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I'm quaking in my boots here. I'm terrified of places where I don't know what's gonna happen. But, I've already joined, so here goes nothing.

I'm Xion. I come from the land of Global Trade Station Plus, where I am known by the same name to the few who know me. Just call me Xion, that would be perfectly lovely.
I'm a 14-year-old lass. I'm turning 15 in... 13 days? Something like that.
Characters I usually play... they're actually quite varied, made to compliment or cause tension between other characters. Usually both. It's fun.
Favorite song right now... "When We Die" by Bowling for Soup and "Maybe" by Sick Puppies. Great combination, eh?

But, I should stop procrastinating and do homework... I'll be checking in every time I get a page done. Cya!
In thirteen days.

So, say.
Is that from Kingdom Hearts by any chance? ;]
Cause if it is. Well.
I will give you this candy cane.
If not.
You will explode spontaneously, and I shall not tell you when nor where.
. . .
My name's Staci.
Well hey there, I'm Darkness Dies, but I have a feeling you'll be calling me by some other name.
I'll just call you Xaty for now. ;3
I can't fake this any longer. xD

-Glomps Xion-
I ain't seen you on the forums for forever!!
I'll never let you go. o-o
Until you gotta start your homework, then I'll just be downstairs baking bread with Zexion... Or just making out with him while the oven sets fire. :D

No, I have no idea who that black haired replica is that hangs out with the blonde and the fire starter and looks like Ven to Xigbar. Nope. No clue.
Can I has the candy cane now?
And spontaneous combustion is a myth. If I burst into flames, someone obviously wanted me too. >(
And hi Staci.

I was wondering how long it was gonna take for you to crack.

-is glomped and clung to- You're like a little monkey. XD
And I've been in the magical world of GTS+. And Facebook. Facebook is great. Until I go on Tumblr. Tumblr's better.
Homework? That's for midnight!

Or when the laptop is taken away.
I'm not like a monkey...
More like a cat, always wanting to be pet... Or something among those words. :3
Facebook is loosing it, though, with all it's new crap that's useless... And Farmville. xD
Homework? I do that during Enrichment the morning it's due... To bad there's no Enrichment after Thanksgiving Break, so I'll really have to kick my procrastination in the ass and tell it to get out of my house. x]
-burns down the thread to the ground and runs out.-
Aight, point. And what you said about FB is very very true. Enrichment? Wazzat?
But, but, procrastination has been your best buddy for years! You can't just kick it out noooow. D:

YUS HE IS. At least out of the Organization members.
-stares at her burnt thread- Well, better that than totally ignored. This means someone took the time to think about aiming.
Enrichment, I guess it's just a fancy word for "Morning class before 2nd period, but after 1st period, to relax and get your unfinished work done".
Or that's what I think it is. xD

And Zexion is pretty damn sexy, he ties with Axel..
And Marly's personality just boosts him up to their level. =w=

I just realized Staci is located in...
v :DD
Aww, why so many scared newbies lately?
We're not scary at all dear, we're merely here to help you learn and share in your enjoyment of writing!
I'm Kitti, by the way, and it's good to meet you.
Happy almost birthday!

The sections here are fairly self-explanatory but if you need any help, please don't hesitate to ask.
In between posting, General is a great place to post out of character discussion, which is fun!
*Pops out of a closet*


>:D Bwahahaha! Welcome to Iwaku!
I'm naturally a very skittish person. First day of school is torturous.
That's very reassuring. I'll check everything out when school isn't trying to kill me.
Hi Kitti. Nice to meet you.
And thank you.

I'll keep both of those things in mind. Thank you very much.

But you didn't, and that's what counts, right? Left? CENTER?!

Iwaku seems so welcoming. I like it here already. c: