pressure was just too much.

    Clearing his throat, Jaxon refocused his eyes on Amelia. He shrugged. “Eh, it’s probable, and most likely. You’re… different than most girls I’ve met, I would know, without a doubt, if we ever met before.”
  16. "Well excuse me." Amelia rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out childishly. It was so easy to fall into Jax's infectious laughter. He was so bright and easy to talk to it was nearly inhuman. Amelia settled a content smile on Jax as he continued to laugh. It was a nice sound.
    Her face blazed pink as she turned her eyes to the counter. "Nah, I'm really not. Just you're average college kid." Somehow, his very plain comment, made her all shy. Amelia was pretty sure it was a compliment and always became painfully awkward when receiving them. "Well, I'd definitely know if I met you before." Came Amelia's mumbled, shy response. God, why was she so awkard? Amelia silently cursed herself before shuffling to wipe off the already clean counter just for a well needed distraction.
  17. Jaxon smirked at Amelia’s reply. “Are you flirting with me, Lady Amelia?” He said, settling his eyes on her as he took a long drink from his coffee—it was almost gone. With a sigh of content Jax began to put his things away. Once he finished his coffee he made his way back up to the counter, where Amelia was cleaning an already clean counter. For some odd reason he found that completely adorable. At that thought his smile faltered, but quickly strengthened so she wouldn’t see. “Before I go, I’m gonna need two more coffees and a slice of the coffee cake.” His smile widened. “Oh, and before I forget, can I get a marker? Or a pen, either is fine.” Adrenaline began to pump. Jaxon wasn’t normally this forward with things, but something about this girl made him feel almost safe. He took the writing utensil from her hand and grabbed a napkin from the dispenser. On the napkin he wrote his name and number, shoving it in her hand after he took the coffee and cake from her. He left in a hurry.
  18. "Wh-wha?! No!" Her reply was quick as her face probably turned three shades of pink. Gosh why did he have to say that?! Now she was all flustered that he caught her.
    Thankfully their conversation had ending with that and her prominent blush had time to calm before he appeared before her. His smile was bright and Amelia felt one of her own growing. "Sure, coming right up." She left the tag off to the side as she prepared two cups of coffee and bagged his cake. Amelia was thrown off by the pen thing as he took it from her fingers.
    A napkin was thrust at her and Amelia scrambled to catch it. "Jax.." She mumbled eyes moving over the numbers. Her heart was thudding loudly in her ears as she looked up to find him gone. Amelia couldn't help the girlish giggle that floated up and out of her throat.

    Around five o'clock Amelia finally left work. She was exhausted but still had a lot to do. She entered her dorm room to find her roommate gone. 'Must be in class' Amelia shrugged it off and set up her laptop. She edited her video and finally uploaded it to YouTube and her blog around seven. Yawning, Amelia took out the napkin from her pocket. She was hesitant to text this number but found herself pulling out her phone. 'Might as well...' Amelia just hoped it wasn't a prank like the last time. That was a serious blow to her ego but the past was the past and Jax seemed genuine.
    Amelia took a deep breath and hit send. Her message was a simple 'hey it's Amelia :)' but nerves still wracked through her.
  19. Jax was flustered, to say the least. He never acted that forward with girls, but there was something about Amelia that made him not think through his actions. Who knew. She could have hated him, yet he gave her his number. She may never call or text him, or give it out to her friends to make fun of him. With that thought dread settled in the pit of his stomach.

    Scowling, Jax made his way into his apartment, greeted by a hungry Sebastian. Seb happily took the coffee and cake, and immediately began munching on it, crumbs falling down his face. ”So what do you have today?” He asked in between bites and sips of his breakfast. Jaxon sighed and made his way into their kitchen, grabbing an apple and an orange before sitting down at the counter. “English comp. first, then my writing class. But I’ve already finished the story, so the teacher gave me an okay to play hooky. Should be free around noon. What about you?” As he spoke Jaxon peeled the orange, he began eating it while Sebastian spoke. ”Just calc. Should be done around noon too. You wanna meet up for lunch?” Jaxon shrugged. “Sure.”

    -=Time Skip=-

    After having lunch, Sebastian and Jaxon went separate ways. They were officially on break, and Sebastian left state to go home to his family. Jax, on the other hand, had the grand pleasure of traversing across New York City to his dad’s house. After a thorough evaluation of Jaxon’s thoughts on his exam, his father finally let him go do what he wanted—which, of course, was bug his little sister.

    He barged into her room, laying down on her pink frilly bed beside her as she fiddled with her lap top. “Whatcha doing?” He asked, letting out a loud sigh as he buried his head into his folded arms. His sister giggled. “Reading Poco-Chan’s newest blog entry.” Jaxon didn’t bother continuing with the conversation for two reasons: one, he didn’t have a clue who in the hell that was, and two, he was tired as crap. His sister resituated herself on her bed, using Jax’s back as her pillow with her laptop resting on her stomach as she read.

    Several minutes later his phone vibrated in his pocket. Jax leaned to the side, much to his sister’s protests, and retrieved his phone. A smile was immediately on his face as he read the text.

    ‘Hey! Glad you got a hold of me.’
  20. Amelia swiveled around in her chair staring at the cieling. She was lost in thought. Classes ended in two days for break, she would be getting more hours at work which means filming and editing would have to be left for the night. That was no fun but unavoidable. Her father would want to spend some time with their mother at the home in the city and of course her grandmother would be asking her whether or not she had a boyfriend yet. Amelia cringed at the thought. Every time she saw the woman, she would ask Amelia if she had a boyfriend. Every time it would be no and then commenced a long dicertation as to why she should have one.
    Latch by Disclosure echoed through the small dorm as Amelia jumped out of her chair startled by the sudden noise. Her eyes darted around and found her phone lighting up with Jax's name shining bright. Her heart rate increased, more than it already had.
    Tentatively Amelia reached for her phone and slid her thumb across the screen. She typed in her four digit code and the message sent to her was lit up on her iPhone. Amelia smiled and swiftly answered. 'Wow, miss me already?' A laughing emoji punctuated the words. Amelia pressed send before she had time to over think her message and settled her nerves by answering her fanmail filling up Poco's email.
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