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  1. Hi yall! My name is Chip. This site is unfathomable to me, but I will try to fathom it.
    So, about me; I have Aspergers Syndrome, and it, in conjunction with two very depressing events, has left me a self hating, embittered wreck of a man. Think of me as the mad uncle everyone avoids because of his crushing misanthropy, outside of joyous occasions. I try to be a good person, isn't that what matters?

    I like a show for little girls about talking colourful horses, and because of this, people on a certain other site decided I was "weak" and sent me death threats. I am also a relatively terrible roleplayer, frequently posting very little and with one liners aplenty, and I tend to get pretty soapbox-y when people enforce posting lengths. That said, I just want to have friends. I'm easily panicked, but I don't like being seen as the bad guy...

    Funny, really. I told a friend of mine the site looks like myspace. Myspace was a good site. I hope I can fit in here...
  2. Hello Chip! Welcome to Iwaku~

    Regardless of who you say you are, I think you're pretty neat ^ ^ and I'm glad to meet you~ and be sure to ignore those people who leave you death threats >~> they're immature and they don't know what they're talking about! Once again, welcome to Iwaku and I'm sure you'll do just fine here.
  3. Thank you very much! As a completely new member, I have a ton of questions and I really can't wait!
  4. Greetings Chip! Enjoy your stay here. Don't worry, we don't bite!
  5. Yahoo! Friendship!
  6. Also, perhaps I can be a tour guide as needed. We should have a chat on the matter.
  7. An excellent idea!
  8. An excellent idea!
    Where your fantastical self writes wonderful stories with other People, and goes on magical adventures.

    Finally now I can eat... Wait what?
  10. I like My Little Pony too! u__u I am not a roleplayer of it, but I think the show is cute and adorable. O_O

    Welcome to the site, mister! <3