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  1. Hello. I'm new, as you can probably tell.

    I used to come here a reeeeeeally long time ago. I mean really long. Like, 6-7 years? IDK. It's been a while.

    I like lighthearted, relaxed roleplaying. Something to look forward to after work, pass the time, and just kick back and practice writing and make some new friends.

    IRL I'm an adult, but on the internet, I'm pretty close to the person I was years and years ago.

    I like cats, junk food, and play video games. I dislike ignorant people, doing chores, and bugs.

    that's about it :V
  2. Well *bows* welcome back to insanity.
  3. MUCH WELCOME! SO THREAD! <3 Welcome back!
  4. Welcome to the Madness xD. Please enjoy your stay and be part of many twisted stories ^^
  5. Welcome back to Iwaku :D
  6. Hey my name is Domeki. *smiles* I hope you can handle Crazy. tumblr_mfrf99r8ch1ra4x9po1_500.gif