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  1. Hi. I'm new here.

    let me tell you a bit about it . First and foremost. I am 18 year old geeky girl. I am obsessed with movies/series/anime/manga/comics/games. I love Role-play but I have only been role-playing for a small period of time. its Been 6/7 months . But I am really dedicated role-playing.

    well that's a bit about me :)
  2. *bows* welcome new person! *smiles* enjoy your stay if you need any help you can ask me.
  3. Thanks :). If I have any questions I'll ask ya :) .
  4. I have a question

    well my question is that I check the rp and there is no character sheet. so do they create them in characters and link them to the group/thread ? .- .
  5. No you post the character you want to play in the rp, the Characters are just there to show case or if you are seeking an rp for one of your characters.
  6. Thanks :). its just I check 3 rp and none of them had a character sheet. but thanks :P.
  7. Oh that's because the sheets are posted in ooc and sign ups of that rp.
  8. Hi Chloe, welcome to the community! :D
  9. Hi! Welcome to Iwaku! I'm hope you enjoy you're time with us! I look forward to role=playing and chatting with you in the future!