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  1. Uhh.. hi everyone, I'm Ramei and am a RPer from Minecraft Forums. If you want to see anything I've written before just ask and I'll happily oblige. I am also currently writing a book too.

    So yeah, hi, I guess..

    (My good friend Raitoningu came here with me too.)
  2. Welcome to iwaku Ramei :3
    Are you a fan of Another, or did you just choose a random avatar? If yes you are, then you're awesome. If no it's random, then you're still awesome! Cause I can't be mean to a newb and say you're not awesome. I don't wanna upset the almighty iwaku mom, Diana. o.O
    So yeah, YOU'RE AWESOME :D
  3. Hey there, welcome to Iwaku; hope you will find all that your little role-play heart desires and let's RP sometimes in the future, no? See you around!
  4. I'm a major Another fan! :D
    I actually just posted an Interest Check set in Yomiyama North :D
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  5. Thanks :D Hopefully I will, well, I should be posting one soon too.
  6. Then you're MEGA AWESOME ;)
    Good luck with finding some partners :) Lots of anime fans on the site, I'm pretty sure that I have seen roleplays about Another a couple of times before, so someone will probably be thrilled about the idea ^^ I personally have a hard time doing fanbased roleplays (with the exception for a few movies) so I won't be jumping on the idea this time. ^^
  7. K ^^ Thanks for telling me :D
  8. Hello there! >3 We're glad to have friends come in groups, that's always fun! Welcome to the community! <3
  9. Thanks :D