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  1. "Dark..." A voice he couldn't recognize.
    "Cold..." But yet so familiar.
    "Help..." Was it his own?

    He woke up with a jolt, covered in sweat and mud. What time was it? What day was it? Where were he? Looking around, all he saw was forest. His limbs hurt. What had happened to him? He couldn't remember it. Actually, he couldn't remember anything. Everything was gone. His name.... what was his name? He sat, shaking, on the ground, trying to collect the missing pieces. But they were out of reach.

    The young boy, maybe in his late teens or early twenties, rose from the ground and stood up. His limbs was stiff, but it didn't seem like he was severely hurt at least. Some bruises a bit here and there, and some scratches, probably from branches. He sighed, where should he go now?

    Turning 180 degrees he noticed a body lying on the ground. Another male, with similar clothes as he. Pants and a shirt that probably used to be white but now was so muddy you could barely guess what its original color could have been. They both had canvas shoes, clearly they were not made to walk in a jungle. Had an accident happened? Maybe it was that other persons fault they were there.

    The boy backed a few steps away from the other person whom still hadn't woken up. Should he abandon that guy? He couldn't be sure if it was a friend or foe after all. But eventually he realized they might not make it out there alone. And maybe that other guy knew what was happening.

    "Hey, you there. Wake up." He said, not getting any closer to the passed out body. He didn't want to be attacked. First when the body started to move and the person seemed to be awake he spoke again. "Who are you?"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.