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  1. Hi there. My username is Aziru, I am quite new to this site and this is the very first forum I have made here. I have not role played in a while but, I would like to. I am the type of person who normally tends to stay away from anything that looks foreign or alien to me. I have watched anime and I have read manga in the past.

    However a lot of one of the guilds I saw here was based on an anime that I had never heard of before until I went to this site. This particular guild made me very confused and unsure if I should join it. It was about people with heart eggs who have the ability to grant wishes.

    When I joined this site. I was unsure of what my level of silliness would be since I like to role play a fetish know as vore but, I only seem to like vore where the prey is swallowed whole by the predator and the prey is alive and unharmed after being eaten. I prefer my pred(predator) is either a giant human(male preds are the only kinds of preds I want my partner to play as.)

    I like to do very soft, yaoi role plays, I like to see males shirtless in yaoi role plays, I like to see them, cuddle and kiss but, I only like to see the upper halves of males during yaoi or m/m rps.
  2. Welcome to the website Aziru! (:
  3. Hi there Aziru! :D Welcome to the site!
  4. I try to remember my capitalization and my punctuation. I do not think I would be able to call myself literate in reference to my posting sills after what you I read what you had typed up in a multicolored text, Diana. I also hope to find a suitable partner here.