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  1. || OOC and Sign Up ||
    Welcome Players to Hidden, the deadliest hide and seek game.
    The online game that came to life.

    The text message you have received automatically secures a part in my game.

    Your names are listed and accepted.
    Your roles are secure.
    Your partners are generated.

    We shall begin.

    -The Maker-


    LEVEL 1

    "Medieval Castle"

    Floor Plan

    You were given the details as to where you are located.
    You are given your symbols.

    Now you simply have to locate your partners.
    Simple, correct?

    Remember. There are obstacles.



    The Grim





    Seekers, these are your list of weapons, and remember, with in the save point, these weapons and your abilities are USELESS. Do not try inside.
    Outside is fair game.


    Choose your weapon.



    You have 30 minutes allotment for Level 1.

    -The Maker-

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  2. Anthony laid on the floor for some time. It was all like a very bad recurring nightmare to him at this point. He wasn't sure what to waste his life on at the moment, knowing that no one is coming for him anymore. He couldn't decide if it was either better or worse than being actually dead.

    People often die more on Stage 1. He contemplated. Like in real life, people would make more mistakes when they're just starting. He got up and lazily stretched, breathing in the familiar scents-or the lack thereof?

    He remembered the first fear in this very room. When was it, years ago? Months ago? He didn't even know what time it is anymore.

    People often die more on Stage 1.

    He didn't wish that on anyone, Hidden nor Seeker. He walked over to the door and opened it. he stared for a moment at the gargoyle perched right on the doorway. He squeezed past it, knowing full well that it won't chase him. Monsters only went after Seekers. They always automatically "protect" Hiddens from Seekers, so Seekers have to fight them before getting a Hidden.

    "Anyone here?" Tony called out. "Hiddens?"

    Some monsters went about him like body guards, walking a bit past two yards away.
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  3. Josh was standing, armor lied on his body as he hald a crumbled peace of paper, shortly before geting the makers text he was in school, writing a note to the love of his life. The note in his hand reads, My dear, i love you. Josh was in a large circled room, the walls where made of stone, and the room lied empty, except a rack of weapons and other seekers, Slowly josh walked, fearful of what could happen, one moment he was in class, and now, his....here. Picking up a sword, josh stood, lightly running his finger down the blade, cutting his finger. "Dam, atleast it cuts." His words egoed through the room, as if no others have be spoken for many years. Josh hald his weapon, and slowly walked towards the door.
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  4. Zuki didn't like what was going on at all. To her it was a sick and game and hated that many died on the first stage. To her it wasn't fair that one have to survive to have the other live. I will live, not only for myself, but for my Hidden as well. she thought firmly. Getting up she saw a guy getting a sword. Frowning she got up as well. She knew if she killed a seeker then a hidden shall die as well and she didn't want to be a cause of two deaths instead of one. Cautiously she headed towards the weapon rack she spotted.Quickly she grabbed another sword. It weighed nicely in her hands and wasn't too heavy. Stabbing the sword at a wall near her she felt a line of excitement go through her body. Zuki headed out the door.
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  5. Winter was scared though she tried not to show it, looking around the empty room she wondered who her Seeker could be. Or if he/she would survive long enough to save her. Getting up from where she was sitting on the ground she hesitantly walks up to the door opening it slowly she peeks out, seeing what looked like a dripping black evil dog with red eyes down the hall she jumps slightly waiting for it to notice her and attack. When after a few moments it didnt she slowly walked out toward it, it didnt react to her at all. Interesting, I guess they only attack Seekers.

    Winter continues to walk down the hallway noticing the monsters start to follow her, looking around she calls out trying not too be too loud "Hello anyone there?"
  6. Ashely was new to this game, hidden, what a horrible game. People die, others live, that is what this game teaches, shaking her head Ashely stood, she wasn't ready to die, so she left her room. Slowly opening the door, Ashely saw a dog like monster. Halls, that's all she saw, and doors. Guessing she ran, and fast. Slamming through a door she tripped landing on her knees. Suits of armor stood silently, but deadly. Ashely stood in defense, but no attack ever came. Relaxing Ashely stood, thinking thank the gods, now where are you seeker?
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  7. Anthony thought he heard something, someone. The monsters about him were gurgling with inhumane noises so he wasn't quite sure. It didn't quite help that it was pretty dark. If he could just break away...

    He stopped and so did the monsters. Grims blinked at him with their glowing eyes and it sent very much unwanted shivers up his spine. Apparently they still read the Hidden's movement and match their speed. He walked backward, then broke into a forward dash. The monsters hurried to catch up to him. The walking armors were clanging behind and the gargoyles heavily followed behind the leaping grim. He lurched forward, stumbling a little ahead.

    "Hey!" He called out. "Anyone there!" He got to the end of the hallway and pretty soon the monsters easily followed again.
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  8. Winter turned hearing a bunch of noises which sounded similar to the ones the monsters following her were making, and faintly hearing what sounded like a boy calling out. She quickly runs down the hallway toward the sounds the monsters which consisted of 2 Grims and 1 Armor suit thing so far following after her. When she turns a corner going to the right she nearly runs into a boy that had a group of monsters following him as well, slightly breathless she looks at him surprised. So she wasnt alone! "Hello! Uh do you know whats going on...And why I have a entourage or monsters following my every move?" her voice is somewhat shy and confused.
  9. Nixie's eyelids fluttered open, taking time to focus. She pushed off the floor to find herself standing within a large circular room. One wall was lined with weapons. Then she remembered the message she had received before she had apparently blacked out. She grimaced. There's only one way out. Victory, or death.

    Only vaguely did she take note of the other Seekers. When the time came, they would be dealt with. Whatever it takes to get out alive.

    A weapon on the rack gleamed with the sheen of freshly oiled wood. A large quiver of arrows lay beneath it. She strode over and picked up the bow, weighing it in her hands. It was of excellent quality. She ran it through a dry shot (no arrow) and was satisfied. Nimbly, she swung the quiver over her shoulder, and carried the bow in her left hand.

    Half crouched, arrow at the ready, she stepped into the hallway.
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  10. Anthony sighed and approached the girl. "Thank goodness there's one alive." He didn't know he said it. The monsters with both of them conglomerated as he approached and assessed her. She didn't seem injured so he sighed in relief again.

    "Are you alone? Have you seen anyone else?" Anthony looked over her shoulder and around the hall. "We gotta find the others. We can't open all the doors." He kept looking around for any sign of someone being out in the hall, but he can't quite see in the dark.

    "Are you okay?" His expression softened, the girl seemed to be in frightened shock. He shook his blond hair off his eyes and held out a hand to shake. "I'm Tony." He said with a reassuring smile. A grey cross on his wrist peeked out from under his long sleeve and he pulled it further down to cover the oddity of the color of his Hidden mark. He hoped she didn't notice.
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  11. Ashely stood in silents for minutes, listing. In the distance she heard something, maybe someone, but in what hallway? She thought. Walking towards the door, 4 armor suits followed. Leaving the room Ashely slammed the door, hoping to get the attention of anyone. The suits stood silently around the door, two on each Sid e, smiling.
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  12. Robert giggled to himself as he watched the rest of the Seekers begin to wake from their slumber. He proudly showed off the Red Diamond on his left wrist. He sat on a rather majestic comfy chair and watched them lumber about.

    He had taken a Lance, which he propped up in front of him. On his back, he managed to strap in a sword. Well, there was no rule that he had only to take one weapon. And it was so much better to be safe than sorry. He watched those who had yet to wake with a cruel smirk. If only the Maker would give him special access to cause mayhem in a Save Point, but The Maker was adamant that he should be like the rest of these foolish players. Robert scoffed, no problems there. There were many ways to cause trouble.

    28 minutes.

    Robert snorted as he heard the robotic warning. That was The Maker then. His usual warning time frame. He stood up and stretched. Trying to remove the quirks of his body. "Alrighty then..." he mumbled to himself and got up.

    Oh it wasn't fair that he knew who and where his Hidden was, but to fair, his Hidden couldn't move from that spot. She was a baby after all. Robert made a face as he walked out the door. Spotting a flying gargoyle, he swiftly got rid of it before it noticed him.

    He saw the Seekers that left the room and gave a bright smile. "
    I'm The Twister" he introduced himself before rushing past them to enter the room with a fireplace and grinned. He left the door open just in case they wanted to follow him. Not that it mattered.

    "Oh Maker, you are so predictable" he muttered. Pushing the fireplace to the side, a staircase appeared behind it. He swept his brown locks away from his eyes as he surveyed the darkness that was the 2nd floor. "
    Of course they would be upstairs, closer to the Boss." he muttered as he focused his lance in front of him.

    Just because he worked for the Maker, doesn't mean he can't get killed. Besides, that bitch of a rogue Seeker wasn't in the room. Violet eyes darkened as he climbed up.

    The Maker must have placed her somewhere else. He kept his right hand free, it crackled dangerously with ice. Robert smiled.

    If he generated ice this easy, it means that the entire castle was surrounded by water. If push comes to shove, he could easily escape outside.

    But first he needed to find Violette. Now which was it again? Left or Right?
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  13. Jacob was now beyond doubt he made the right choice in joining the game. It was such a nice castle to stay in, even if the halls were littered with blood and monsters. Jacob remembered responding to the text, as he thought it sounded like a fun prank. Memory was shaky after that, but that didn't bother him at all. As far as Jacob was concerned, this was a fun vacation. It sure beats the hell out of prison cells. The bed he awoke in was nicer than any box he owned. The room that acted like a bedroom was larger than all the motels he frequented. The door and window looked Gothic, only serving to tickle Jacob even more. It all made him feel like he was thrust in the middle of "The Masque of the Red Death." However, this charade could only amuse Jacob for a minute. Damn, starting to get bored. Maybe waiting for my seeker isn't the best course of action.

    Jacob peeked out the door, seeing large black dogs circling the hallway. He waved his hand at one, hoping to spur it on. Instead, it merely turned its head to continue patrolling. I guess it's friendly. Then again, it wouldn't do for a guard dog to attack its captive. Now, how do I find my seeker? Maybe asking around? Jacob cautiously stepped out of his room, eying the grim nearby suspiciously. Jacob crept past it, making sure he was far away from its black, piercing eyes. I heard a some others walkng about earlier. They called out to others. Then again, that stunt was followed by all the other monsters chasing that poor sod. Jacob decided that silently making his way through the halls was best. If I can find others, maybe they can tell me where to stat going.
  14. Ashely walked relaxed, four armor suits followed, loud clicks and stomps. If she found anyone more hidden they would be safe, she was unsure about monster behavior towards seekers, hopefully hers was strong enough to save her. Loudly Ashely calls "ANYBODY! SOMEONE!"
  15. Zuki walked out the door with her sword hanging from her side. Looking around she was extremely creeped out. Looking at her left she went right instead, the left hallway gave her the chills and Zuki always followed her feelings slash gut feelings. As Zuki walked she heard a bunch of loud noises. Frowning, she was faced with a grim like dog thingy. She wasn't sure what it was but one thing she knew was that she was afraid of dogs. "Fuck," she muttered. Panic began to rise within her. Throwing her sword straight at he dog it hit its leg. Limping the dog like creature growled and jumped. "Shit!"

    It ended up biting her left arm. Kicking it the dog thingy got off. Breathing in she controlled her mind. Zuki needed to focus. If she was correct her powers would work. The dog continued to circle Round her watching her every movement and it moved to jump her again and at that moment flames erupted out of no whee and burned the hound alive of pure panic she laughed unsure what to do at this point. Quickly she grabbed her sword and ran in a direction herself didn't know. All she knew she had to get out of there.
  16. Old castle, that was his 1st thought. Few other seekers left, probably to find the hidden. Slowly josh walked, soon a dog like creature apperd, aggressive. Running it came, focuse josh thought, faster it was, almost to him, god dammit focuse josh thought, raising his sword the thing jumped, then a blast of fire. The dog screamed as the fire consumed its dieing body, josh touched his face, most of it covered in 2 degree burns.
  17. Winter was surprised at this boys knowledge of this place and kindness toward her, reaching out and shaking his hand she smiles slightly her grip gentle but strong. "Im glad to see someone else here. Im alone I havent seen anyone else I didnt even know there were others here, or at least in these hallways". Winter frowned at his words looking around "What do you mean we cant open all the doors? How many others are there?" her voice was confused.

    Noticing a flash of silver on Tony's wrist she frowns more than looks up into his eyes "Oh! Ya im okay...Just a little shaken...And confused. Im Winter nice to meet you Tony. So....I assume you know about this place?" her voice was friendly but a bit shy
  18. "No...I just," He paused, keeping his smile on to make the girl less worried. "I've been awake a little earlier." He's a bad liar, he knew it and it showed. Instead, he decided to distract her, after all he was pretty sure he heard someone yell down the hall behind her.

    "What's your name?" He asked her, patting her gently on the forearm and gesturing for them to move back to the hall where she came from. "You see, us Hidden, there are certain doors we can't open, like the Boss room and the rooms where the other Hidden are. The Seekers aren't around here so it's better if we Hidden stayed together until they find us. I heard someone there, let's go check."
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  19. Nixie peered down both directions of the hallway she had stepped into. A gut feeling told her to go left, abs she followed it, moving swiftly, keeping a low profile. She peeked around the next left corner cautiously. About halfway down the corridor stood two suits of armor, weapons included.

    Looks like a trap if I ever saw one. she mused. Deftly, she took aim at the body suit of armor on the right and sent an arrow whizzing at it's chest plate.
  20. 25 Minutes left, players.

    -The Maker-
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