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  1. It's the year 2014. The head student at Acer University is assigned to a transfer student. Ailee Reed, head of her class. She met the new student at the front office, where he was being introduced to the school administrators. She stepped inside the room, tucking a strand of loose dyed black hair behind her ear, her brown eyes scanning the newcomer. Her hair was pulled back in a loose bun and she wore a black sports jacket, a pair of bluejeans, and a blue shirt with white nikes. "I'm Ailee. Ailee Reed." She said, holding her clipboard tightly in one hand while her others sought comfort in her pocket. "Nice to meet you..?" She left it open ended so he could introduce himself.
  2. Ian was being introduced to administrators, greeting him and smiling, he was thousands of miles away from home, so he tried to smile. A girl walked into the office, but didn't pay attention. He just stuck his hand in his pocket of his thin dark blue jeans and a shirt that had Bring Me The Horizon written on it, he heard a voice speak to him and he saw her and introduced herself to him, "Ian, Ian Belfast." He said in a English accent, his dark light brown eyes meeting hers. "Nice too meet you, ma'am. You must me my.....?" He said as he looked behind her a group of people was walking past a the door and was also staring threw it pointing at him, wondering who he was.
  3. "I'm your guide for the week. Ask me any questions, I'll answer. If you need anything, I'll be there." She said. "It's nice to meet you Ian." She added. "Would you like to see your dorm, or perhaps the classes interest you more?"
  4. He looked at her, not knowing what to say or do "You choose." He said as he walked toward the door and opened it, "After you, ma'am."
  5. Ailee paused for a moment. "Okay, I'll see you to your dorm first. It's empty for now, so it's all yours." She said, walking out and leading him down a hall of rooms. She stopped at a room labeled '16: Vacant.' She took out the word 'Vacant' and put a handwritten 'Ian' there. "This is your dorm." She said, opening the door. She motioned across the hall. "That's my dorm."
  6. He followed her, everyone was looking at him, watched him. It felt weird, 'I wish I was back home with my real friends' he thought. She showed him his room, it was nice but empty "Thanks." He said as he walked in and set his stuff on the bed and walked back to Ailee, she pointed where her room was. "So what are you here for?" He asked her, people kept staring and looked at him "Do people have a staring problem?" He asked.
  7. "I'm learning more on mechanics." she said simply, glaring at the people walking by. "They're not used to new students." She said simply. "So, let's go meet your teachers." She said, turning the other way and going down a flight of stairs.
  8. He walked behind her and a guy bumped into him on purpose and made him fall down the stairs everyone laughed, Ian was pissed but he thought of his friends 'Only this semester and I out of here' he said to himself and walked past Ailee "Thanks but I got this, you friends basically doesn't want me hanging with the popular girl, thank you..." and stormed away, he punched a locker and edented it and walked outside.
  9. Ailee turned to the guy, glancing at Ian. I'll help him later. She crossed her arms. "David I am DONE with your violence and antics! I will write you up AND get you suspended if you don't stop being an idiot!" She said, glaring at him.
    David rolled his eyes. "And how's little Miss Ailee gonna do that?" He said in a mocking voice. Ailee scowled. "In about two minutes when I speak to the principal. You're a bully, David." She continued down the stairs after Ian while writing on her clipboard. She stopped by a room and knocked.
    "Come in." A teacher responded. Ailee gave her the note. "Thank you Ailee." The teacher closed the door and Ailee turned to see the dented locker.
    "Grrreaat. Another upset transfer." She mumbled. She glanced down the hall and decided she needed to loop back around to the office. When she got there, the principal was waiting. "Know where he got to?"
    She shook her head.
    "Okay, I'll do an all-call." The intercom buzzed and his voice came over it. "Would Ian Belfast Please report to the front office. Thank you, have a good day students and teachers."
    Ailee sat down and sighed. "David did it." The principal nodded.
    "I know, I'll take care of him."
  10. He heard his name over a speaker, and everyone looked at him as he walked to the office "Great now everyone is going to think I snitched perfec." He said to himself as he walked

    He entered the office and saw Ailee sitting their and looked at her, then at the principle "Everything is fine. I don't want to cause any problems. I'm just going to do this semester and go back home. So don't worry about it." He said and started walking to the door.
  11. Ailee stood up as he started towards the door, blocking his path. "This isn't about that, it's about David. Did he say anything when he pushed you?" She had set her clipboard down.
    The principal sighed as his phone rang. "I'll be back Ailee, it's about David." He stepped out the back door.
  12. "It doesn't matter. Your the popular girl in here I don't fit in with you. Your beautiful, smart, and I'm just a transfer student who shouldn't be here at all.." He said as he looked up at her and looked into her eyes "You are so beautiful..." He said to himself and looked away "Don't want to be a burden on this."
  13. Ailee frowned. "Popular? If you mean in a bad way. Everyone sees me as a teacher's pet. You deserve to be here as much as any other student here, and much more than some others, like David." She put a hand on his shoulder. "Ian, if I can't make you feel like you belong within this first week, I won't stand in your way anymore. If I do, then you'll stay. Are we at an agreement?" She asked, hoping this would at least give him a chance to have fun at the new school.
  14. "Yeah, agreed but you don't have to leave..." He said he let a small grin go from his face, "Just saying, if another person does that to me...you'll have to calm me down in 10 seconds." He said chuckling and he wasn't kidding. He opened the door once more "After you ma'am."
  15. Ailee smiled, nodded and stepped out. "So..let's see, most people are out of their classes by now, want to go meet your teachers? Most of them are really nice. I've got most of them at one time or another." She said, looking down the hall to see David and the principal disappear around the corner.
  16. He didn't pay attention to the kids looking at them, he just watched Ailee, "Well I don't mind ma'am. Your my guide, aren't you? Then you lead the way my lady." He said as he bowed and had her lead, he wanted to make her smile so she didn't see that he really didn't want to be hear. "Watch it loser!" A man said as they bumped into him, "That's it!" He said as he turned around "HEY, ASSHOLE!" He yelled to the men. "What The Fuck is your problem!? Huh!" He said as he spoke, everyone finally heard his accent, which surprised them all, "Your with the school whore, make sure you don't catch anything los...." He was rudely interrupted by Ian grabbing by the face and slammed against and slammed to a wall "Watch your mouth! Don't ever speak about like that again, do you understand me!" He said as the guy just laughed and Ian picked him up and powered kicked him, and he wasn't laughing anymore, and walked over, "Stay the fuck away from her and me!" And kicked him in the nuts and looked at her, "Shall we? What?" He said as he grinned and rubbed his head.
  17. Ailee stepped forward to grab Ian's arm, but she was too late. She watched, surprised. When he turned, she nodded. "Uh..yeah." Just then, David came out and saw his friend on the ground. He ran over to him and Ailee took this as an opportunity. "Hey David, stay out of trouble and your buddies might still have a leader to teach them when to back off." With that, she turned and walked towards their Math class. Stepping in the door, she waved at Mr. Jackson. "This, is your math teacher, Mr. Jackson. Mr. Jackson, newest student, Ian Belfast."
    Mr. Jackson nodded, holding out his hand. "Nice to meet you."
  18. He just laughed at David, the asshole who acted all hard. It was off to his Math Teacher, Mr. Jackson, "Nice to meet you too, Mr. Jackson." He said as he shook his hand, "Nice class room, I'll try and not embarrass your students." He said as he chuckled but he was serious, he was the smartest students back home. He looked at Ailee "You in this class?"
  19. Mr. Jackson smiled. "I don't know, we've got a pretty smart student here."
    Ailee nodded, hiding a smile.
    "And you've already met her." He added.
    Ailee changed the subject. "Let's see, math, Next is Science, then Mythology, then English..then we've got to sort out your afternoon classes." She said, waving goodbye to Mr. Jackson and backing out of the room.
  20. He chuckled what she said "Well that's good wouldn't mind a competition." He said and waved by to Mr. Jackson. He followed Ailee, staying a tiny bit behind her, admiring the fact she was walking around with him but he wondered what that guy mean when he said 'The School Whore' but he couldn't ask that, until he saw proof.
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