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  1. *emerges from the lurkzone*
    Uh, hey everyone, I guess? This is beprisque/pi/phi/honestly just throw any math nickname at me and I'll probably respond to it.
    I've been roleplaying for, ehh, a few years now, but I would really describe myself more as a lurker slash chronic worldbuilder than an actual writer. I have a thing for whimsical informal narration and roleplays that don't exactly take themselves very seriously. I dabble in fandom a bit and I actually have a Pokemon magical girls thing basically dusted off and ready to go, but I am also still very anxious about basically everything right now so we'll see how that goes and if/when I'll post the interest check for that!! Hopefully I can do a lot of cool RP stuff on here eventually ovo/
    And that's basically it I think?? For now??? *retreats back into the shadows*
  2. Oh hello Beprisque! Enjoy your stay here. Perhaps I can help whip some good RPs up or find some for you.
  3. Heyy Beprisque! I sort of lurked a little bit before signing up myself, being a bit shy and all ^ ^ Though you don't need to hide in the shadows because this place is very welcoming!
  4. Hallo there Pi! ^o^ Welcome to Iwaku!