Hidden Anarchy

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  1. So, this idea came from a song instead of a picture. Funny and strange for me. If you haven't heard the song for PSG, then just look up D City Rock. Anyway, my basic idea is that two people from each generation have 'hidden anarchy'. Basically, they have inner angelic powers and such, one dark and one light. I'm thinking our characters are the two of this generation. Now, my character knows about her inner anarchy but refuses to use it or even think about it, reason being that she has the dark anarchy and fears its power. Your character discovered his light anarchy a while ago and is trying to find the holder of the dark anarchy. Simple and discussable roleplay~ It should start out non-mature, but if it does take that turn, we can get the thread moved to Mature(A). So 16 and up please. ^.^ I await a reply from anyone interested~
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