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  1. Sitting in a classroom, Ketsu felt her life growing more and more lonely every passing day. The teacher spoke blankly at the front of the room, trying to teach a room of 8th graders about Japanese History, but Ketsu wasn't listening. Instead, she stared down at her paper on which she was drawing a very vivid image of the view outside the window next to her.
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  2. Name: Fujishima, Ketsueki
    Family nickname: Ketsu
    Age: 14
    Grade: 8
    School: Shoumei Middle School
    Town: Fukushima-Daiichi, Japan
    Hair: Short, Black, Long bangs covering entirety of eyes and most of cheeks
    Eyes: Sky blue when visible
    Other facial notes: Freckles, tan skin, large scar from right shoulder to lower back
    Height: 5ft
    Weight: 70lbs, very light for age
    Family: Tomoyo ((Mother, missing)), Sheijou ((Father, deceased)), Kyokou ((Older sister, 25 years))
    Living situation: Lives with older sister in a fairly decent three bedroom apartment. Her mother went missing 10 years ago and was presumed dead after being missing for 8 years ((There is a law that someone can be presumed dead if they have been missing for 8 years)), and her father was killed the night before her mother went missing. Ketsu is actually very caring towards her older sister but refuses to admit it
    Pets: Yoite ((Black cat)), Sho ((German Shepherd))
    Backstory: She was very close to her mother and older sister when she was younger, though all three females were physically abused by Ketsu's father. Kyokou suffered very harsh scars from the urge to protect her mother and little sister. Kyokou, Ketsu, and their mother were all born with wings, and were all accepted into a protective organization called the Tenshi Warriors at a young age. One day it was revealed to Ketsu and Kyokou that their father was greatly involved with a terrorist group that wanted to destroy all Tenshi Warriors. Sheijou tried to murder his wife, failing after Ketsu stabbed him in the back, killing him. The next morning, Ketsu's mother had disappeared. Ketsu drifted apart from her sister Kyokou after their mother disappeared, and no longer shows much emotion to anyone. A spell cast on all Tenshi Warriors causes Ketsu and Kyokou to become invisible when their wings are not hidden, thus they are not seen by anyone who does not have certain abilities similar to those found in Tenshi Warriors.
    Likes: Swimming, Sports, Scenery, Books, Art, Music
    Dislikes: Shoes, Loud noise, Bullies, Crowds, Math, Cooking
    School reputation: Ketsu is at the top of her class and gets straight A's, but her cold attitude and silent disposition cause most of the other students to avoid her. She is always put at the back of the classroom and next to windows by request of her sister.
    Job: Ketsu works part-time as an author, editor, manga artist, and doujin artist
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