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  1. I Prefer to be called Doopliss, but anything will be good as long as it isn't rude and I know who you are talking about.
    My gender is a mystery.
    I am 14 as far as you know.
    I am new to the site and still a newb at roll play
    I prefer group roll plays, just because there will be more ideas.
    I would Definitely take a cherry blossom in me hand, run through the field, and feed it to the unicorn.:unicorn:
    Midna's Lament haunts me. The song won't leave.
    Also, I like chicken.:parrot2:this isn't a chicken, oh well.
  2. *bows* greetings newcomer, welcome to the madness.
  3. Welcome to the site! If you're 14, it might be best to change your age so you're not listed as an adult. That could get a lot of people in trouble! D:
  4. Do what Fauna says, seriously.

    This is a warning.

    Roleplay lots (after putting your correct birth year) And enjoy your stay

    And put your correct birth year.
  5. Hiiii Doopliss, welcome to our abode!
  6. Herro and welcome :)