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  1. Here's some of my recent art!

    (Chalk pastel on colored card stock)


  2. Your work is absolutely stunning! I especially like the wolf up top~ Such a beautiful coat of fur!
  3. This reminds me of the old anime style they used for the movies they make which basically means, hoshitz that's good. Excellent work! That wolf and them eyes, omgee.
  4. Thank you! I really appreciate it!

    Cosmos I wish I knew what kind of old anime movies you were talking about, haha! :lol: I am kind of curious now! I guess I've never thought about my artwork being like anime before :smile:
  5. Sketch of a wolf


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  6. Like Bubblegum Crisis or Lupine (I loved his show XD) or the Fire Emblem games. Old fashioned yet cool as hell. And that wolf, <3
  7. Hey everybody I'm not dead! :P

    Here are some French vocabulary sketches: