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  1. Hi there! My name is Obsidian, I'm new to Iwaku! I hope to get on a lot of role plays, and meet a lot of new people and friends on here. I was introduced to this site by my girlfriend, Melancholy. Anyway I am new to all of this and may be slow to start, but I cant wait to begin!
  2. Oh yeah she was saying about You joining in sometimes xD ha ha

    Welcome to the Madness xD

    Enjoy your stay ~
  3. Yaaaay. I finally got you to join. You will have tons of fun on here! Everyone is really friendly, and are willing to help. I hope you have a great time on this site! :3 *throws confetti* Welcome to Iwaku, the site filled with glorious insanity.
  4. Thanks for the nice welcoming!
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  5. Hallo Lover of Melancholy. >:3 Welcome to the community!