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  1. The moonlight glowed bright upon the lifeless bodies of Hiccup and Toothless; he had seen the battle that had resulted in their deaths and how the two had changed the lives of vikings and dragons, the man in the moon found that the boy had made a big difference. 'Hiccup...Toothless...' A voice like the wind called out to them, awakening from their slumber. 'It's time to wake up...'
  2. Everything was dark and cold until a voice called out to Hiccup. It told him to wake up, and so he did. His eyes fluttered open, he was in a forest, laying upon a rock.

    He didn't remember anything or even how he got there, he only knew that the being next to him was a dragon, and that his own name was Hiccup.

    Hiccup frowned, his hair had became a a light brown and not the dark brown it used to be. "Where are you? Where am I?" He asked the strange man in the moon.

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    'I am the Man in the Moon...' The voice said as the dragon opened his eyes and looked around in confusing as the voice continued, where was he and why was he beside this human? 'I have awoken you and now the both of you are the spirit of fall.'
  4. Hiccup managed to get up onto his legs, his one artificial leg then a normal leg. He glanced at the dragon, this was all to confusing. The boy looked back up at the moon. "What do you mean that I am the spirit of Fall?! I control.. leaves? What is this thing?" He gestured to Toothless, he ddidn't expect an answer though.

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  5. Toothless swished his tail and looked around; he couldn't quite remember anything before going to sleep, but something told him this human beside him wasn't a threat. The dragon's ears twitched as he looked up at the sky, wondering where the voice had gone and hoped it would at least tell them what had gone on before he had fallen asleep; he he let out a small huff and laid his head down.
  6. Hiccup sighed, he was utterly confused and now stuck with a dragon. He did not really know who he was nor did he know the dragon. The possibility of knowing Toothless in another life passed through the boys head. But that didn't happen.. did it?

    Hiccup made his way over to Toothless, listening to the sound that the artificial leg made when it his the rock. The dragon had a saddle on its back with many strings and contraptions that he assumed opened up the dragons own artificial body part. Its tail.

    The spirit of Fall sighed and knelt down in front of Toothless. "Hey buddy. Do you have any idea where we are?" He asked.
  7. Toothless looked at the boy, feeling as though he could trust him, a couple small memories flashed into his head but they were almost like a dream...that's what they were...weren't they? He gave a small growl as if to say he wasn't sure and sat up.
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    Hiccup rubbed Toothless in a spot that he used to before he died, he wasn't sure how he knew where to rub but went along with it. A memory flashed through his mind, it showed himself working the contraption on Toothless, then just like that it was gone.

    The boy looked deeper into the forest, he seemed to know whay was on the other end. A small village. He looked around to the trees and sky, if he was the spirit of fall, wouldn't he have powers? He wasn't so sure, so he put the thought to the side, if he did have those powers, wouldn't they just show later on. The season right now did seem to be fall..
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  9. (Yeah, we'll time skip.)

    Toothless purred and nuzzled him, agreeing that it would be nice to just explore the place they had just woke up on; he walked with the boy beside him and saw that there were other people and dragons living in a small village close by. The dragon looked up at Hiccup and then started walking off toward the village to ask one of the dragons; he couldn't get an answer out of the small terrible terror as it seemed to be ignoring him, a sigh escaped the dragons lips.

    ~years later~

    It had been a year since Jack joined the guardians, since then he had gained lots of new believers thanks to Jamie telling kids from school and the other guardians spreading word; he smiled as he walked along Burgess. It wasn't quite winter yet but he had promised to spend a little time with Jamie before he went about spreading winter, a smile played on his lips as the boy's house came into view and flew over; he tapped on the window and the boy let him in, giving him a hug.
  10. Later on..

    It was the 21st century and Fall. Hiccup hadn't learned much of himself over the years, only that he had amazing powers. He was connected to his dragon and never left Toothless's side. He barely ever felt lonely due to that.

    He had so much fun at this time of year, all he had to do was ride his dragon over a few trees and they changed colors. He could control the wind easily as well, for it could be very windy in fall. But he even had more powers. Hiccup was riding Toothless over the houses of a town he didn't know the name of. It was almost winter and he had to get as much fun as he could in.

    He flew over a few houses, only to see someone fly into a house. It was someone he didn't know of, but it seemed maybe another spirit like him. "Hey Toothless, fly down to that house down there!"
  11. Toothless saw the figure and flew on down as his rider had asked, landing in front of the house where the figure had gone into the top window, talking to the child next to him; he glanced back at Hiccup. The dragon was curious about the person's strange appearance, wondering if this person was like them or something.

    Jack looked out the window to see a black creature with a boy who seemed to be his age on his back. "I'll be right back Jamie." He said before hopping out the window and onto the ground, frost webbing away from under his feet. "Don't think I've seen you around here before." He said. "Is that a dragon?" He asked.
  12. Hiccup hopped off the dragon, his eyes then trained onto the white-haired boy now in front of him. It shocked him a little bit that he could see him, but it meant that he was like Hiccup. The dragon rider kept his hand on his dragon. "As a matter of fact, it is. A Nightfury to be exact, and you probably haven't heard about me, I keep to myself mostly. " he paused to look at Toothless. "You can normally see me during fall.. I am fall actually. " Hiccup told the guy.

    Hiccup still wore the same clothing he had when he died, it reminded him of his father, whom he had watch die. He still had his artificial leg as well.

    Hiccup scratched the back of hisneck before walking to one of the trees near by. He touched the large trunk and the leaves began falling to the ground. His powers weren't much but that was because Fall wasn't a real violent season, it wasn't entirly hot nor cold. The main thing was to worry when there was a storm.
  13. "Oh, the spirit of fall." Jack smiled as he watched the other turn the leaves a different color. "I'm Jack Frost, spirit of winter." He said, introducing himself. "I just came to visit a friend of mine. "There's quite a few spirits who keep to themselves so I understand." He shrugged. "I was alone till I joined the guardians."
  14. Hiccup listenened to Jack, a small smile set upon his face. Happy he found someone other than a dragon. "My name is a bit long, so I go by Hiccup, my first name. My dragon is named Toothless. Thats basically all I know about myself." Hiccup explained. He walked back over to Toothless. His fake leg left holes in the ground. "And I dont know how I lost my leg either. It doesn't bother me much."

    He thought for a moment, "Guardian? Like Santa Claus and the creepy tooth fairy? I never thought of being one of them. I dont think I would want to," he paused for a moment. "No one believes in me anyways."
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  15. Jack listened to him and chuckled softly. "Ah, Toothiana isn't that bad...and from what I gather...you can't remember anything at all before becoming a spirit. She is the guardian of memories so she might be able to help you out with that."
  16. Hiccup sat back down on the back of his dragon. He immediately looked over ro Jack when he said that the tooth fairy wasn't so bad. "You have to be kidding me, she practically pried my mouth open to see if I had pearly white teeth." He paused as he just comprehended what Jack just told him. "You mean, she has my memories?" He asked.
  17. "I wouldn't be too offended...she does that to everybody." Jack shook his head in amusement. "But yeah, she has everyone's memories." He said. "I can take you to the North Pole, I was supposed to go there for a meeting in a couple hours anyway."
  18. Hiccup nodded. "I see, I suppose its the North Pole it is. How do you like that Toothless? " he said with a sigh. He figured it would be cold.. really cold. He wasn't so good with cold, he preferred warm.

    Hiccup rubbed adjusted himself on the saddle, his foot on one side then his artificial foot on the other. He pulled a string to make Toothless's wing extend.
  19. Toothless grunted and swished his tail, curious about his own memories and whether this winter spirit would be able to help them; he opened his wings and began flying off, following him. Jack flew along side Hiccup and led him to the North Pole. "So, how long have you been the spirit of fall?" He asked.
  20. Hiccup thought for a moment then glanced over at Jack. "Around.. at least around 500 years, maybe more. From what I know I came from a group of Vikings. I know that because I saw them, but I didn't know anyone." He explained. Hiccup and Toothless had kept to themselves all this time, rarely seeing the other spirits.
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