Hi ^^

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  1. Hi I'm Hanako or that's at least what i want to be called

    I'm 18 right now

    I'm completely new to roleplaying. The idea just popped up one day and I felt i wanted to roleplay

    On a rainy day I like to cuddle up on the sofa(computer chair sadly) with a cup of tea and listen to music or WTNV

    When I come around ^^
  2. Greetings and welcome to Iwaku, it's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance.
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  3. thanks ^^
  4. Hi there! Nice to have you here. If you'd like, we could do a one on one RP. You could practice and I could help you out with different ways and such. Interested?
  5. Hi Hanako! welcome to the site and to roleplaying! >:3 It's always super awesome when it's new and there is a million worlds to discover!
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  6. yeah sure why not ^^
  7. Nice to meet you Hanako. =)
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  8. M'Kay then. Whenever you feel like starting one, message me.